mardi, mai 27, 2008

I have been absent from blogdom for over a month and during that time I've had only a few days of from work. I work shift work and each shift is 12 hours. Twice in the past month I worked an 84 hour week. That is half the hours in a week and these were very trying times at work. I have not had much time home and what little time I did have was not spent to blog.

I worked off Friday (and thankfully I am not on call). I invited a bunch of guys to come over for beer and Pizza on the front porch. A co-worker, Wayne "Bird" P. worked his last shift before his retirement so we drank beer, ate Pizza and wished him well.

While we were on the porch enjoying our Pizza and cold beer, Lisa took the boys to see the new Indiana Jones movie. We were still on the porh when they got home, but every one had gone home shortly there after.

Saturday, I took the boys to Longville. We visited with my folks and fished and swam in my sisters pond. We caught a few fish and swam a lot.

On Sunday we worshipped at Bethel after church we went to a buffet for lunch and then home for a little while. After that Lisa and I took the boys to Sulphur Parks and Recreation (SPAR) waterpark. We got a bit too much sun, but had fun.

Now I have yard work to do.

Coram Deo,