mercredi, décembre 31, 2008

The Lost bayou Ramblers Is one of my favourite Cajun Bands. Here is a sample of their music:


mardi, décembre 30, 2008

Yesterday, I put a couple of packages in the mail for our son who is in the Persian Gulf. The packages contain treats (homemade and store bought) and a few gifts and requested needs.

After I got that done, my younger sons and I went to my sister's house to pop fireworks. We left home a little after noon, stopped and picked up some boudin at Peto's Meat Market in Moss Bluff.

After we ate the boudin, we bought fireworks at one of the multitude of firework tents are, this time of year, set up, all around the area. After that we headed North to Sandy and Brian's. We visited with with Sandy and her dogs for a while, before going to the pond to shoot off the fireworks.

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Sandy has a new dog (given to her), the dog is a beautiful American Bulldog, less than a year old. As it was giving dark, The boys and I went out to the pond to shot off bottle rockets and the other fireworks.

When we finished a couple of hours of shooting off fire works (the boys had a good time) we went back to the house and visited with Brian and Sandy for a couple more hours and then came home.

We arrived home about 10:00 pm.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, décembre 28, 2008

This morning my alarm went off at 7:15 but I hit the snooze until 7:30. I then got up and woke the family. We got got ready and headed off to Bethel for Sunday School and and worship. MK is teaching through the Puritan, Jeremiah Burroughs' book, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment.

Our Pastor, Steven Wright and his family are out of town so Rev. Mark Duncan lead the service in his place. It was good to have pastor Mark here. He and I used to visit on my front porch when he and his family lived just around the corner from here. Now they live in Texarkana, TX. I miss those visits.

Worshipping the true and living God, in an assembly of His saints, is good.

After worship services Lisa, the boys and I went to Arby's for lunch and we were joined by Rhonda and Morgan and Danny. After lunch we came home and have had a quiet day.

Coram Deo,
Ps. Pastor Steven's sermons are online HERE.

samedi, décembre 27, 2008

I'm getting ready to head off to bed, but before I do so I did want to add a little note to this blog. My friend MK came over today. He had been on call during Christmas and we were unable to get together for Christmas before today.

We exchanged wines for Christmas. While he was here we opened one of the wines he gave to me. It was a very good blended wine. The wine, from Ventana Vineyards, was a 2005 Due Amici. Which is a 50-50 blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. It was wonderful.

MK and I sat on my porch, talked and enjoyed this very good wine. Lisa joined us for a little while, but she does not drink red wine. This of course left more of this excellent wine for MK and me.

Now, Its bed time. I have to get up for Sunday school in the morning.

Never forget that wine is a great gift that God has given to man, but like all gifts, it must be used wisely. (Read Kenneth Gentry's book God Gave Wine: What the Bible Says About Alcohol)

Coram Deo,
Lisa's brother, Troy, drove in from Ohio for a Christmas visit. He and his son Sean (who is in the Air Force) came over to visit on Christmas day as did other family members. We had plenty of good food and wine to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Friday started by driving Jessica to the airport in Houston, I got back home a little after 7 that morning and I went back to bed and slept for about four hours. I hung around the house with the boys for much of the day, then the three of use went to the movies to see Bedtime Stories. It was cute (mostly) and the boys enjoyed it.

After we got home, I got cleaned up. Lisa had made arrangements so that she and I could go dancing. My wife looked beautiful, as usual. We then went to Caribbean Cove, which is at the Isle of Capri Casino. Lisa and I are always one of the younger couples when we go dancing there. My wife jokingly refers to it as the geriatrics lounge. The band playing last night was Zydacane. They played Cajun, Swamp Pop, Country music and some old time Rock and Roll as well. We danced a lot, had a great time and were home by midnight.

This morning we slept in and did not get up until 9:30. It was great.

Here is a video of a favourite slow dance (i.e. belly rubbing), Swamp Pop song -- Mathilda

Coram Deo,

vendredi, décembre 26, 2008

Jessica, my lovely daughter-in-law, had to catch a plane this morning to return to San Diego. Jessica, Morgan and I climbed into my truck and headed for G.H.W. Bush international at about 1:30 this morning. I listened to an audio book, the girls slept while I made the 2 hour drive to the Houston airport.

It was foggy and rained a little bit for the drive, but other than that the drive was uneventful. We arrived at terminal A about 3:30 this morning. Hugged Jessica and said our goodbyes at about 4:40 this morning drove back to Louisiana.

When I go to the GHWB airport, I prefer taking I-10 to Beaumont, than I get off the interstate and take Highways 90 and 1960 the rest of the way. The drive is a bit shorter following this route and there is a lot less traffic.

Coram Deo,

jeudi, décembre 25, 2008

It is Christmas Day. It has been a very nice day. We opened gifts this morning and family has been dropping by through out the day.

(NOTE: Our son Christian is in the Persian Gulf area serving with the U.S. Navy. He couldn't be here for Christmas, but as you can see in the pictures, he is with us in spirit.)

Morgan and Jessica (Christian's lovely wife) with Christian

Christian and his brother

Christian and his other brother

Christian and his Mom (My wife for 25+ years!!)

Christian with his dog, oakly and me

Merry Christ-mass,

mardi, décembre 23, 2008

lundi, décembre 22, 2008

The big news for yesterday is Jessica, my lovely daughter-in-law, arrived last night. She flew in from San Diego by way of Denver. There were several delays on the way. But when she arrived in Houston Lisa and Morgan were there to greet her.

I had stayed home with the boys instead of making the trip to Houston. Woody called an invited the boys and me over for Pizza. He and Elizabeth had been painting were finishing up. I grabbed a magnum of Merlot and the boys and I headed down the road for Pizza.

After Pizza, Woody pulled out his Risk board game. The boys, Woody and I played the game and Woody and I enjoyed wine as we played. When Lisa and the girls arrived back from Houston, we were still playing, though one of the boys had been eliminated.

We left the game set up, we will finish it today, and headed home to visit with the Jessica, Morgan and Lisa. After a good visit, The girls, worn out from traveling, headed off to bed.


dimanche, décembre 21, 2008

Wednesday, James G. and I spent the day in the New Orleans area visiting a sister refinery, looking at their VPP stuff. At the end of the day we headed back west. In order to avoid the traffic in Baton Rouge, we headed south to Houma and Morgan City via Highway 90. We still ran into some traffic in Lafayette. We stopped in Jennings at a local Mexican Restaurant for a bite to eat and headed out. I got home a little after 9PM.
Thursday and Friday were spent either on union/company related business or running errands and taking the boys Christmas shopping for their mom. The shopping wasn't to bad because I had asked Lisa what she wanted and where I could get it. Life would have been much more difficult if I had had to figure those things out for my self. :-)

Saturday, Lisa was supposed to got to Houston to pick up Jessica, our lovely daughter-in-law, but Jessica was not able to make it to Houston and Lisa became ill, so it worked out for the best.

I took the boys to Longville for a family Christmas party. My daughter Morgan meet us at my sisters place. Morgan's been wanting to do some shooting, so I bought 50 rounds of .22 long-rifle rounds and brought my .22 revolver with me. ( I was supposed to bring my 30-30 to my dad, but I forgot it at home).

Morgan, the boys and my grandniece all did a little target shooting. Then we went into Sandy's house for the party. There was tons of food and sweets (of which I at more than I should have). I feasted on chicken and sausage gumbo, potato salad and dessert.

As things were getting started, we learned that a nephew had just killed a dear down the road, so Paul went to help him skin and dress the deer. When they arrived (cleaned up) the party got going.

This morning, Lisa and Morgan headed to Bush International Airport to pick up Jessica, who's flight, I just learned, is delayed at Denver.

I went to worship services alone this morning, so I took I took the opportunity to visit the local Orthodox Church. Saint John the Divine is affiliated with the Antiochian Orthodox Church. It was very interesting. I did not know what to expect because I had never visited an Orthodox Church before this morning.

Coram Deo,

mardi, décembre 16, 2008

Tonight, I'm on the West Bank of the Mississippi River, just across the river from New Orleans. James and I are here on refinery business. We are here to look a a sister refinery on health and safety issues. We are working on getting our work place up to be as safe as possible, part of that is getting the company, workers and OSHA working together in VPP.

We are the Holiday Inn Gretna. Tomorrow will be spent at a local refinery we will then head west and home. We just ate at De-No Seafood in Gretna. It is a small local restaurant. As an appetizer I had a cup of shrimp and corn bisque. It was very good. My Red Fish was good as well and it was a more than I could eat. With the meal I had a couple of Abita Ambers with my meal and a strong cup of black coffee after the meal. At this moment Lou Dobb is on the TV. After I post this I will open my book and read until I am ready to sleep.

Coram Deo,


lundi, décembre 15, 2008

I started working days Thursday and finished today. On good weekends at work operators, like me, are mostly babysitters. On such weekends the units we are over run good. The outside and console operators have fairly leisure days (or nights) at work. We have rounds to make and equipment and processes to keep our eyes on, but on good weekends supervisors, engineers and mechanical folk are home or at least somewhere else.

On not so good weekends, there are problems, operational or mechanical, and these make for busy, hard and tiresome weekends at work. This last weekend was on the problem side of the equation. I am glad it and my Monday (which is almost always brutal) is over.

I had hoped to be finished with everyting about work until after Christmas, but I may go to New Orleans on business and then I am going to have union work to do on Thursday and Friday. This should go quickly (I hope).

Lisa and the boys are ok, although one of them is a bit under the weather. Tonight when I got home, my cousine Chris and one of his sons, Brandon came over to visit. It was good to visit with them for a while.


jeudi, décembre 11, 2008

Today was the first time in about twenty years that we had snow that actually stayed on the ground for even a little while. I awoke at 4:40 AM at 5:am I saw on the news that it was snowing so I went outside to see. I saw that the snow was sticking in the yard so I came in and woke the boys. Before today, they had never seen snow and they were pretty excited by it.

I had to leave for work before light. Lisa got the boys dressed and when it got light they went outside to play. They played in the snow and threw snowballs at each other and our neighbours. Then they came in got their things and went to school.

I spent the day at the refinery. It was a typical hectic day.


lundi, décembre 08, 2008

Sunday night I picked up MK in my truck and we went to Josh's house to watch football, drink a little wine and talk sports, politics and theology. We opened a few impressive bottles of wine, ate good food, watched the Baltimore/Washington game and visited. The three of us are all Reformed in theology so we had lots to talk about, especialy since Josh has spent much of the last year or so in Southern Alabama.

On Monday I took up painting the house again. As I painted the house I had my iPod and listened (for the second time) Garth Nix's Abhorsen trilogy. These books are a very interesting work of fantasy. I highly recommend them. My dauther talked me into listening to them. She thinks I don't read fiction so she loaded these books on my iPod. I am so glad she baggered e into checking them out.

I finished with the primer so the next clear day that I am off from work I will add the finish coat.

It's now passed my bed time.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, décembre 07, 2008

The other night I spent several hours talking with Christian via Windows Live Messenger. He is at an undisclosed spot in the Middle East. He is well and says the food is good.

While I wrote notes back and forth with him he was also speaking to his wife, Jessica, and to his sister, Morgan, I don't no how to speak with him over the web (yet).

I was ill much of yesterday, but fill much better today. Today it is Lisa who is not feeling good.

Morgan spent the night here last night and she, the boys and I went to Sunday school worship services at Bethel. MK will be teaching Sunday school for the next several months. He will be going through the Puritan pastor, Jeremiah Burrough's book Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment.

Today, the Second Sunday of Advent, Pastor Wright preached a second sermon on Ruth. The sermon was based on the Ruth chapter two. It was very good.

After Worship we came home at gumbo Danny and Morgan at dined with us. We had gumbo (I can never have too much gumbo). The boys and I tossed a football for a while as well.

Now I am sitting on the porch writing this blog enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Coram Deo,

samedi, décembre 06, 2008

Tim Tebow and Florida have defeated Alabama and Nick Satan in the SEC Championship!!!

Alabama 20 - Florida 31

Go Tebow!!!!

Looks like Saban and Bama are going to the Sugar Bowl. I've always pulled for SEC teams when playing non-SEC teams but I can't pull for Saban.

This is a first for me: Go Utah, beat Nick Satan and Bama.


mardi, décembre 02, 2008

I worked last night. We had a little trouble because of cold weather. The temperature dropped to 30 degrees during the night. That is COLD for deep south Louisiana. I was out side from 2:30 am to almost 4:00 AM. I love this weather, when I am properly dressed for it.

Yesterday was a non-event. I had stayed up late Sunday so that I could sleep in on Monday, to get ready for the hoot (i.e. Night) shift. I woke early, but went back to bed after Lisa and the boys left for the day, and I slept to almost noon. Because I had plenty of sleep and the crisp cold air, I had no trouble staying awake last night.

Here is a picture of the type of aircraft that Christian flies in:
It is now time for bed.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, novembre 30, 2008

On Thanksgiving Day, Lisa asked Sean if he would like her to cook for him while he was on leave. Sean the second son of one of Lisa's older brothers and he is in the Air Force. Sean jumped at the opportunity, because Lisa is an excellent cook and she really works hard to make such meals enjoyable.

Sean requested seafood gumbo. There was no way that Lisa could turn down that request even though we had just had seafood gumbo so recently. Again Lisa did a great job and the food was excellent and everyone ate plenty. Sean and his Air Force buddy (also Sean, but from upstate New York) both seemed to enjoy the gumbo. Sean's mom Lynn came over as did Elisabeth.

We had some Coors Light and I opened a bottle of wine to go with the food. It was all good.

Besides preparing a great meal Lisa also wanted to start decorating for Christmas. So I joined her and we got a good start on the tree and other decorations.

This morning, after we spoke with Christian, we got ready for church. We worshipped at Bethel. Pastor Steve started a series of sermons from Ruth. We are now celebrating advent before each service. The service was very good.

Now I plan to take a Sunday afternoon nap.

Coram Deo,
Lisa and I just got off the phone with our son Christian. He is in the Gulf of Arabia (Persian Gulf). To get there he flew from Misawa, Japan to Tokyo, from Tokyo to Chicago, from Chicago to London and from London to where he is now. That is the LONG way to get there.

It is time to get ready for worship services, so I have to go. I will write again later today.


samedi, novembre 29, 2008

Yesterday, Mark brought the cabinets that are going in our (will be) living/TV room. It will have two built in desks, for home work, bills and computer and a place for our wide screen television, which is presently in our bed room.

I worked with Mark installing things. Morgan came over for a little while. While I helped Mark, Morgan helped her mother with her new laptop. Lisa has been anti-computer for years, but now she is needing one for her job, plus she will use it to keep in touch the boy's teachers and it is a must to communicate with Christian. Because of these things, she bought a the laptop and is determined to learn how to use it.

After Morgan left here she went to get things ready at her place. She and Danny and Recie and Paul are going to the Texas Renaissance Festival for the weekend.

After Mark left, Lisa started working on Christmas decorations and I assisted her in that. We got a good bit done but we have more work to do.

The big news from yesterday has to do with Christian. He left Japan yesterday and is headed to an undisclosed (to us) some place in the Middle East. He will be there for some time so his safety is high on our prayer list.

Coram Deo,

jeudi, novembre 27, 2008

Yesterday, I called Lisa as I left work. She was in town and suggested that I pick up the boys and meet her and get something to eat. We met at Starbucks, where our daughter was working. I picked up Lisa and we went to get supper.

After eating, the boys joined a couple of their friends and one dad and went with them to see Bolt. Lisa and I went to Best Buy and Sam's to find her a laptop. She bought an HP at Best Buy. She then headed back to the house to meet the boys. I returned to Starbucks, drank a coffee. I hung around until they closed. I helped Morgan and her co-workers by putting out the garbage and sweeping. Then I went to my truck and read while they finished closing.

After they finished closing, Morgan and I went to IHOP. We had a nice chat as she ate. I made it home just before 1:00 AM.

We all slept in this morning. It was so nice. (Me with a glass of wine)

For Thanksgiving Day dinner we went down the road to Woody and Elisabeth. Most of Lisa's family headed there as well. We had a great meal and a good visit.
(Morgan and her cousin Kim with their grandfather.)


lundi, novembre 24, 2008

The 21st was the birthday of our youngest son. He had requested that his mother fix crab cakes and sea food gumbo. She did and both were great. We had some family over and he had a good birthday.

I returned to work on Saturday. I was hoping for a quiet weekend, but when I got to work I found that the unit I had just started up after my turnaround was down. A compressor motor died just a couple of days after we had started the unit up.

The long and the short of it is, I returned to work Saturday just in time to begin restarting the unit. Of course there was problems with the new motor and so we spent the entire weekend getting things right. We were able to finish the start up today.

I hope to have a better day at work tomorrow.

Now I am going to bed.

Coram Deo,

jeudi, novembre 20, 2008

After Lisa and the boy's left for work and school, I finished cleaning up the kitchen and watched some news. At 10:15 I attended St. Michael's Episcopal's Eucharistic service. I am unable to attend normal Sunday worship services at least two Sundays each month. We are members at Bethel PCA and we usually worship there on Sundays. Pastor Wright at Bethel is a very good man and gifted minister.

After worship I returned home and continued my painting the house. I painted for several hours then it was time pick the boys up a school. After we returned home I worked on supper, and was about to return to painting when Gary J. showed up. We sat on the porch and were having a drink when Mark C. came over and shortly after that Woody also came by.

Our porch visit broke up and I came in for supper (Red beans, sausage and rice). I got the boys feed and I helped Mark take measurements for some cabinet work we need done.

Lisa came home at about this time she and I helped the boys with home work.

That was Wednesday at our house.

mardi, novembre 18, 2008

This is going to be a short note.

My leg (staph infection) is much better. and so I can return to work on my regular shift. I will start days on Saturday.

MK came over last night. We discussed books, politics, history theology. The main subject last night was World War II. He is going through Norman Davies' Europe at War 1939-1945: No Simple Victory, which I finished a few months back. It is a very good book and I highly recommend it. We did open a bottle wine, but it was not good enough to recommend, but we did manage to finish off the bottle.

I started painting the house yesterday. I am now going outside to continue that work.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, novembre 12, 2008

Now that MK has me on a couple of antibiotics, my staph infection is much better and well on the mend. Lisa removed the packing from it last night and I can walk with no pain.

Now the down side of things, my cold is not better. I woke during the night is a sweat, when my fever broke and I've had fever off and on today. Because of that I mostly been in bed all day. I watched some TV (a show on the F/A 18 Hornet was pretty good) and I've read a little bit in Boyd's book and a bit in my newest addition of First Things. I also did a little work with Rosetta Stone.

I at some toasted French bread with butter and honey for breakfast and I fixed myself an omelet with cheese and bacon for lunch along with an American Ale (from the now Belgian owned Budweiser). BTW Its not bad.

I just picked up the boys at school and I still feel like yuck, so I am going vegetate for a while.

Coram Deo,

mardi, novembre 11, 2008

I have such a wonderful, beautiful, loving wife!!! We have been married for 25 years and she is more beautiful and wonderful now than she ever was and she has always been both.

Last night MK came over. We visited, discussing important topics such as LSU and the lack of a quaterback, Obama's presidency, Democrats & Republicans, good books, etc... While discussing these important subjects we drank wine (Red Sky Ranch Meritage 2003) and snacked on sharp chedder cheese. The wine was VERY good.

Today, I plan to do a little work in the house, read some and spend time with the boys, who are home because school is out for Veterans Day.

Time to read a little.

lundi, novembre 10, 2008

This morning I started my day with a visit to the dentist office. This afternoon I had a doctor's appointment with MK. He confirmed that I had staph. He lanced it, cleaned it out and then packed it with some ribbon like material. He also gave me another prescription. He also informed me that I will not be able to go to work this week.

With all that said I did very little today. I did start reading a new book today. The new book is actually an old one - England, Rome, and Oxford Compared as to Certain Doctrines by Archibald Boyd. This will be the second book by Boyd that I've read. The other Boyd book is Episcopacy and Presbytery. I found that book to be very impressive.

Now back to my health. I have also been sneezing all afternoon and have sinus trouble and a sore throat. I think I'm catching a cold - Yuk. I hate being sick. I can handle pain pretty well, but I am a wimp when I have a cold.


dimanche, novembre 09, 2008

For the last few days of the turn-around I suffered from a boil of sorts on my upper thigh. Lisa fussed at me for not taking care of it, then she called my doctor friend (i.e. MK). She was convinced (and is probably correct) that I have another occurrence of staph infection.

Yesterday my upper right thigh was very sore, red and swollen about 6" in diameter. I was in a great deal of pain. Lisa lance and dressed the area. I don't know which hurt more - my thigh or watching LSU loose to Saben's Alabama.

Today, my leg is still sore, but I am taking the antibiotics that MK called out for me. I regret missing worship services this morning, but sitting is not easy with my infection and I just felt bad.

I've been in bed all day, but I did get up and toss a football with the boys for a few minutes. Now I am back in bed.

Coram Deo,

samedi, novembre 08, 2008

The unit turn around is over and I am off work this weekend. I worked a mere 62 hours this week. I am so glad to have this behind me. It was hard work work, but all went well. No one got hurt and the unit (which makes high octane gasoline) came up safely. Unit shutdowns and start ups are the most dangerous part of my job.

Christian has been in San Diego for the past several weeks, but is heading back to Japan in the morning. From there he is likely to go on a detachment elsewhere soon (likely to a war zone).

Morgan had surgery on here ankle last week. Her foot (ankle) was severely injured in an automobile accident earlier this year. She is doing well, but the doctor said that damage was worse than he had expected and she would need another surgery in the future.

Please keep us and ours in your prayers

In Christ,

mercredi, novembre 05, 2008

We are now in the start up mode at work. I am hoping that things go well for the night shift, so that we can finish up the turnaround by the weekend, so I can have a few days off with my family.

If I am off for the weekend I will end the week with a minimum of 73. It could be more.


samedi, novembre 01, 2008

OK, I am at eighty hours for this week and I plan to end the pay week tomorrow with 93 hours work. Hopefully this will be my last week on the unit shutdown. If all goes well we will be starting things up by midweek, and I hope to be off next weekend.

I would write more but all I've done for the past 3 weeks is work and sleep. I did take the boys trick or treating last night, which is always fun to do. We did have some family and friends over last night as well. Lisa made chilli and we cooked some hot dogs as well.


mardi, octobre 28, 2008

Today was a 14 hour day at work. I am very tired so I'm going to bed.

Coram Deo,

lundi, octobre 27, 2008

Today I worked 13 & 1/2 hours. I was at work for 5 AM and left work at 6:30 PM. It was a very busy day. Turnarounds are always hard and this one is no different.

Last week I worked 91 & 1/2 hours and the week before that I worked 87 hours. I will likely work in the 90 hour range again this week. This will probably continue for around two weeks, then life should return to normal. It can't come too soon.

LP cooked chicken gumbo last night and tonight we had leftovers. I can never have too much gumbo.

I have to get ready for bed. 4 AM comes early.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, octobre 26, 2008

I'm working a turnaround. UGHHHH. This last week I worked 91 & 1/2 hours. I'm 13 hours a day seven days a week and every now and then 13 hours is not quite enough.

I have to go to sleep.


dimanche, octobre 12, 2008

Saturday morning I left the house about 8:30, picked up my cousin Chris and his son Josh. We then preceded on to St. Augustine Catholic Church in Basile for the funeral of our great uncle, Wilfred LaFleur. Nunc Wilfred, as I knew him, was also my parrain (God Father). His death was not unexpected. He was old and had been very feeble for some time.

Nunc Wilfred was the police chief of Basile for many years. His obituary, in the Eunice paper, can be viewed here . He was a good man. His favourite name he used to refer to us when we were kids was "neg," which was than used as a term of endearment and our families were very close when I was growing up.

Lisa was sick so she did not go to the funeral, and Chris' wife Mindy also stayed home because their daughter was also ill. I did see lots of family and friends that I don't see regularly. That was good, but it is always a bitter sweet event. I am always saddened by the death of old Cajuns, because as they die the Cajun culture, language and accent that was so prevalent when I was young is dying with them.

I came home after the funeral stayed dressed up so I could attend a wedding shortly there after. Doug and Esther were married at Bethel. Lisa and I attended together, even though she was still not well. We left soon after we congratulated the couple. We then went to meet Morgan, it was her birthday and she had plans to meet some friends to celebrate. We made visited there for a little while and come home.

This Morning the boys and I worshipped at Bethel.

Coram Deo,
Ps. Here is Nunc Wilfreds obituary from the Eunice paper:
A Mass of Christian Burial will be Celebrated on Saturday, October 11, 2008 at 11:30 am at the St. Augustine Catholic Church in Basile, for Wilfred LaFleur, 76, died on Thursday, October 09, 2008 at the Basile Care Center. Rite of Committal will follow in the St. Augustine Mausoleum under direction of Ardoin's with Father Brian Taylor officiating.
Wilfred was a resident and a former Chief of Police of Basile.
A loving husband, father, brother, uncle, grandfather and great-grandfather, Wilfred is survived by his wife, Rose Arabie LaFleur of Basile; a son, Donald James LaFleur of Basile; two daughters, Diana Courville and husband, Ronnie of Eunice, Gail Miller and husband, Joey of Basile; a brother, Lee Roy LaFleur of Lake Charles; a sister, Lucy LeJeune of Lake Charles; seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Wilfred will be missed dearly by all who knew and loved him.
He was preceded in death by his son, Wayne LaFleur; his parents, Willis and Armide Fontenot LaFleur; brothers, Edward, Willard, and Allen LaFleur; and a sister, Eve Johnson.The family requests that visiting hours be observed at St. Augustine Catholic Church in Basile on Saturday, October 11, 2008 from 9:00 am until time of services.
Family and Friends may view the obituary and sign the guest book online at

mardi, octobre 07, 2008

I've been working a lot since the hurricane brushed us to the west. I had hoped to go squirrel hunting, but I had to work. I was called out to cover Mitch who was sick. I worked of Sunday Morning. I had to sleep and was not able to worship with the folks at Bethel Presbyterian. St. Michael's Episcopal Church has a 5 PM eucharistic service so I worship there instead.

Monday morning, Cudd and I went fishing in Prien Lake. We caught sixteen speckled trout by the time I had to head home. I had to sleep so I could work last night.

Now I have to switch back to days so I can work on turnaround planning.


lundi, septembre 15, 2008

Since my last post we caught a glancing blow from Hurricane Ike. Ike knocked out our electricity we just got it back today at 2 pm, so we were out of electricity for 2 and 1/2 days. For Rita we were out of electricity for 3 weeks and I am sure that there are many people in and around Houston who will not have electricity for at least 3 weeks. I know what they are going through and I do feel for them.

The little bit of good news is a cool front came through last night and we will have cool weather for the nest several days and nights. The three weeks following Rita were sweltering misery, so this cool front will be a small blessing.

I spent the week and a half following Gustav at the refinery, trying to get my part of the plant back up and running. We got it things up and running on Thursday and Ike came in Friday. I worked over 15 hours on Friday, and left the plant some time after 9 pm. I did not leave on good terms with that nights shift supervision, but that is not something that I will go into detail about here.

I had to work Friday, so I knew I could not evacuate with Lisa and the boys. I got them a hotel in New Orleans and Lisa and I ran to Sam's and bought her a Tom Tom (GPS) system so that they could get around N.O. and to the hotel. They took time to go to the Aquarium on Saturday. The boys had not been there before and they loved it.

I fell asleep at about 11:30, while watching the Weather Channel as Ike closed in on Galveston. I woke at 3 am. The power was off and I could hear the wind whipping outside. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. I woke a 6 am. The wind was still blowing hard. As soon as it was light enough to see, I got in the Jeep and drove around the neighbourhood to see how things looked. There were lots of branches down, but no large trees like we had in Rita.

The one thing similar to Rita was the flooding. Ike flooded everything that flooded three years ago when Rita crashed into the coast. Ike's flooding was worse and the water was higher. Lisa and I are just now finishing post Rita work. I am sure many of those flooded by Ike were also just finishing getting there homes back together. I feel for them also.

Lisa and the boys came home Sunday evening. We all slept in the living room, because I borrowed a window unit from Gary J. and put it there and ran it by generator. I was able to keep the refrigerator, AC (small window unit) and some lights running.


mardi, septembre 02, 2008

Things are getting back to normal. Lots of people are pouring back into town today (we got back early yesterday afternoon) and the local Market Basket and Kroger are both open, though Walmart and the fast food joints are still closed.

Lisa and I "celebrated" our twenty-fifth aniversary yesterday. The morning was spent watching Hurricane Gustav coming on shore via the Weather Channel. Once the eye of the hurricane was on land, we loaded up and headed for home. I led the way in my truck, followed by our daughter in her car and then Lisa in her Jeep.

We did learn that almost all of East Texas has NO Sprint cell phone service. There was no service from just north of Dequincy, LA until almost I-20 by Marshal, TX.

We were back in town a little after noon. Woody had never left and we joined him for a fish fry.

Far SW Louisiana dodged the Gustav bullet and to celebrate we had a fish fry with Woody and a friend of his. We had one strong line of wind and rain come through yesterday afternoon and it is drizzling this morning, but all is well.

I am expecting people to start coming back today. I would hate to have to fight the traffic that will exist with all the people trying to get back into Louisiana.


samedi, août 30, 2008

We have been getting ready for Gustav and still have a lot left to do. I have gassed up all the vehicles and extra gas cans. I still hope and pray that we miss the brunt of the storm, but it is certain that someone on the upper gulf coast is going to be hammered good. and of course Hanna is also out there and may well gome into the Gulf as well.

In 2005 we stayed and went through Rita. I had always wanted to go through a hurricane, I did that with Rita and had hoped that I would not get another chance for a long time. I plan to evacuate my family this time. I will likely be needed at the refinery to help get it back up and running.

A good number of refineries are now in the process of shutting down. The refinery I work at is cutting back and getting into position to shut down tomorrow morning. Gasoline supplies will drop pretty soon and prices are going to spike soon.

I need to get back to work,
Lisa and I went out to eat last night for our anniversary (25th). Our anniversary is actually Monday, but Hurricane Gustave may be breathing down our throats at that time so we got "a night out" early. We ate at Mazen's and then went dancing.

The band last night was Louisiana Country. They played mostly Cajun and Swamp Pop and Lisa and I "passed a good time.

I have to shut this off and go start doing my hurricane preparations.



vendredi, août 29, 2008

I've been in Anaheim, California since Sunday evening. I flew out of LC on Sunday. Was in Anaheim for a VPPPA (Voluntary Protection Programs Participants' Association) conference. VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) is an OSHA program where the company, workers and OSHA partner and work for ever improving safety in the workplace.

I was asked to serve in this by some of my fellow workers and decided to get on board because I see it as something to help keep me an my co-workers at the refinery. Refineries make oil and gasoline products by basically boiling oil and gasoline. It is safe when done properly and everything is treated with respect, proper caution and good sense. Safety is VERY important in this industry.

While in Anaheim I finished the Abhorsen Trilogy, by Garth Nix. It was GREAT. When I was young, I read a lot of fantasy, but not for a long time. My daughter, Morgan, has been after me for some time to read these books. She finally gave them to me in an audio format. Once I started them, they were hard to put down. I listened to them during every minute that I could find.

While in Anaheim, Instead of watching TV in my room, I listened to these books every evening until they were finished. Before leaving I listened to C.S. Lewis' ScrewTape Letters. I first read this interesting little book in 1980. I was on board the USS Francis Hammond and we were on station in the Gulf of Oman. I did some of my reading in the back of an SH-2 anti-submarine helicopter, on which I was a crewman, sensor operator and rescue swimmer. The book is a difficult read at times, but it is a book worth the effort it takes to read. (FYI: I took these pictures of our helicopter in 1981 somewhere off the coast of Eastern Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula.)

Today, I am getting things ready just in case Gustave becomes a hurricane and heads our way. I hope not. It has taken us almost to now to recover from Hurricane Rita, which hammered us three years ago.

I have work to do.

vendredi, août 22, 2008

I woke at 3:45 this morning and was at work for 4:30 am. I got there that early because I had to make 12 hours, but instead of my normal job, I spent most of the day meeting with management and uion reps to discuss safety and health issues at the refinery. I'm on the committee because the union appointed me to it earlier this year.

I think it is a good goup and our discussions are good for workers and the company.

At this moment I am tired. I stayed up late to watch the men's beach volleyball championship match .


lundi, août 18, 2008

Yesterday, I fixed pain perdu for breakfast. Then we all dressed and went to worship at Bethel. It was nice to have Morgan and Danny as well as Christian and Jessica there to worship with us. After the service we all went to lunch at Casa Manana and we were joined by or friends Mona and Dan along with Mona's son.

Yesterday afternoon Lisa, Jessica and I brought Christian to the airport in Houston, so that he could start his two day journey that will bring him at last to Northern Japan. He was stoic (for the most part) and Jessica held up nicely also, but it was obvious that both of them were dreading the rapidly approaching separation.

Today, I mostly worked on my son's truck, getting it ready to sell. Lisa was with Jessica most of the day helping her do what she need to do before she caught her flight tonight for California. Morgan came over to say her goodbyes as well.

Yesterday evening and today were hard days for me, and I can't imagine how hard it was for Christian and Jessica.

Coram Deo,

samedi, août 16, 2008

I'm watching the olympics, like millions of others around the world. in the last few minutes Michael Phelps just one his 8th gold medal in these games. I watched Dara Torres when two back to back silver medals. What a night at the Olympics.

Tomorrow we will go to Bethel for worship services and tomorrow afternoon we drive to Houston to bring Christian to the airport, so that he can start on the first leg of his trip to Japan. I'm going to miss my son a great deal.

vendredi, août 15, 2008

My alarm went off at 3:20 AM and though I was caught by to separate trains I still made it to work a little after 4 in the morning. I had rescue training, but that did not start until 7:30 AM, so I went to the central control room and visited with the guys on the control board (i.e. computers) then I walked to the satellite which is where I normally work to see how the guys were doing in the unit.

I had to make 12 hours at work, but rescue training was only eight hours. I left the refinery at 4 PM and met with Lisa.

It's late, I'm tired si I am going to bed.


jeudi, août 14, 2008

Monday evening I started working nights. My last set of day light shift was very busy. We had to work from can to can't each of the 12 workdays. Our nights were better, but something went wrong every evening so that none of the were "good" shifts.

I worked of this morning and slept until a little after noon. I visited with Christian and Jessica for a little while before they left to meet with Morgan and Danny. The boys and I took of late this afternoon for Longville. We visited with my parents for a couple of hours. Dad and I picked some muscadine grapes (native wild grapes, golden color) that he has growing at his place. I ate most of the ones I picked, as I picked them.

I am up way too late, because I plan to get up a 3:20 AM. I got a bit hungry while watching the Olympics so I made myself a snack. I t was a can ofVienna sausages, half a dosen pickled tobasco peppers, Louisiana hot sauce (more tobasco) and some dill relish. Not a bad snack.

Now I need to go to sleep so I can get to work very early tomorrow morning.


lundi, août 11, 2008

Just for fun I decided to put some more Banana Spider pictures up. Some of them may already be posted below. If so Sorry for the repeat.

dimanche, août 10, 2008

More pics from the wedding.
The handsome couple.

Getting ready for the wedding.

The groom doing the same thing.

Lisa and my beautiful new Daughter-in-law.

samedi, août 09, 2008

Today, Christian, his (Navy) buddy Graziano and I went to Longville. They wanted to do some shooting before Graziano heads back to San Diego tomorrow. Graziano is a very nice young man. He and Christians became good friends while the were both in Pensacola, Fl.

I took my SKS, a .22 caliber pistol and a few hundred rounds of ammo. We drank coffee and visited with my parents and then went out back to shoot. The boys did the shooting and I took a few photos.

The SKS looks bad and is a lot of fun to shoot.

This Banana Spider and several others were hanging out at my parents hous. Just chillin and watching the shooting.