lundi, juillet 31, 2006

Our house is finally starting to come together. We had some of the cabinets installed and the island last week. Part of the ceiling sheet rock is installed and as soon as Lisa chooses the lights that will go over the Island, I will be able to finish installing most of the rock.

For my days off I mostly worked on the house. I also cut the grass a couple of times, because it is growing so fast do to all the rain we’ve been getting.

All the children are doing ok. One of our nieces has moved in with us. She sold her house (it is a sellers market right now) and will be living with us until her marriage next May.

MK returned from visiting his family in upstate New York. He brought back some wines from the Finger Lakes (Seneca Lake) wineries that he visited while he was up there. HE came over last night and brought one of the reds. It was a very light red wine. The reds up there have a good deal less tannins than do the California reds.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, juillet 19, 2006

Since my last post I’ve gone to work at the refinery and I’ve worked around the house a good deal. We’ve finally turned the corner and are starting to put things back together in the kitchen. We are still held up by the cabinets. The cabinetmaker called today and said he should be able to install the cabinets this weekend. (Hooray)

This morning I woke with one of my all to frequent earaches. Still, I dressed and went to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Maplewood for worship. They have a daily 8:30 AM service. I occasionally attend mass during the week. I do this on those weeks when I am unable to worship at Bethel or Covenant Presbyterian churches.

Theologically I am Reformed and have many doctrinal differences with the Church of Rome, but I am do regard the Catholic Church as a true Christian Church. And so I worship there when I cannot worship in a Reformed Church.

I recently finished reading the existing writings of Justin Martyr. Now I’ve started reading Irenaeus. A Roman Catholic friend at work, with whom I've had a number of discussions, asked me "So when are you going to become a Catholic [again]." This was after I had mentioned about what I'd read in the Early Church Fathers. I told him that it would not be before the Catholic Church formally rejected Unum Sanctum and Vatican I, neither of which it can do without gutting its doctrine of infallibility.

This was part of a very friendly, somewhat jocular, conversation.

I’ve also started reading Scratch of a Pen: 1763 and the Transformation of North America by Colin Calloway. I am on the second chapter and so far it is excellent.

The little boys and I are home and I need to get to work.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, juillet 02, 2006

Recently I went to Washington DC for a convention of United Steal Workers Union, to which I belong. I was one of two members of our local who made the trip. The other member was Claude S. (our local president).

On the last evening Claude and I were joined by a fellow from Baton Rouge on a bus tour of the historic parts of the city. I am big on history and found was excited that I was finally going to see a few sights. The three of us had a number of interesting discussions about history during our tour.

That evening the three of us ate decided to eat at a Lebanese Restaurant that was near the hotel. While eating the gentleman from Baton Rouge said something to the effect that the United States were founded on people not bringing their religious beliefs into the political realm. Of course I had to strongly disagree with him.

In a polite and respectful discussion I pointed out some items that clearly demolished his position. He knew his statement was inaccurate and so he quickly retreated from his statement.

I have put a short article about this item on As I see It.

Coram Deo,