mardi, juillet 14, 2009

Weekend In Gulf Shores

Friday morning, Lisa, the boys and I piled into our Nissan truck and drove 400 miles to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a little mini vacation. We rented a condo at Beach Club. We had a ground floor condo which opened to the pool. Past the pool was a boardwalk and beyond that was the beach. Lisa and the boys loved the place, and I was also impressed.
The boys went from beach to pool and back to the beach. We tagged along and tried to keep up with them. They wore us out, but it was all worth it. We all went para-sailing one day. That was a pricey, but the boys thought it was great. They got to enjoy a boat ride and fly behind the boat harnessed up to a parachute.
Monday, on the way home we stopped at Lambert’s Café for lunch. It opened at 10 AM and we were there for the opening, as were a lot of other people. We packed in and filled up the restaurant immediately. After ordering one of my sons was belayed by a hot roll. It up set him for a moment, and then he got into the spirit of things. He also enjoyed the roll that had smacked him, for clarification the roll was being thrown to someone else, who did not catch it.
The food was very good, the atmosphere was a load of fun and the price was reasonable. We will return on future occasions, if we can get into the place. Every time we passed it, it had a very long line of folks waiting to get inside.
We had an uneventful ride home. I drove and listened to an audio book while the others dozed. We got home early enough for me to get a bit to eat and then cut the grass.
I will try to upload some pictures tomorrow.

mercredi, juillet 08, 2009

Today was my Friday. I finished this weeks shift and I've taken a day's vacation next week, so I don't go back to work until Tuesday. I plan to spend a long weekend with my family.

We finally got rain in South Louisiana. Of course when the rains came they came in massive sheets, high winds and a great lighting show. I did get to enjoy some of the storm from the front porch.


jeudi, juillet 02, 2009

An Afternoon at S.P.A.R.