mardi, juillet 06, 2004

Today is July 6th and it is the 1st anniversary of my dear brother Gerry’s death. Over the past year I have cried many times as I’ve thought of Gerry. I loved him so very much and miss him dearly. Gerry was a great brother, a wonderful friend and always good to talk to.

A couple of years ago I brought a couple of friends, Damone and Izzy, to Gerry’s place to shoot some guns. Gerry had forty acres and I often went there to shoot with him. Anyway, Damone, Izzy and I went there to do some shooting. When I told Gerry I wanted to bring these fellas to his place, he was happy to let me bringing these young men to shoot their weapons (which they had never shot out of doors before).

Gerry had gone some where that morning and was not home when we got there. Later that day, after a lot of ammunition had been spent, Damone and Izzy got to meet Gerry and my dad. Later at work Damone was telling some of the guys at work about our outing. I remember he could not get over how nice Gerry and my dad were. Any time that event has come up he always makes a big deal of their kindness to himself and Izzy. (That means a lot to me when I hear things like that.)

The good news is Gerry is now with the Lord. I would not have been assured of that before he got cancer. He knew the truth before, but it was not evident in much of his life. The Lord was gracious to him even in this terrible sickness. We will meet again.

Now onto other matters.

Morgan and Jac made it to Virginia with no problems, though I was a basket case until they called safe and sound from the conference. They did get a good laugh when I showed up the night before they left with a new hand held GPS. They thought it was a “sweet” gesture, but they said they did not need it and that I should return it. So that’s what I did, and they made it to Virginia with out the GBS.

The children here at home are well. My eight year old and I meet with the session (i.e. Elders at Church). He was examined, and will be admitted to the Lord’s Table (Communion) next Sunday. Before we went to the session the little boys wanted to swing, so I pushed them on our rope swing that we have hanging from the oak tree in the front yard.

Tonight after we got home and they bathed they read to me, which is our normal routine. We then said our prayers (Lisa, the little boys and me) and I read them a chapter from Of Skies and Seas by Joanne E. DeJonge. I read Mrs DeJonge’s stuff to Morgan and Christian when they were young. It is great stuff.

This morning when I stepped out the front door to go to work, I heard a mocking bird (which is my favourite bird). I looked and saw a very brave, but foolhardy mocking bird standing about three feet from Christian’s cat fussing at it. The all black cat, Voodoo, just sat there paying the bird no mind at all. Mocking birds are brave and I’ve seen them fuss at and attack cats before, but I have never seen one standing so near a cat fussing at it like this one was. (He/she may be not be long for this world if it keeps that up.)

The bird flew off when I walked to my vehicle. It really tickled me to see that sight.

Our God is a great God,
Coram Deo,

samedi, juillet 03, 2004

My daughter and niece left this morning on a road trip to Virginia. They are heading to the Christian Worldview Student Conference which is held every year at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia.

The girls are very excited about this trip. This will be their third time to attend the conference. It is a very good conference put on by Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church which is located in Hampton Virginia. Two years ago Mike and I drove a group of young people to the conference and were able to attend it ourselves. Last year the girls flew to the conference.

This year they decided on driving to Virginia. They are old enough to make the trip, but I am really nervous about letting them go. I know it will very likely turn out to be good for them. They are testing their wings. I wanted to not let them do it, but I know that that would not have been the right thing to do. So I have done what I can to make sure the trip goes well.

This has been a busy week and much has been going on. Emotionally this was a rough week. I have been worried about the girls making this trip. Also this week we came on Gerry’s first birthday since he passed away last year. That was hard. I did tear up on June 30th when I thought of Gerry on his birthday.

In my reading, I’m still reading Cyprian’s epistles. I have also been reading in the Apostolic Fathers, and I have even picked up the Iliad and continued it as well.

Coram Deo,