vendredi, avril 25, 2008

I LOVE to read, and the subjects I read most are history and theology, but I don't limit myself to these catagories. I try to be fairly omnivourus in my reading so few subjets are off the table. The latest books that I've recently finished are A History of the Papacy During the Period of the Reformation Vol. IV and Vol. V by Mandell Creighton. I down loaded both volumes from Google Books and found them to be very informative. After I finished these two books, I looked for the other three volumes and I've down loaded them as well; I hope to read them pretty soon.

I listen to lots of books as well as read book. I recently finished R.C. Sproul's The H0liness of God on audio book. I checked it out from the Calcasieu Parish Public Library. The audio book I'm listening to now is Alexandre Dumas' The Man in the Iron Mask.

I am reading a number of items. Today I started a biography of Philip Melancthon. I am also reading the Epistles of Pope Gregory the Great, which can be found in the Second Series of the Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers (Vol. XII).

I like Old Books most of all.


samedi, avril 19, 2008

Last sunday, Lisa and I were still recovering from the wedding and reception. We awoke and I treated the Lisa the boys to breakfast. I cooked pain perdu. This is my one special meal that I cook when possible, usually as a Sunday morning treat before we get ready for worship services.

Monday morning I went to work and Christian headed back to Florida and the Navy. I worked my own shift and also two days overtime. Any overtime, as much as I dislike it, will be appreciated while we are recouping financially from the cost of Morgan and Danny's wedding and reception (BTW: It was beautiful, fun and worth every cent).

Friday evening Lisa and I went to the company shrimp boil. We had our fill of well seasoned boiled shrimp and cold beer (sadly it was BYOB) and visited with friends. After that we met Gary and Liz at the Isle of Capri. They had told us that Sean Vidrine and Swampfyre were playing. Lisa and I wanted to dance and we had heard that we could get in some jitter-bugging with this band.

We were not disappointed. I requested they play D.L. Menard's La Porte d'en Arrière, which is one of my favourite dance songs. It was great, the band started with the tempo a bit slow but sped things up each time around -- what fun!!! We danced a good bit, before it was time to head back home.

Lisa had to go to work this morning. I got up with her, but I've spent the morning relaxing. I read for a while, watched the News (the Pope is on Fox News celebrating Mass at St. Patrick Cathedral as I write this). As soon as I up load the blog I will start doing some needed work around the house.

Before I go, here are some more pictures from the reception:

Morgan and Danny

Morgan with Christian (in the cap)

Lindsey Janiese, our "official" photographer, and Morgan. We haven't go her picture yet, but she is very good at what she does.

Morgan with Woody (we went to Ireland last year when he married Elisabeth, Morgan's first cousin)

Lisa, Danny and Rhonda (Lisa's sister and Elisabeth's mom)

And here is Elisabeth. You can't tell but she will be delivering her and Woody's first child in early May (my great grand niece of nephew)

Well, I have work to do.

Coram Deo,

jeudi, avril 17, 2008

I decided that tonight I will post some more pictures from our beautiful daughter's wedding reception. So here are some more pics:

Mo and her cousin Ryan.
Mo with here friends.
Bride and Groom with friends

mercredi, avril 16, 2008

Friday evening my beautiful and only daughter got married to Danny in a beautiful ceremony at St. Margaret Catholic Church. After the wedding the reception was held in the pavilion at Prien Lake Park. As the old Cajun's say, "We passed a good time."

Morgan and Danny, of course, had the first dance.

Is the father of the bride, I got the second dance with Morgan. We danced to Jo-el Sonnier's version of Jolie Blonde.
The next picture is Danny with his Mother.
Now Lisa and Danny having a little fun. (notice the money on Danny--more on this below)
Morgan with Gerald, her new Father-in-law.

It's a Cajun tradition to pin money on the Bride and Groom when you dance with them. It's a great tradition and helps the young couple have a good honeymoon.

I think everyone else there had a great time as well. We had lots of food, beer and wine to celebrate the marriage of Morgan and Danny. Marriage is a covenant relationship of a man and women before God and it is clear in Scripture that celebration with wine is aproved by the Lord in the Bible. When, at the wedding at Cana, Jesus turned water into wine he made a LOT of wine. Jesus made 200+ gallons of wine. We did not have that much wine or beer, but we had enough for everyone. It was a "Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler " event.

Coram Deo,

jeudi, avril 10, 2008

My buddy MK came over this evening bearing gifts for my daughter's wedding. Morgan, my daughter, considers Mike (MK) to be her "other dad." She has known him for almost as long as she had been alive. MK is a doctor and he recently found out that he will be on call for her wedding night. Because of that fact, he will not be able to enjoy any strong drink at the reception, so he came over with a fifth of Scotch (Dalwhinnie--15 year old) and he and I consumed much (though not all) of it. We could celebrate a little before hand, since he will not be able to imbibe on Friday night.

Mike is a great friend. Morgan my daughter came home and visited with us for a while. We looked a pictures and some You Tube videos of Cats, the best wedding dance and Poo Poo Broussard. It was a good night.

More when I am able to get the time to do so.


dimanche, avril 06, 2008

One of my good friends at work decided to have a little fun at my expense. I just checked my Email and found a letter from Craig C, who is working to day, in the in box. (BTW- He did not misspell Huguenot. It is spelled the way he intended) Here is what he wrote:

SWLA Public Avoidance #1

Though he is little known to everyone, The Cajun Huganut Monk named public avoidance #1 by Church leaders and acquaintances around South West Louisiana has been making waves in the Community. Along with fellow Huganut’s, mostly dysfunctional converts, his writings appears frequently by E-Mail, Forums, Blogs. There, he addresses ridiculously unimportant topics of little or no significance, free from the censorship imposed by PCA, SBC, FBI, OCW or COP authorities as seen in the infamous cartoons of Huganut portraying a Top Operator. Huganut’s informs on little-known and unimportant not to mention boring information have become a thorn in the side of any who are in ears distance of Huganut.

Incapable of concentrating; the only strategy left for Huganut is printing tons of useless unimportant, uninteresting information (which has sparked a $50 bounty on his head by the United Paper Workers due to increasing amounts of Overtime & a $500 by several environmental groups “Tree Huggers”). When his name is mentioned, the public cringes. Knowing him as a boring trouble-making, who is backed by Pappy Van Winkle. They could easily refute his points, they insist, “but who cares”.

Huganut is an unusual figure: Robed in Red Velvet, with a huge flask around his neck, he sits with both the Gun and the Internet in easy reach. Huganut’s followers are one of the newest most unusual bunches (plum weird, outcast) among the communities in SWLA. In many respects come to personify the term “different”. But the fiery Huganut does not submit, and minces no words; He confuses everyone. He has singly made his Blogism which he uses to highlight his own boring info on anyone that will receive it.

The result? Mass confusion. The very public conversion of high-profile Tribal Missionary. Who only stopped for directions, is only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, someone stated a while back that there are about “a” convert to the Huganut’s annually, many of them persuaded by Intoxication.

I immediately called Craig at work. I told him that the only part that bothered me was the fact that it was all true. We had a good laugh together.


mardi, avril 01, 2008

Yesterday, My Father-in-law and I went fishing. We caught a few pass. Most of them were small and we only had one "keeper" so we released all of them. On the way back to town we stopped in Gillis and ate cheese burgers at Boskies (spelling?).

Lisa went with Donna to see a doctor in Houston. I picked up the boys at school and fixed supper.

It was a pretty normal day.

This morning I completed a biography (published in 1908) of Erasmus, by John Alfred Faulkner. It was a good and informative read. This is the first full biography of Erasmus that I've read. I've read a good bit about him in the past, but it was good to get this bigger picture of this important man.