mardi, septembre 28, 2004

I have not blogged in a long while. Lisa and I have moved to Sulphur and we have not yet gotten online service at the new house. I know I will be getting it soon. I plan to get DSL because we are not “planning” on getting cable at this new house, so I have a cable modem sitting in a box with nothing to do.

The Lord has really blessed us in this move. We got a good deal on our old house, and a good deal on the new (for us) house. The children seem to be happy with this move. The big kids -- Morgan, Christian and Ryan (our nephew) -- each has her/his own room and the little boys are sharing a room.

I now live just a few miles from work, so my commute to work is shorter - about five minutes. I really like that. The older children have a farther drive to get to university. So I guess its a trade off.

MK (Seep) and I went to the LSU game Saturday. Mike got a couple of tickets from a friend of his. M. Trahan (pronounced - Trah - hahn -- cut the "n" short) road with us. He and his wife were supposed to go to the game, but the wife got sick, so m. road with us.

It was my first time to go to an LSU game. MSU was a wiped by LSU. It was a lot of fun.

MK and I have decided to take on John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion . I’ve used the Institutes for years in my studies and I’ve read a good deal in them, but I haven’t read them through from one end to the other. I hope to do so now.

I’ve also started reading a biography of Thomas Fairfax. Fairfax was a Puritan and Lord General of the Parliament’s army during the English Civil War.

I have also started reading Calvin's letters now that I have completed the correspondence of St. Cyprian (or as the old Cajuns would say his name "See-pree-yan").

Coram Deo,