vendredi, août 24, 2007

Saturday, Woody, the boy’s and I went to Longville. He brought his Glock .40 cal. and I brought my SKS. We did some shooting at my parents place and then went to Sandy’s pond so Woody’s two labs could swim in the pond.

In the last month, I’ve worked some overtime and on days when I’ve been off I’ve worked on the garage with Mark C. This last week I had a few days off, but I got sick and did not do a whole lot of work. Monday, I was feeling bad and simply laid around the house. I did read some, mostly from the writings of St. Cyprian, but mostly I did nothing. That evening I did go to RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) at the Catholic Church near my home.

On Tuesday I managed to get the grass cut, but this took a lot out of me. Much more than it normally would and it took me a while to get my energy back. Mark came over in the early afternoon and he and I worked on the garage for a while, but I had no energy and called it quits after just a few hours.

I found out that an Episcopal Church (St. Michael and All Angels) near my home has a Wednesday morning worship service that includes the Lord’s Supper. They also appear to be on the more conservative wing of the Episcopal Church. I miss Sunday worship often because of shift work, so I am excited to find a mid-week worship service that includes the Lord’s Supper. Of course the Catholics have daily Mass, but I can not take part in Communion at the Roman Catholic Church. I can receive Communion at St. Michael’s. Lisa and I visited the Church Sunday and I attended Wednesday morning services as well.

Wednesday night I started my stint on graveyard (or hoot) shift. I still do not feel very well, but I am feeling better. Maybe by the time hoot shift comes to an end I will be feeling well again. I certainly hope so.

Coram Deo,