jeudi, octobre 29, 2009

I have days off (thank God). Yesterday I worshiped at St. Michael's Anglican Parish Church. They have a 10:15 AM Eucharistic service. I miss Sunday worship at Bethel Presbyterian, our home church, so very often, because of shift work and overtime, it was good to find St. Michael's Wednesday morning service.

This evening I worked with my brother-in-law and my wives parents home. We were working on my father-in-law's generator. After it was running I came home. The boys and I arrived home before Lisa so I fixed supper this evening.

Tonight I also watched a film version of Les Misérables staring Liam Neeson. The movie was OK, but at 134 minutes it was far to short a film to do Victor Hugo's wonderful novel the justice it deserves..

It was a good day,

samedi, octobre 24, 2009

jeudi, octobre 15, 2009

Work, Work and More Work

The last couple of weeks I have worked a lot of overtime. I worked 85 hours one week and 90 hours the following week. This week I’m scheduled to work 48 hours, but next week I am scheduled to work 92 hours (12 hours for five days and 16 hours for the other two days). With all this time at work I’m not getting much anywhere else.


These long hours will continue for several more weeks. I will be glad when they are over, but they will help me get a little bit ahead.


Coram Deo,