dimanche, septembre 18, 2005

Tonight is hot and muggy even though the weather on the web shows that it is supposedly one degree cooler than it was last night. The humidity is way up from last night.

Gary and I did have a beer on the front porch yesterday. It was Abita Amber (which is a good beer) and we are planning on have another one when we knock off in the morning.

I slept pretty good yesterday. I got up a little after one in the afternoon, which is a little early for me but I am doing weell this evening. When I awoke, there was knowone home. I took the dogs out to do their business and then just vegitated until it was time to come to work. I did turn on Ben-Hur and whatched the first half of that great classic movie.

The only part of the family I saw today was Christian and that was only for a few minutes.

That is all for tonight,

samedi, septembre 17, 2005

This is my first night of Graveyard shift. It is an awesome night. I think we turned the corner on the summer. It's started cooling off in the evenings. That's something that does not happen here in the mid summer period. The local whether on the web shows 79 deg outside, but it seems a little cooler than that. It must be the breeze.

I'm top operator on the unit tonight. I'm pumped up into that position, and have been for a couple of years. Officially I'm still a board man (he's the guy who sits in front of six or seven computer screens and runs these units. The top is kind of like a working foreman. I have two "board people" and three "outside people" that I work with.

I just came inside after making a round through our units. It is a beautiful night; the moon is full and brillant and I have about more than two hours left to go for my shift. I rode to work with Gary. When we work off in the morning we're gonna have a beer (Abita Amber) on the front porch before he heads home and I go to my graveyard room.

I should sleep until about 2 pm. That is pretty normal for me on graveyards. Lisa and all the kids (grown and not so grown) were doing well when I came to work.

I pick up a couple of movies at Walmart this evening. One for me, Ben Hur, and one for Lisa, Singing in the Rain.

Time to get back to work.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, septembre 14, 2005

Yesterday I went with my dad to the VA hospital in Houston. He had to have an eye exam and needed somebody to drive back to Louisiana. It was great to spend a day with him, just visiting and discussing different subjects. We discussed theology a bit (which is not unusual), LSU football, family and lots of other items.

I brought lots of reading material because I assumed there would be a lot of waiting, and I was correct. The folks at the VA were running behind. They had lots of refugees from N.O. area to work in. I read a number of letters from John Calvin that I brought along.

I like reading correspondence from those in the past. Calvin’s Institutes are great, but you don’t get to see the humanity of the man who wrote them. You get to know people as people when you have the chance to read their personal letters.

I have work to do around the house (I don’t want to say “house work”) so this will be all the blogging for now.

In Christ,

vendredi, septembre 09, 2005

This summer my blogging has been sporadic at best. It’s been mid-August since my last instalment so let me see if I can catch things up a little bit. My Lisa and Lisa S. went to Utah for education a few weeks back. I took off from work to keep the kids going and maintain the house in some semblance of order. The children all did fine, but I don’t think my house keeping skills are the best in the world, but we did survive and Lisa returned home safely. She was awed by the beauty that she the country around where she was at.

I did not get as much reading done over the summer as I had hoped. I could not read in June because I was on turnaround and afterwards I was just burnt out and it took me a while to recoup and be in the mood to read a book (Though I did read short articles then.) Still I did get through FF Bruce and Bruce Metzger’s books on the Canon of Scripture. I also finished A Great and Noble Scheme: The Tragic Story of the Expulsion of the French Acadians from Their American Homeland by John Mack Faragher. This is a GREAT BOOK. I also managed to read the letters between St Jerome and St. Augustine (early 4th century). I enjoyed them. Some of the subject matter was very interesting. St. Jerome was pretty testy at the beginning of their correspondence but was not so in the latter letters.

I had to put Calvin’s Institutes aside, along J.N.D. Kelly’s Early Christian Doctrines aside for a time, but I am ready to pick both of them back up and get them (at least Kelly’s book) finished soon. I’ve also started reading Federal Vision, so I can get a handle on the issues involved in this current controversy.

I will try to do a better job blogging this next month.

Coram Deo,