lundi, septembre 17, 2007

I’m on a turnaround working nights. I’ve been on the turnaround for a week and have another week or two to go before this one ends. I’m ready for a day off already. Turnarounds are usually a lot of work and stress for operators, especially during the shutdown and several days after because you have to get the unit cleaned up and ready for maintenance. And it is also very busy near the end and the subsequent time that it takes to start the unit up.

Right now we’ve made it to the middle part of the turnaround. In the middle part, on some small turnarounds there is a lull in the work for operations. This is one of those small ones and we have had a fairly easy night to night, but we have been very busy up until now.

On Saturday of Labour Day weekend, I drove to Pensacola again to pick up Christian. He drove his truck back to Florida then. This last weekend he came for another short visit. He last tonight to return to base. We did not get to visit much, because I’m working every night. We did have on good, though far to short short, conversation on Saturday.

I finished a very good book last week. It was written in 1877 by Arthur Edward Gayer. The book, Papal Infallibility and Supremacy : Ecclesiastical History, Scripture, and Reason, is one I can recommend very highly. It was written not long after the First Vatican Council declared that the Pope, when speaking ex cathedra, was infallible in the area of faith and morals.

Gayer does a great job dealing with the subject and he does so in an interesting and readable 19th century style. I would like to see how a Roman Catholic answers the objections that Gayer presents. I hope to post something on my As I see it! blog when I finish this shutdown.

Coram Deo,