mercredi, avril 29, 2009

I spent most of the day hanging out with Christian, JB (i.e. Jessica) and Mo (i.e. Morgan). Christian and Jessica bought the boys a Wii. He said it was for Christmas and both their birthdays.

I Wii boxed with him. It is interesting. He won the bout in the second round by KO. I will have to do some training and then ask for a re-match. After Wii boxing, I had to pick the boys up at school.

Christian went to meet Paul. They plan to spare for real. Lisa, Mo and JB went for a ladies outing, that is a pedicure and supper (or the other way around). I threw the football with boys in the yard for a while, and we ate left over gumbo this evening. Now, they are back on the Wii and I am watching the President's news conference and writing on the blog.


mardi, avril 28, 2009

Lisa, Morgan and I drove Lafayette to pickup Christian and Jessica at the airport. On the way there the three of us had a sing-a-long with Marty Robbins' songs all the way from Lake Charles to Lafayette (I have marty Robbins on my iPod, which was plugged into my truck radio).

We picked up Jessica and Christian. They look great and it is awesome to have them both here. Lisa's gumbo is awesome tonight, a number of Christian's cousins and their spouses came to eat and visit.

We have the Jessica and Christian here for a more than a week.


samedi, avril 25, 2009

Last night MK came over and we opened a couple of nice wines. The first was a meritage and the second a zinfandel. The meritage was good, but the zinfandel was awesome.

Today the boys and I went to Longville to visit with my family. We had to head back home early because we were invited to a crawfish boil at my co-worker Walt's house. I was the only one to go to Walt's, mostly because Lisa worked late, so that she can be off when Jessica and Christian arrive on Tuesday.

Walt boiled crawfish and crabs. It was all SOOO good. I had Same Adam's Summer Brew to go with the food. There was a good turnout. A good number of my friends from work were at Walt's. A number of the guys brought their wife and kids.

After a few hours of feasting I came home, having eaten my fill of crabs and crawfish.


vendredi, avril 24, 2009

I worked days shift since Monday. It was not a busy set of daylights, but I am glad that its over.

Today was a very good day. It was our monthly Rescue Team Training day and we had a good day of training. We set up three stations. Two were for repelling. One repel station was a straight repelling with no obstacles. The second station was more of an obstacle course with pipes and other items that we had to get around. The third station was one were we put a patient on a miller board, packaged him in a basket, and then raised and lowered him on ropes using mechanical advantage.

For lunch the team went to Chamblee's Buffet in Sulphur. I had ocra, mustard greens, yellow squash, chicken and fried fish. It was all sooooo good.


lundi, avril 20, 2009

My vacation ended today, a day early. My own shift begins tomorrow.

Yesterday, we worshipped at Bethel. We had a missionary from Peru Mission, Wes Baker. During Sunday School he gave us an overview of what they are doing in Peru. Wes preached the sermon and after dinner he spoke on St. Augustine's City of God. It was all very good and quiet fascinating. I was very glad I could attend.

Sunday afternoon, Lisa and I went to a crawfish boil at Big Woody and Marys house. Woody cooked them perfectly and had the spices just right (smokin hot). There was a abundance of cold beer (a must with crawfish.

*****Our son Christian has returned from the Middle East. He is in Pennsylvania with his wife's people. We are very excited because he and Jess will be here next Tuesday.*****
Coram Deo,

mercredi, avril 15, 2009

Monday, the boys, my Paw-in-law and I went to Longville. A took one of the boys to my parents house then the rest of us went fishing. My brother Terry told em before we started that I always picked the worse days to try and fish.

He was right. I caught one bass and we all missed a few more, but that is it. I'm planning to try again tomorrow.

I started Tuesday by going to the funeral of Billy Clark. He was one of the people responsible for starting Bethel Presbyterian Church (PCA). Billy was also a Ruling Elder Bethel for many years.

Last night the boys and I started a game of Risk on the porch. We were not able to finish last night, so we left it set up and finished it this afternoon. We could not finish it this morning, because I went to another funeral. This time it was for family.


dimanche, avril 12, 2009

Yesterday was spent around the house. We worked on projects and cleaned some. We played in the yard with the boys and the dog. Lisa and went dancing for about an a little while. We made it home before 11.

This morning Lisa and I got up early and fixed Eggs Benedict for breakfast. After breakfast we got ready for church. Then we went to Bethel where we met Morgan and Danny and Elisabeth was there with the baby (Woody had to wrk). After worship services we cam home, Morgan and Danny joined us.

We had a Resurrection Day feast. Lisa had prepared a roast and gravy, mash potatos, rice, greenbeans with bacon, corn, garlic bread, candied apples and fudge. I opened a nice Pinot Noir to go with the meal. YUMM.

After feasting we went out on the porch, played fetch with the dog, drank wine and played pâque with boiled eggs. Pâques is the French name for Easter, but the game paque is a traditional game played played by Cajuns on Pâques (Easter) were we tap pointy end of two eggs. If your eg cracks you loose.

It's been a good, though stormy, day.

Coram Deo,

samedi, avril 11, 2009

I drove to Grapevine, Tx (near Dallas/Fort Worth airport) on Tuesday. The refinery sent eight people (four salaried and four hourly) to the region VI VPPPA annual conference. The conference was held at the Gaylord Texan. The conference was good. I heard and some some things that I believe we can take back to the refinery.

On the way up there, I drove a rental and two guys road with me. We left for home Thursday evening. Most of the others stayed to attend the events on Friday. In my group, I drove home, and we arrived back at the refinery a little before 11 pm.

Yesterday, I stayed home and helped with things around the house. That is what I plan to do again today.


dimanche, avril 05, 2009

I worked another 84 hour work week at the refinery this last week. I hope this will be my last week of seven, twelve hour day week for a while. It makes for a nice check, but it is hard on the family and it is hard on me as well.

On my way home, I passed by Popeye's and picked up some chicken for supper. I just finished eating. I am going to pop the top on one or two on some Abita Amber beers and relax for a few hours.

Tomorrow I start a new workweek and it will be a 40 hour week, because I'm on special assignment. I will be on vacation the week after this one.

On my days off I hope to bring the boys fishing a a couple of times and do some outside activities with them, on top of the honey-do's that Lisa has lined up for me. I've worked a lot these last couple of months, so the honey-do's are beginning to pile up.

I also plan to read my North Louisiana blog friend, Opinionated Catholic's, anti-secession post on his blog and (hopefully) write a response to it.

I'm about finished with a beer. I am going to close out this post finish my beer open another and chill.

Coram Deo,