vendredi, janvier 19, 2007

Tonight I am off from work. I just finished eating some butter sauted shirmp over vegetables. I am now sitting in front of the computer enjoying a Sam Adams Boston Lager (my favourite lager), the little boys are playing in their room, Morgan is in Dequincy, Christian is heading to Erath and Lisa is still at work.

God is good to me and I don't deserve the many blessing and great grace that my family and I have received from Him.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, janvier 17, 2007

This is my third night working graveyards. I have been bounced back to what should be my regular job. I have not worked my regular job for about four years, because I have been moved up to working the top operator position.

I'm working the "board" now and it is taking a little while getting readjusted. I'm working the board on our new unit, which did not exist when I last worked a board job. Izzy is working our other board and has helped me a lot, and I am sooo thankful for the help.

This morning I finished reading Forerunners of the Reformation: The Shape of Late Medieval Thought by Hieko Oberman. It was a very good book; I enjoyed the readings from Medieval theologians. Oberman gave a good introduction at the beginning of each section, but the bulk of the book is essays or letters from thinkers from the latter Middle Ages.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, janvier 14, 2007

After Christmas, I worked graveyard shift for New Years so that went by with a whimper. Next big event was the Sugar Bowl. Christian and I went to the game with Woody, who got extra tickets some how. We found out just the day before the game that we would be able to go.

It was a great game. LSU devastated the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. This was sooo sweet! Christian and I had a great time, as did Woody. We left Sulphur about noon on the day of the game. We made a pit stop at The Best Stop in Scott, Louisiana and bought two bounds of cracklins and five pounds boudin.

We arrived in New Orleans about 4 pm and went to the home of one of Woody’s friends, who lived a little bit off of St. Charles. There were already and hand full of folks gathered there. They were about to bar-b-que and had plenty of cold beer on hand. We gave them the boudan and cracklins and they offered us some beer, I enjoyed a few ice-cold Abita Turbodog ales.

A little bit after six, we all piled into an extended cab pickup (filling both the cab and the bed) and headed for the Super dome. Woody’s friend works two buildings from the dome so we had a very good private parking close to the dome.

After a great game, we were able to zip back to where we had come from, with no traffic at all. We then headed back home because both Christian and Woody had to work the next day. I drove and they slept. I was still (mostly) on my graveyard hours so it was not hard, even though we did not get home until four that morning.

Last night, Woody and I picked up MK. We then went to Coolers, a local smoke-free pub, to watch the Saints play the Eagles. It too was a great game; the Saints won. I had hoped Christian would join us but he did not make it.

Coram Deo,

Ps. I found this VERY important link today: The Boudin Link