jeudi, janvier 12, 2006

My fishing trip with Craig was cancelled today, because my youngest son was running a fever this morning and did not go to school. I stayed with him.

I worked out well for me. I only slept about three hours yesterday after my last night of graveyard and got to bed late last night. I was very tired. So when my son had to stay home. He and I both went back to bed and I slept to 10:30. That was some much needed rest.

Craig did call and tell me that the fishing was very good and he brought home ten white perch (sac-au-lait). Hopefully I will get to make a fishing trip before I go back to work again.

I did get some work on the garage done. I started culling the siding boards that were torn off by the tree falling on it. I replaced a number of those boards today. I will but as many as I can up, so I can determine how many I need to buy. It is cedar siding, so they are not cheap. I want to salvage as much as I can.

I’m now sitting in front of the computer with a glass of wine (pinot noir) and will start paying bills next.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, janvier 11, 2006

I am working my last night of graveyards and will be starting vacation. Craig Cudd and I are supposed to be going fishing for sac-au-lait (also known a white perch, or if your a Yankee, crappie) on Thursday.

After that I hope to spend most of the rest of the time I have off working on the house, garage and yard.

After getting to work and checking things out for this shift, I ate the meal I brought. I feasted on crackers and Richard’s (pronounced Ree-shardz) hog-head cheese. I love hog head cheese. My daughter called me and informed me (after I had already eaten the Hog Head cheese that It was hers (she and I are the only two in the family that eat it), so now I need to pick some up for her.

We had to inspect and replace outdated steam hoses last night. But over all things have been pretty quiet. Now I’m starting to get ready to get out of here. I will bring Gary home and have a beer with him before I come home and go to bed.

Coram Deo,

Ps: I got a care package yesterday from an old Navy buddy, Bret Hodges, who now lives in Alaska. I can't wait to try the stuff out.

mardi, janvier 10, 2006

I’m at work and hope to be heading home soon. It’s been a very quiet evening. I just came inside after making and round through my units. I had to get up and go outside because I was getting very sleepy.

After walking around, looking things over and picking up a little trash, I’ve gotten a second wind and should be fine for the rest of my 12 hour shift. I only have another hour to go.

I rode to work alone last night. My carpool buddy, Gary had to go the hospital to spend with his second grandbaby. I think I will go straight home and to sleep. Usually when I drive I stop at Gary’s for a drink and conversation (if he drives we do the same thing at my house). Yesterday morning we had a little bourbon and a some high dollar (smooth) tequila that he picked up in Texas.

I come back tonight for what should be my last shift for a couple of weeks. I’m taking time off to work on the house.

Coram Deo,

Ps. The picture is of the two ladies in my life. My wife and daughter.

samedi, janvier 07, 2006

I did not have many days of this week. I worked of Monday and was off work Tuesday and Wednesday. I came to work Thursday for eight hours board training for out new unit and Friday I had Rescue Team training. I did get a little more work done at the house during my time off, but not near as much as I planned to do or should have done.

Last night the Seeps and our family (all but Morgan) went to Chili’s for supper. We had a good visit there and at the house afterwards. Today I got up did a little work and took a nap so I could work tonight.

I’ve recently been trying to contact some of my old Navy buddies. I’ve managed to get in touch with several fellows that haven’t heard from in many years. One of them, Bret, lives in Alaska. He emailed me and said he was sending me a package. I’m pretty excited about that.

I got an email from another guy, Chief Bynoe. He sent me a couple of pictures from our detachment/cruise on board the USS Lockwood (1981). [BTW- Im the fellow in the yellow (plane Captian) shirt.]

Coram Deo.