samedi, avril 23, 2005

I’m working the graveyard shift this evening. I started this round of graveyards Wednesday evening and I will finish them in the morning, which is one day early. I’m once again off my regular shift next week. I will be on turnaround planning again, I hope for the last time.

Today was a beautiful day. I woke up a little after noon and did not get back to sleep. So I'm operating on about two hours less sleep than I usually get. If I keep busy I should be alright.

The little boys and I went for a walk this afternoon before I came to work. We found some bike trails in a bunch of woods just north of our neighbourhood. We found, picked and ate some blackberries. They ran around the trails kicking up dust while I followed behind them.

My book reading has gotten out of hand. I'm reading way too many books at one time (I think I’m up to six. This means I am not reading enough in any particular book to finish it soon. So what I have to do is pick one or two books, knock them out and then return to some of the other books once I have finished these books.

We're having a guest preacher come to the church tomorrow. He will be teaching Sunday school and delivering the sermon. This means that we will be able to celebrate the Lord’s Supper tomorrow. We've not had Communion since our last pastor resigned.

MK's been teaching Sunday school and doing a great job. I know he is ready for the break and he will get tomorrow, but I'll miss his teaching. He's been teaching from the Proverbs and it's been very good.

He's recruited me to teach for a couple of weeks on the Apostles and Nicene Creeds. I am supposed to do this next month. I've owned Philip Schaff’s awesome 3 volume Creeds of Christendom for a number of years, I have John Leith's Creeds of the Church and I recently purchased Jaroslav Pelikan’s Credo. These three works, plus my books on Church history, should be more than enough material for me to prepare for the Sunday school lessons on the Creeds.

Now back to things happening at work tonight. Daved B. and Steve W. fed us tonight. They made scrambled eggs cooked with breakfast sausage, they also prepared some deer sausage, biscuits (itty bitty ones) with home made mayhaw jelly(yum), milk and orange juice. It was quite a feast, and we all had a great time teasing Dave about the size (or lack there of) of the biscuits.

Gotta go.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, avril 06, 2005

Monday morning I went to work at 6 AM. I am not on my normal shift this week. I am on turnaround planning, so I am on eight hour shift instead of the usual twelve hour schedule. This has allowed me to get home early the last couple of days. Monday afternoon I spent the afternoon racking and bagging leaves in the back yard.

Latter I did the regular routine with the little boys. One of them read to me while the other bathed, but then Elisabeth (a niece) and her beau, Woody, came over to visit. It’s always a pleasure to talk with them. Woody brought us a bottle of wine.

Yesterday I got home about 4 pm and the little boys and I walked to the park. They (we) played for a couple of hours and then we walked home and started our routine. That is the simple life here in the suburbs of Sulphur, Louisiana.

Coram Deo,

samedi, avril 02, 2005


This is my first blog in over a month. I was on vacation and then had to go to Texas A&M for a week of training (I’m on the refineries rescue team).

While I was gone Mk and I took his and my little boys camping and we took my nephew as well. I did a lot of “honey do” projects while I was off from work. All in all my time away from the refinery was rewarding and enjoyable.

Lisa and I have returned to Bethel PCA Church. Our pastor there resigned and the church was at a critical point, and we felt that we had to return and help out. MK volunteered me to help him with Sunday school, and I had to preach the Resurrection day sermon. I was told that if I could find an ordained minister to lead the service then I would be off the hook, but if not I had to do it my self. I tried very hard to get a pastor to come and lead us in worship, but was unsuccessful.

All went well with the sermon. Lisa, my Mother-in-law and MK all said it was good. They are not the most objective observers, but I too think it went ok. It was a lot of work. The theme of the sermon was the resurrection of our Lord (of course), and I Corinthians 15 was the text. For the Scripture reading I read verses 1-26.

I'm reading way too many books again. I am still crawling through Calvin's Institutes. The more I read him the more I like him. I am also reading J.N.D. Kelly’s Early Christian Doctrine and about four other books.

I still plan to visit other Churches when things at Bethel line out again. I would like to visit an Orthodox service and I would like to visit and learn more about Episcopal worship. We have some Jewish friends and so I'm also hoping to go to worship services at the local Synagog later this month.

Coram Deo,