samedi, décembre 26, 2009

This past week was spent at family gatherings - feasting and celebrating our Lord's birth. Wine flowed and the food was great. The food was not traditional stuff, we ate gumbo, and other South Louisiana.

On Christmas Eve we enjoyed family time at home. Sean, our nephew in the Air Force, spent much of the day visiting with us. Lisa and I cooked tenderloins with red wine reduction sauce and asparagus with a lemon/butter sauce.

Also on Christmas Eve we let the boys open their gifts. Christmas Morning, LP and I were up early. We loaded our kayaks on her jeep and for water. There was a strong north wind and it was thirty three degrees when we put the boats in the water. She and I paddled out to Rabbit Island and a bit around the lake, before we headed back home.

The boys were just getting up when we got home. I cooked pain perdu for breakfast. Pain Perdu has always been a special treat that I cook for breakfast.

Christmas was a good, but we miss our son Christian and lovely wife Jessica they are both serving in the U.S. Navy and are over seas.


mercredi, décembre 23, 2009

We've had two Christmas parties so for this week. The first was at our house. This one was with our family and the family of Lisa's sister. Lisa did a great job planning and getting everything ready. I provided wine and helped Lisa, who did most of the work.

Last night we were at my sister's house in Longville for my families Christmas party. We had a great time. The big event was my daughter getting her car stuck. She passed up the drive way and pulled in at the drive to to my bro-in-law's shop and tried to cut across the field. Not a good idea. Brian had to pull out the tractor and chains to pull her car our of the mud.

Lisa and I also took a little time to go kayaking in Prien Lake (pronounced (pre - an). It was windy and the water was a bit choppy but we had fun.


Ps. Pictures to follow.

dimanche, décembre 20, 2009

I am, as of 5:30 this evening, on Christmas vacation. Hallelujah!!!!!! It will be a VERY busy week, but I will be busy away from the refinery and with my wife and family.

I recently bought a case of good California red wine, so I'm set for wine wise.

Merry CHRISTmas,

dimanche, décembre 13, 2009

Spent much of the night before last at work, outside in the cold and rain starting one of our units. We got wet and got a good bit accomplished. Last night was much better, it was mostly quiet. This should be my last unit start up as an operator.

Now I'm off to bed.

vendredi, décembre 11, 2009

At work yesterday, we had a big feast. One of the guys brought in a deer roast (from a resent kill) a pork roast and deer sausage. It slow roasted all together. Of course, this being South Louisiana, we served it with rice. We also had beans, corn, hot rolls as well. We have some great cooks at work and the meal was great!!!!

I have no days off next week. I work every day until I start vacation on 21 December. I hope this will be one of my last 84 hour work weeks at the Refinery. I should start training at the lab in early January and they work MUCH less overtime than we do in our process units.

My family is well. LP got her blue kayak in on Tuesday. She is excited and anxious to put it in the water.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, décembre 06, 2009

Last night I built a fire in the fire pot on the back deck and simply relaxed and washed the fire with my son. A bit later Woody joined us. He and I sipped on a little Irish Whiskey (Tullamore Dew) and talked for a while in the cold near a warm fire.

T woke this morning about 7:30, got the family up. We attended Sunday School at Bethel. My good friend MK started a new series this morning on Church history: The Middle Ages. MK is a great teacher and has a passion for this subject.

Today is the second Sunday of Advent and worship today was on the song of Zacharias. Pastor Steve did a fine job (as always). I enjoy worshiping the Lord our God with the people at Bethel.

This afternoon, Lisa and I attended the 70th annual presentation of Handel's Messiah at McNeese University.

This evening nephew Woody, his dog scout and I went for a brisk walk (about 3 miles).

It was a good day!

Coram Deo,

samedi, décembre 05, 2009

Yesterday was a big day. I took the test at the Refinery to go to the lab. I passed the test, so starting in January I will cease to be a top operator and begin training to be a Lab Tech. I'm excited about the change. It will mean less overtime so my pay will go down, but I want more time off and I can make it with out the overtime.

The other big thing yesterday, was it snowed here in SW Louisiana. That is a rare event, though this makes two years in a row that we got snow. Befor last year, it had been over a decade since it last snowed.

I just watched Bama defeat Florida for the SEC championship. Now I'm watching Texas and Nebraska play for the Big 12 Championship.

I plan to build a fire on in the fire pit in a little while and chill outside.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, décembre 02, 2009

Working straight days this week. Friday is Rescue team training.

It is going to be in the 30's tonight. That is cold if you live this for south. I love it. Before global warming (i.e. the Ice Age) it froze regularly down here. :-)

Coram Deo,

jeudi, novembre 26, 2009

I'm on vacation this week. Monday, Lisa and I went to Ship to Shore in Lake Charles and I bought a used kayak. I did not take it home because we had promised to take the boys bowling. The four of us are all TERRIBLE bowlers, but we don't bowl but once a decade, so I guess we never will be good.

Tuesday morning, the boys and I got up early, jumped in the truck and headed east on I-10. We traveled 200 miles east to the Global Wildlife Center. Lisa and I had visited the center years ago with Morgan and Christian, but the younger boys had not been there. They loved it.

After leaving Global Wildlife Center we drove back to the west. Just before reaching Baton Rouge, we pulled on the road to visit the Bass Pro Shop. We had fun there too. I bought the boys each a winter cap and we piled back in the truck to for the two hour drive home.

On Wednesday, Woody picked up the boys and me and we went to Ship to Shore and picked up my kayak. He then showed me a easy to access back swamp that is near the house where I can launch the Kayak. I plan to put it in the water no later than Saturday.

Lisa prepared a ham, rice dressing, sweet potato pies, pecan fudge and sugar cookies ( I helped) for Thanksgiving and we took it all a 1/2 block away to Elisabeth and Woody's to feast with her side of the family. We had great food, desserts, and drink.

I am so thankful to the Lord for all the incalculable ways in which He has blessed me.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, novembre 22, 2009

I worked off this morning at 6:00 AM and slept until 11:00 AM. I got up ate a Wasa cracker, peanut butter and honey, then I went for a 2 mile walk to wake up.

I did not attend Bethel this morning because I worked last night, so I attended St.Michael's Anglican Church this evening.

Lisa cooked chicken and sausage gumbo for supper. It was great. Her brother Troy came home for Thanksgiving Holiday and he visited with us this evening.

Good day,

samedi, novembre 21, 2009

Liturgia Expurgata

I like and prefer to worship in a more liturgical manner. I was born and raised Roman Catholic for a time, then (with my parents) switched to being Baptist and as a young person I attended some Pentecostal and charismatic churches as well. I’ve also experienced worship at Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, Church of Christ, and Eastern Orthodox churches as well. These churches have a great diversity in styles of worship, ranging from very subdued and solemn to frenzied and chaotic.
I much prefer the more structured and liturgical forms of worship. I have been a member of a Presbyterian (PCA) church for more than two decades, and I came to the Presbyterian Church from a Southern Baptist Church. At that time our little Presbyterian congregation worshipped a great deal like the Baptist Churches I had attended, except the Baptists sang only the 1st, 2nd and last verse to most songs and the Presbyterians sang every verse to every song used in worship and the Presbyterians did not have an “alter call” at the end of each service.
Our little PCA church was really Southern Baptist except for the fact that we were Calvinists and we baptised babies.  This is not true today. Over the years, as a congregation, we have become more and more “Reformed” in our thinking and our worship has become more liturgical. In that same period I have grown to love liturgical worship and find most non-liturgical worship to be a lot less worshipful.
Now that I have come to appreciate a more structured and worship in which the worshippers truly participate in the worship, I have become more and more interested in liturgy and its history and so I started searching for books on the subject. I was very excited to find Liturgia Expurgata or, The Prayer-Book as Amended by the Westminster Divines: An Essay on the Liturgical Question in the American Churches, by Charles W. Shields on Google Books. I’ve read it and found it to be interesting and informative.  Now I want to study the subject more and I want to discuss the issue with a more knowledgeable person like my pastor.
After reading this book, I appreciate our little church’s liturgical form of worship even more than I already did.
Coram Deo,

jeudi, novembre 19, 2009

Yesterday, I worked a normal 12 hour shift and came home. Several guys came over to visit. Lisa and the boys had already set the fire pit on the back patio. Gary J., M.K., and Woody came over. We opened a bottle of old vine Zinfandel that Woody brought with him. It was great and while sipping on red wine, we sat near the fire, presented definitive ways to accomplish world peace and also sure answers that will heal our nations medical woes.

After the Zinfandel we opened a bottle of Greg Norman's wine. It too was good. It was at this time that my cousin Chris arrived. We visited for a while and as the fire burned down our group broke up and everyone headed for their own homes.

Today, I worked another 12 hour shift. One of the boys needed help with his homework. Lisa and Morgan went to Chili's for a a bit of relaxation and I hung out with the boys.


mardi, novembre 17, 2009

Wish I Was Hunting

This morning as I stepped outside to come to work the air was cool and crisp. The heat and humidity was gone, driven out by yesterday’s cold front. I noticed, as I walked to my truck, that there was no wind. It was a perfect morning to be in the woods on a deer stand or squirrel hunting. I wished that I was leaving the house with my guns going hunting, but instead I was off to the refinery and to work.
I love squirrel hunting. It is so much fun to walk slowly through a creek bottom looking and listening for squirrels. Fox (or Red) squirrels are smarter than Cat (or grey) Squirrels. If a Cat Squirrel sees you he will hide, but if you are quiet for ten minutes or so, he will soon forget about you and start running around again. A Fox squirrel will hide and remain hidden as long as you are in the area, unless he is forced to move.
Squirrel hunting is a blast. Deer hunting is not as much fun but it is far more challenging and you see more creatures roaming around you as you remain very quiet in your stand.
The weather today is great for either type of hunting. Too bad I could not do either one.

mardi, novembre 10, 2009

Bad calls at Bama

Check out these pictures and video from the LSU/Bama game.


A conspiracy or are these just HORRIBLY incompetent referees? Send the link home and check it out.



dimanche, novembre 08, 2009

Sunday - 8 November 2009

I will not be able to attend formal worship services today, because today is a workday for me. I will here God’s word preached, which is an important aspect of worship, because I have many hours of lectures and sermons on audio. Today I will hear Dr. R.C. Sproul teaching on the book of Genesis. I have already listened to the first four of lectures/sermons of Sproul’s 12 part series. R.C. Sproul is a very gifted teacher and one of my favourite living theologians.
I do “hope” to be able to worship at St. Michael and All the Angels Anglican Church. Their Wednesday morning worship service has been a great blessing to me on those weeks when I can not worship at Bethel Presbyterian Church (PCA).
In my reading I have completed only the first two books in The Annals of Tacitus. I have switched to reading his The Histories, because they deal specifically with the years 69 and 70 AD, which are important years.
I am listening to Harry Potter books on iPod. They’re just fun books.
Coram Deo,

vendredi, novembre 06, 2009

Thursday evening was spent on our front porch with several friends. It was cool outside, I had a fire going in the fire pit and we sat by the fire, talked and drank wine. The kids were playing in the yard with friends.

Today was good. I just rented a movie and hope to start watching it shortly.


jeudi, octobre 29, 2009

I have days off (thank God). Yesterday I worshiped at St. Michael's Anglican Parish Church. They have a 10:15 AM Eucharistic service. I miss Sunday worship at Bethel Presbyterian, our home church, so very often, because of shift work and overtime, it was good to find St. Michael's Wednesday morning service.

This evening I worked with my brother-in-law and my wives parents home. We were working on my father-in-law's generator. After it was running I came home. The boys and I arrived home before Lisa so I fixed supper this evening.

Tonight I also watched a film version of Les Misérables staring Liam Neeson. The movie was OK, but at 134 minutes it was far to short a film to do Victor Hugo's wonderful novel the justice it deserves..

It was a good day,

samedi, octobre 24, 2009

jeudi, octobre 15, 2009

Work, Work and More Work

The last couple of weeks I have worked a lot of overtime. I worked 85 hours one week and 90 hours the following week. This week I’m scheduled to work 48 hours, but next week I am scheduled to work 92 hours (12 hours for five days and 16 hours for the other two days). With all this time at work I’m not getting much anywhere else.


These long hours will continue for several more weeks. I will be glad when they are over, but they will help me get a little bit ahead.


Coram Deo,


lundi, septembre 28, 2009

The Past Several Weeks

In the last three weeks I’ve been off shift planning a shutdown of a “Reformer” unit, I was off work four days sick with a fever and body aches and I’ve come back to work the shutdown that I was planning. It was a rough three weeks. During our shutdown we had an incident that could have gotten a couple of guys hurt, but thankfully no one was injured. Shutdowns are stressful even when everything goes right, our incident made it VERY stressful.


All this ended Friday. Our unit came up smoothly and I was able to leave after only eight hours at the refinery.  I left work at 1:30 and went to the blood bank to donate blood. They hooked me up to the machine and took a double portion of red blood cells. After giving blood I went to get the boys from school.


Friday evening Lisa and I decided to go dancing. Travis Matte and his band were playing at Yesterday’s, so we went there to dance to some Cajun, Zydeco and Swamp Pop music. We were not disappointed. The band was jamming and we danced to every song they played (lots of jitterbugging), except for one slow song. We had a solid three hours of dancing and it was a blast.


Saturday, we hung around the house. I did a few chores. A co-worker’s dad is a shrimper and he was selling shrimp for $2.50 a pound (headed) so I bought 20 pounds. Brian delivered the shrimp early Saturday afternoon. I cleaned several pounds and sautéed them in butter, lemon and fresh garlic. (They were yum). I also boiled several pounds along with some corn and potatoes, and this too was good. I spent much of the afternoon cooking and feasting on shrimp and watching college football.


That evening my good friend MK came over. I opened a good bottle of wine. We drank wine and discussed (lamented) LSU’s performance against Mississippi State. LSU won, but it was not pretty. LSU has a lot of talent, but they don’t look like they need to look.


Sunday, I took one of our sons to church Lisa stayed home with the other because he had a fever.


There, I think I have caught things up.








mardi, septembre 08, 2009

After worship on Wednesday I grilled chicken and sausage for supper. LP's parents came ove to eat and visit. Sunday evening there was a wonderful lightning display to the north. It was a great show that I enjoyed for about an hour.

I worked at the Refinery for Labor Day, after work came home. Lisa had invited Monica and Dan over for supper. We had salad, 2" tenderloin steaks, Steamed Veges with a lemon butter sauce and some fine red wines. Good food and good friends.

Worked today. I think I am getting a cold. Uuuuuugggghhhh.


samedi, septembre 05, 2009

This morning, I got up at 7:00. Lisa was already up and had started making gumbo chicken and sausage) for supper. After the gumbo, rice and potato salad were mostly done she went to her parents and then to the shop. I did some chores and then "cut the grass" (that is the way we say "mow the lawn" in South Louisiana.

Lisa got home about 11. We loaded up the truck with food. Lisa the boys and I headed for Mittie. Donna had asked me to bottle the home brew that Jon had started to celebrate the birth of their first grand baby.

We spent most of the afternoon in Mittie. I bottled the beer (5 gallons) played with the children outside, helped catch and saddle the horse, visited Jon's grave and read on their porch.

I pray for this family. Jon will be missed.

Coram Deo,

jeudi, septembre 03, 2009

At work I've been planning on a shutdown for one of our units, so I'm off my normal shift. This weekend will be my last days of for a couple of weeks. This is not a "normal" shutdown and the work scope is pretty narrow, so it should be fairly easy.

Today I got off work in time to pick the boys up from school. We came home, they did their homework and I helped when it was needed. For supper, I warmed up leftovers (spaghetti Lisa made). I did my two mile walk/run this evening and got back in time to say evening prayers with the boys.

Now I'm gonna pour myself a glass of Merlot and take a bath.

Coram Deo,

mardi, septembre 01, 2009

Yesterday, we attended the funeral of Jon McCrary's funeral. The service for Jon was held at Bethel Presbyterian Church and was officiated by our pastor, Rev. Steve Wright. After the service, the procession drove an hour to the McCrary home. Jon was laid to rest in the McCrary family cemetery.
After words were said at the cemetery, Jon's friends lowered his casket into the ground placed the dirt into his grave. Jon was buried in a pine casket built by two of his friends.

It was a beautiful funeral and like no other funeral that I have ever attended.

Coram Deo,

vendredi, août 28, 2009

Jon McCrary, a good friend and a godly man died last night. Jon and his wife Donna were visiting our pastor and his wife. At one point in their conversation Jon closed his eyes and died. CPR and AED were all used, but to no avail, the LORD had called him home.

I found out when my daughter called to tell us. She was crying terribly and it was hard for her to get it out. She has known "Mr. Jon" all her life. We are all in shock. Morgan came over and she
and Lisa cried. MK came over also. He and I walked and prayed for Jon's family.

Jon leaves behind a wife, eight children, two of which are grown and married and one grandson. We both served a deacons together at Bethel Presbyterian Church (PCA) and he has served since served Bethel as an Elder. Jon will be missed by all who know him. He was godly Christian man. This world needs many more men like Jon.
This is a recent picture of Jon and his family. Please pray for them. He leaves a terrible void that only Christ can fill.

We can ask why, but the answer from the Lord was given to Job. It is the same today as then.

With Great Sadness,

jeudi, août 20, 2009


Yesterday, I woke at 6 AM and got the boys up so that they could get ready for school. Lisa has them well trained, so they don’t need supervision and I just stay out of the way. After they headed off to school and Lisa left for work, I went on my two mile walk in the neighbourhood. When I finished my walk I got cleaned up and went to St. Michael’s Church for worship service.
After worship I went to visit my grandparents. Pawpaw is 89 and he is becoming frailer everyday. His wife Esther (my step-grandmother) is nearly blind but still made and served me a cup of coffee just as she has always done. We visited for an hour when my parents showed up to visit also. They were in town for a doctor visit.
After my visit I returned home took a nap, so I could start the hoot shift. I got up a little bit before three, so that I could pick the boys up at school.
Coram Deo,

mardi, août 18, 2009

The boy's started back to school this morning. I got up with Lisa and the boys, but I stayed out of the way and only gave moral support. Lisa got them off to school and went to run a couple of errands before work.

After they left, I started a load of laundry, and went for a brisk two mile walk (with lunges thrown in). When I got back to the house I started the iRobot vacuum and worked on the garbage disposal, got it working and worked on the dishes. My next goal is (ughh) is pay bills. I hate paying bills. Then I have a few more "honey do" items to tackle.


samedi, août 15, 2009

Just got home after spending a week in Philadelphia. Half of the refinery's rescue team went to Philly for our annual 40 hour rescue training. It was a lot of hard work, but very challenging and enjoyable. We practiced high angle rope rescue, confined space rescue and swift water rescue. The water rescue portion was a new challenge for our team, and it was great training.

We stayed a Embassy Suites near the airport and practiced at the fire ground nearby. The water rescue was done on the Delaware River about 40 or 50 miles north of Philly. There had been a lot of rain the night before so we got to practice with the river running high and very fast.

Embassy Suites is our favourite place to stay when training out of town. They have a great breakfast (complementary) and free drinks during happy hour every evening. In philly that have Yuengling Beer which is a very good brew. Its far better than Bud our Miller products.

Pictures will be coming when I get time to up load them.

Coram Deo,

samedi, août 08, 2009

I've been very busy since my last post. Working lots of overtime and when I did have time off, much of that time was spent with helping my wife deal with my father-in-law who was in the hospital for a week and a half.

We have several turnarounds between now and thanksgiving, so I will likely be working lots of overtime between now and then. I will also be going to Philadelphia soon for rescue ttraining.


mardi, juillet 14, 2009

Weekend In Gulf Shores

Friday morning, Lisa, the boys and I piled into our Nissan truck and drove 400 miles to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a little mini vacation. We rented a condo at Beach Club. We had a ground floor condo which opened to the pool. Past the pool was a boardwalk and beyond that was the beach. Lisa and the boys loved the place, and I was also impressed.
The boys went from beach to pool and back to the beach. We tagged along and tried to keep up with them. They wore us out, but it was all worth it. We all went para-sailing one day. That was a pricey, but the boys thought it was great. They got to enjoy a boat ride and fly behind the boat harnessed up to a parachute.
Monday, on the way home we stopped at Lambert’s Café for lunch. It opened at 10 AM and we were there for the opening, as were a lot of other people. We packed in and filled up the restaurant immediately. After ordering one of my sons was belayed by a hot roll. It up set him for a moment, and then he got into the spirit of things. He also enjoyed the roll that had smacked him, for clarification the roll was being thrown to someone else, who did not catch it.
The food was very good, the atmosphere was a load of fun and the price was reasonable. We will return on future occasions, if we can get into the place. Every time we passed it, it had a very long line of folks waiting to get inside.
We had an uneventful ride home. I drove and listened to an audio book while the others dozed. We got home early enough for me to get a bit to eat and then cut the grass.
I will try to upload some pictures tomorrow.

mercredi, juillet 08, 2009

Today was my Friday. I finished this weeks shift and I've taken a day's vacation next week, so I don't go back to work until Tuesday. I plan to spend a long weekend with my family.

We finally got rain in South Louisiana. Of course when the rains came they came in massive sheets, high winds and a great lighting show. I did get to enjoy some of the storm from the front porch.


jeudi, juillet 02, 2009

An Afternoon at S.P.A.R.

mardi, juin 30, 2009

Remembering Gerry

Today is the 48th birthday of my brother Gerry. Gerry died almost six years ago, after succumbing to a three year battle with colon and liver  cancer.
My sister and two brothers were all born close together.  Gerry was the closest of my siblings to me in age. He was born less than 15 months after me and we grew up close. Of course, being boys close in age, he and I had our share of fist fights. I was the older and faster, but he was stockier and had more natural strength. We both had a fair amount of boxing experience by the time of our last fight.  I was seventeen and he was sixteen at the time. I started the fight, for reasons that I have long since forgotten, but I do remember being the guilty party.
This was the first and only fight between us where blood was spilt. We had several friends with us, and neither one of us wanted to look soft in front of our friends, so the fight went on longer than it would have other wise. I remember, I punched him in the face, cut his cheek and saw blood on his face. When I saw the blood, I immediately wanted to quit, but he would have none of that and we started again. After a few more punches he caught me with right to the face and I too began to bleed. He dropped his fists wanting to stop, but this time I insisted on continuing.
The fight did not last much longer; right about that time our dad drove into the drive way. We both stopped then. Dad was angry. He saw two of his sons fighting one another, both cut and bleeding. I will not go into detail about what happened, but our friends quickly left our yard, Dad sent Gerry and me inside then he came in. My dad but an end to that fight, as he had so  many others, but Gerry and I never fought again. Not too much after that I went in the Navy. When I returned four years later, Gerry was married and had a baby girl.
Gerry was always a good friend, I still miss him a great deal, but I know that we will meet again. He is with our Lord. He made his salvation sure while struggling with his cancer.
Coram Deo,

dimanche, juin 28, 2009

This past week I took the boys and Morgan to the Sulphur water park one afternoon. We had a good time.
My shift started nights on Wednesday evening. I worked the first one but was taken off the schedule the next two nights so that I could attend the refineries Joint Health and Safety Committee (whose membership is half management and half union). Saturday evening I returned to my shift.
It rained at the house Sunday for the first in over a month. We need it for the yard and to break the heat for a little while.
I'm hoping for a good week ahead.

lundi, juin 22, 2009

Friday, was the day for our monthly Rescue Team training. I've been on the team for about 15 years. I enjoy doing this sort of thing. As a young man I was a Navy helicopter aircrewman and rescue rescue swimmer. Then I jumped out of helicopters in a wetsuit with fins and goggles to rescue downed pilots ( trained but never had to do an actual pilot rescue), now train rescue injured industrial works. by I repelling on ropes and enter vessels with an fresh air equipment.

Saturday, Mark came over and Lisa, Mark and I worked on our new deck in the backyard. It's nice. Now I can drink coffee, beer, etc... on the front porch or the back deck. Life is good.

After we finished the deck I grilled some dogs, burgers and steaks for supper.

Sunday, was Father's Day. I got up and fixed pain perdu (i.e. French toast) for breakfast. We worshipped at Bethel. Pastor Mark Duncan and his family were in from Texarkana. He preached a good sermon. After church we had potato soup for lunch, relaxed for a while and then the boys, Lisa and I went for a bike ride.


vendredi, juin 19, 2009

I worked off graveyard shift yesterday morning. My friend Gary and I carpooled the last week. After work, we had a drink, Jameson Irish Whiskey. Whiskey a 5:45 AM is OK if you have worked 1 nights in a row and day is now night and night is now day.

After a small whiskey, I came home visited with Lisa and stayed up until about eight, I then slept to 1:30. After I woke, I made myself a cup of coffee and sat on the back deck vegetating for a while. After my coffee the boys and I went swiming at the community pool.

While we were swimming, Lisa came home and made supper (porkchops, mash potatoes and brown gravy). After supper, Lisa and went for a nice walk.

I managed to fall asleep at 9PM. I woke at 1:30 AM and can't sleep. I'm working days today, I'm going to lay down and read, and hopefully fall back to sleep for a little while.

What can I say, shift work messes up normal sleep patterns.


mardi, juin 16, 2009

Shift work

I work sift work. I work from 5:30 AM to 5:30 PM and from 5:30 PM to 5:30 AM. This kind of shift work tends to mess with a persons normal internal clock. I know that very well. My sleep patterns are not normal even when I’m on my days off.

I find it more difficult to switch from nights to days. Staying up all night must shift our normal evening fatigue pattern back, so even when I’m off from work I tend to stay up later. This is true even when I get up at a normal hour. It usually takes several days like this to get back to being able to sleep at a normal hour.

Of course, just as you get back to normal, you have to throw everything out of whack again, because it is time to go back on the night shift.

That all being true, I actually like shift work because you are often of on weekdays when most people are working. This can be very helpful. You can hunt and fish while most people are at work. You can get things done during the week that other folks would have to take time off from work to do, etc…

Shift work has a good set of negatives as well, but if I start writing about those items (at 3:50 AM) it might get me down so I will not mention those things now.

Oh, I saw that there is a beautiful half moon out tonight on my 3:00 AM stroll this morning.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, juin 14, 2009

Back to Normal

I went back on shift last week, working graveyards. I worked 85 hours last week, all nights. Nights are good because the bosses, mechanical and engineers are (for the most part) not at the refinery. Because of this, things are quieter on nights and weekends also. If all is running ok you can have a little down time.

I did manage to finish reading Michael Behe's book The Edge of Evolution. I found it interesting and useful. I also completed the first volume of Phantastes  by George McDonald. The book is mentioned by C.S. Lewis’ main character in his book The Great Divorce.


mardi, juin 09, 2009

This morning, as I stepped out of the air conditioning, I was hit by the humid out of doors and my glasses fogged up immediately. South Louisiana's summer has arrived and will hang around for many months to come.

I'm back working at the refinery this week and I'm scheduled to work 84 hours (i.e. seven twelve hour days in a row). Yuck. Oh well, we will make the best of it.


jeudi, juin 04, 2009

I'm on the porch, I just finished supper, there is a cool breeze, it's overcast with gray clouds and I can hear birds and watch bumble bees, which are attracted by the Texas Lilacs at the porch's edge. I have my book with me and I will pick it up when I set the computer down. 

I spent my day, like most days for the past few weeks, in a meeting with union and company officials as the negotiate local issues. It was a good day. We made good progress and I hope we do the same tomorrow.

 I have uploaded some more pictures taken
 around the house in the last couple of weeks. 


lundi, juin 01, 2009

Below are some pictures taken in the last week.

jeudi, mai 28, 2009

I'm still doing union business this week. I do like shift work, but it's good to be home in the evenings. The boys and I have been able to throw the football in the yard al most every night.

Christian is no longer in Misawa, Japan. He is now in Okinawa, Japan which is much further south.

I will be off this weekend.


dimanche, mai 24, 2009

Lisa and I started the day by getting up early enough to spend a little morning time on the porch. I had my cup of coffee and Lisa had her diet Coke. It was a nice morning with plenty of doves, mocking birds and other types of birds serenading us. After Lisa headed inside I stayed on the porch with a book. After a little while we all headed to worship services at Bethel.

Worship was good. After church we came home and Lisa made chilli and hot dogs for lunch. I again returned to the porch. Birds were still singing, there was a lot of thunder and a soft rain. On the porch with me was Oakly (Christian's lab), a class of Pinot Noir and a book by Michael Behe. I read for a while, sipped my wine and then to a short nap while it rained. 

This evening, I helped Lisa in the kitchen and now I'm watching Future Weapons (my favourite TV show) and sipping another glass of wine.

Coram Deo,

vendredi, mai 22, 2009

I spent this week on doing union business, so I've been out of the refinery. Any time I am off my normal shift work, I loose money, but this is important business and I hope it pays off.

It's been a long week, and I'm glad to make it to the weekend. My son and I went to the movie this evening. We saw Terminator. It was good. Now I'm home and ready to go to bed.


lundi, mai 18, 2009

I'm off my shift this week on union business. I am not sure how long I will be off-shift, but for now I am working Monday-Friday and will be off weekends. I do like my shift work, so I hope this assignment will be complete in short order.


dimanche, mai 17, 2009

This morning we went to worship at Bethel. The Lord has blessed Bethel with a wonderful pastor, Steve Wright. He is not a man with a very out going personality. He is, by nature a bit shy, but he is a talented preacher and a caring and loving pastor who is truly concerned about the flock that God has placed him over.

His sermon today was a continuation of a series that he has been going through about worship. Two Sundays ago he
 preached on the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (i.e. Eucharist), which we celebrate weekly. We are an Evangelical, Protestant congregation that drinks wine during the Supper (just like all Protestants and other Christians before 1864). 

In the South, Baptist are the great majority of Christians and many of our members have Baptist backgrounds. American Baptists are well know for their strong stance against all consumption of alcohol, and since we serve wine (i.e. an alcoholic beverage) at Communion, it is good that the pastor is speaking about wine the way wine is treated in the Bible. Last week he spoke on wine in the Old Testament and this Sunday he spoke on wine in the New Testament. Both sermons have been GREAT.

You can find them here.

Coram Deo,

We had a good week. I was off from work on Thursday and Friday and my Paw-in-law and I went fishing at my Sister's pond on Friday . I caught a 6 or 7 small bass, and he mopped up on bluegill. I through my fish back, but I cleaned the perch and fried them for supper on Friday evening.

On Saturday the boys and I retuned to Longville to visit my folks. My brother, Terry, my bro-in-law, Brian, and my youngest son all did a little fishing. We caught a few bass.

I also picked up my canoe, which had been damaged by Hurricane Rita (I know, that is a good while back). I had assumed that it was totalled, but have never looked at it closely until a few months ago. It has a gash in it, and a buddy at work told me that he thinks he can repair it. So now it is loaded in the bed of a truck and I will bring it to him this week.

While in Longville, I checked out my brothers fiberglass pirogue. I like it. The question is do I want to get a pirogue or a kayak.

At this moment, I am on the porch with a cup of coffee, I'm already dressed for Church, there is soft rain, a nice breeze, and a mocking bird (along with other types) are singing for me as I type. 

Coram Deo,

jeudi, mai 14, 2009

Here are some pictures from last week when Christian and Jessica were home on leave from the Navy.

dimanche, mai 10, 2009

Friday was JB and Christian's last day in Louisianan, so Lisa and I checked the boys out of school a little early, and we all went to Sam Houston Jones State Park for the day. We hung out, fed the ducks, played chase and just enjoyed nature.

Friday evening Sean and his girlfriend, Sarah, came over to see Christian and Jessica. Sean, who is in the Air Force, has not seen Christian in a couple of years, and it was good that he could come here from Shreveport to see his cousin. After the visit with Sean and Sarah, JB and Christian went out to eat.

Saturday morning Lisa and I were up a little after 3 AM. Christian and Jessica had to be at the airport at Lafayette for 5, so that they could catch their flights. Christian flew to JFK airport. He spent the night in New York and caught a flight to Tokyo this morning.

JB flew to San Diego. She is stationed on the Nimitz which is home ported at North Island Naval Air Station (which is were I was stationed long ago when I was in the Navy).

Lisa and I were home from the airport a little after 6 AM and went back to bed. Last night we took the boys to see the Star Trek movie.

This morning we worshipped at Bethel. Pastor Steve preached on wine, as a follow up on his sermon on the Lord's Supper last week. It is a sermon that all evangelicals that believe in abstinence needs to hear.

Happy Mother's Day,

vendredi, mai 08, 2009

Yesterday, was spent around the house with family. Lisa cooked a couple of shrimp dishes. We had some nice size boiled shrimp, which were Cajun spicy (Zatarains) and very good. She also cooked shrimp scampi and angel hair pasta. 

JB, Christian and our youngest son played Risk for a few hours. Morgan and Danny came over and ate with us. Just a normal day at the house.

Ps:  Notice my daughter-in-laws shirt. This young lady from a smal town in PA will be a saying Geaux Tigers in no time.

mercredi, mai 06, 2009

Christian, Jessica, Morgan and I went to Longville yesterday. I fished they did some fishing and visiting with my sister. After spending a few hours in Longville, we brought Morgan to her in-laws in DeQuincy. Her in-laws have miniature donkeys, one of which just had a colt. It was cute. They have a number of birds, a horse, dogs and a dozen or more donkeys. 

That evening Christian and JB went out to eat and MK came came over with a couple of bottles of wine and a lot of computer stuff. He visited with Lisa and me. I downloaded stuff, we talked and drank wine then Christian and Jessica returned. Neither of the ladies would try the wine, which is good, because both bottles were excellent. MK does not drink mediocre wines, which is good anytime he brings a bottle

Today, was a good day. I mostly hung around the house and finished Max Hastings' Overlord. I also went to the gym to watch Christian and Paul S. spar a few rounds. I took photographs, so I will post some tomorrow or the next day.

Christian, JB and my youngest son played Risk until it was his bed time. Then Woody came over with a bottle of Makers Mark and we sat around the table talked and sipped a little bourbon. Now everyone has gone home or to bed, and I am going to do the same.

In Christ,

mardi, mai 05, 2009

Woke this morning, watched a little news and ate breakfast, then I went to the porch with coffee and my book (Overlord: D-Day and the Battle for Normandy, 1944 ). I read, and drank coffee while the birds sang their morning songs for me. I wish I could start every morning this way.

I've been reading Overlord (by Max Hastings) off and on, along with a number of other books, for a while. It's the second book by Hastings that I've read and is very good. MK resently read Hasting's is Retribution: The Battle for Japan, 1944-45 and he raved about it. The firt of Hasting books that I read was Armageddon: The Battle for Germany 1944-45. It is one of the best books on WWII that I've ever read.

JB, Morgan, Christian and I may go to Longville shortly. I don't know. We will see how the day progresses.


dimanche, mai 03, 2009

I worked graveyards last night and when my shift was over I then started vacation at 5:30 this morning when I walked out of the refinery. I then went to bed and slept until 9:30. I then got up and got ready to attend worship services at Bethel.

It was great, because our whole family was there this morning. Morgan and Danny, Jessica and Christian along with Lisa, the boys and me. Pastor Steve had a good sermon on worship. I preached on the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

This inspired me to write on the subject on my As I See It blog. It is a bit tongue-in-check.

After church we went to eat and then came home. Lisa took a nap, the kids did their thing and I went to the porch with a book, read for a while and took a nap there myself.

Now I'm going to bed and watching the Military Channel.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, avril 29, 2009

I spent most of the day hanging out with Christian, JB (i.e. Jessica) and Mo (i.e. Morgan). Christian and Jessica bought the boys a Wii. He said it was for Christmas and both their birthdays.

I Wii boxed with him. It is interesting. He won the bout in the second round by KO. I will have to do some training and then ask for a re-match. After Wii boxing, I had to pick the boys up at school.

Christian went to meet Paul. They plan to spare for real. Lisa, Mo and JB went for a ladies outing, that is a pedicure and supper (or the other way around). I threw the football with boys in the yard for a while, and we ate left over gumbo this evening. Now, they are back on the Wii and I am watching the President's news conference and writing on the blog.


mardi, avril 28, 2009

Lisa, Morgan and I drove Lafayette to pickup Christian and Jessica at the airport. On the way there the three of us had a sing-a-long with Marty Robbins' songs all the way from Lake Charles to Lafayette (I have marty Robbins on my iPod, which was plugged into my truck radio).

We picked up Jessica and Christian. They look great and it is awesome to have them both here. Lisa's gumbo is awesome tonight, a number of Christian's cousins and their spouses came to eat and visit.

We have the Jessica and Christian here for a more than a week.


samedi, avril 25, 2009

Last night MK came over and we opened a couple of nice wines. The first was a meritage and the second a zinfandel. The meritage was good, but the zinfandel was awesome.

Today the boys and I went to Longville to visit with my family. We had to head back home early because we were invited to a crawfish boil at my co-worker Walt's house. I was the only one to go to Walt's, mostly because Lisa worked late, so that she can be off when Jessica and Christian arrive on Tuesday.

Walt boiled crawfish and crabs. It was all SOOO good. I had Same Adam's Summer Brew to go with the food. There was a good turnout. A good number of my friends from work were at Walt's. A number of the guys brought their wife and kids.

After a few hours of feasting I came home, having eaten my fill of crabs and crawfish.


vendredi, avril 24, 2009

I worked days shift since Monday. It was not a busy set of daylights, but I am glad that its over.

Today was a very good day. It was our monthly Rescue Team Training day and we had a good day of training. We set up three stations. Two were for repelling. One repel station was a straight repelling with no obstacles. The second station was more of an obstacle course with pipes and other items that we had to get around. The third station was one were we put a patient on a miller board, packaged him in a basket, and then raised and lowered him on ropes using mechanical advantage.

For lunch the team went to Chamblee's Buffet in Sulphur. I had ocra, mustard greens, yellow squash, chicken and fried fish. It was all sooooo good.


lundi, avril 20, 2009

My vacation ended today, a day early. My own shift begins tomorrow.

Yesterday, we worshipped at Bethel. We had a missionary from Peru Mission, Wes Baker. During Sunday School he gave us an overview of what they are doing in Peru. Wes preached the sermon and after dinner he spoke on St. Augustine's City of God. It was all very good and quiet fascinating. I was very glad I could attend.

Sunday afternoon, Lisa and I went to a crawfish boil at Big Woody and Marys house. Woody cooked them perfectly and had the spices just right (smokin hot). There was a abundance of cold beer (a must with crawfish.

*****Our son Christian has returned from the Middle East. He is in Pennsylvania with his wife's people. We are very excited because he and Jess will be here next Tuesday.*****
Coram Deo,

mercredi, avril 15, 2009

Monday, the boys, my Paw-in-law and I went to Longville. A took one of the boys to my parents house then the rest of us went fishing. My brother Terry told em before we started that I always picked the worse days to try and fish.

He was right. I caught one bass and we all missed a few more, but that is it. I'm planning to try again tomorrow.

I started Tuesday by going to the funeral of Billy Clark. He was one of the people responsible for starting Bethel Presbyterian Church (PCA). Billy was also a Ruling Elder Bethel for many years.

Last night the boys and I started a game of Risk on the porch. We were not able to finish last night, so we left it set up and finished it this afternoon. We could not finish it this morning, because I went to another funeral. This time it was for family.


dimanche, avril 12, 2009

Yesterday was spent around the house. We worked on projects and cleaned some. We played in the yard with the boys and the dog. Lisa and went dancing for about an a little while. We made it home before 11.

This morning Lisa and I got up early and fixed Eggs Benedict for breakfast. After breakfast we got ready for church. Then we went to Bethel where we met Morgan and Danny and Elisabeth was there with the baby (Woody had to wrk). After worship services we cam home, Morgan and Danny joined us.

We had a Resurrection Day feast. Lisa had prepared a roast and gravy, mash potatos, rice, greenbeans with bacon, corn, garlic bread, candied apples and fudge. I opened a nice Pinot Noir to go with the meal. YUMM.

After feasting we went out on the porch, played fetch with the dog, drank wine and played pâque with boiled eggs. Pâques is the French name for Easter, but the game paque is a traditional game played played by Cajuns on Pâques (Easter) were we tap pointy end of two eggs. If your eg cracks you loose.

It's been a good, though stormy, day.

Coram Deo,

samedi, avril 11, 2009

I drove to Grapevine, Tx (near Dallas/Fort Worth airport) on Tuesday. The refinery sent eight people (four salaried and four hourly) to the region VI VPPPA annual conference. The conference was held at the Gaylord Texan. The conference was good. I heard and some some things that I believe we can take back to the refinery.

On the way up there, I drove a rental and two guys road with me. We left for home Thursday evening. Most of the others stayed to attend the events on Friday. In my group, I drove home, and we arrived back at the refinery a little before 11 pm.

Yesterday, I stayed home and helped with things around the house. That is what I plan to do again today.


dimanche, avril 05, 2009

I worked another 84 hour work week at the refinery this last week. I hope this will be my last week of seven, twelve hour day week for a while. It makes for a nice check, but it is hard on the family and it is hard on me as well.

On my way home, I passed by Popeye's and picked up some chicken for supper. I just finished eating. I am going to pop the top on one or two on some Abita Amber beers and relax for a few hours.

Tomorrow I start a new workweek and it will be a 40 hour week, because I'm on special assignment. I will be on vacation the week after this one.

On my days off I hope to bring the boys fishing a a couple of times and do some outside activities with them, on top of the honey-do's that Lisa has lined up for me. I've worked a lot these last couple of months, so the honey-do's are beginning to pile up.

I also plan to read my North Louisiana blog friend, Opinionated Catholic's, anti-secession post on his blog and (hopefully) write a response to it.

I'm about finished with a beer. I am going to close out this post finish my beer open another and chill.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, mars 29, 2009

I had another long work week. 72 hours at the refinery, plus Lisa and went out to eat (Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse) with some friends Friday night, then last night we went to see Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys. Thank goodness we had a quiet weekend at work.

I scheduled to work 84 hours this up coming week, so I'm planning to go to bed early.


samedi, mars 28, 2009

Lisa and went to see Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys at McNeese Bulber Auditorium. They were, as I expected, GREAT. They put on a good show and are loaded with talent.
The Auditorium does not have a dance floor. So, even though the band played some terrific dance tunes, we couldn't dance.
My friend David, Gumbo Filé gave us the tickets. This was part of McNeese's Banner Series.
Coram Deo,

jeudi, mars 26, 2009

I worked three graveyards. I won't work the last night of my shift, because I have training with the refinery rescue team tomorrow. I woke up early this morning, and have stayed up today so I can sleep tonight.

This should be a weekend off work form me, but I'm working overtime instead. This means that I will miss worship services, but I recently learned how to down load Pastor Wright's sermons from Bethel's websight.

I have a headache (from lack of sleep) so I will shut this down.


samedi, mars 21, 2009

This morning the boys and I went to Iowa, La for the annual Rabbit Festival. We got the at 10:00, just in time for the parade. The boys and I got a good bit of candy.

(Note: In South Louisiana if you have a parade you have to throw candy, beads or other trinkets).

After the parade we went to the festival for a couple of hours. The boys road a few rides, I rode the Ferris Wheel with them. We listend to some Zydico, at some rabbit sauce picante and a funnel cake befor leaving.

On the way home we took a detoured through Moss Bluff to get some boudin from Peto's. I also picked up some Hog Head Cheese. We then meet Morgan and Elisabeth at the library, before returning to the house.

This evening I grilled some very nice steaks that Lisa picked up. It was so good.


jeudi, mars 19, 2009

Twentysix years ago TODAY Lisa and I went on our first date. We had a great time, even though several things went wrong from the beginning.

We did not know one another. I had recently left the navy and decided that I was partied out and was not interested in going out with anyone just then. Lisa had just returned home after spending the week in Florida. She was both tired and sunburned.

My brother Terry pestered me for a the previous week, and I finally caved in and agreed to go on a date with him and his girlfriend. Terry's girlfriend called Lisa and told her that she had a date that night.

Lisa, was not happy, theugh she reluctantly agreed to go out. She is just a little shorter than Terry and assumed I was about his height, so she wore high heels to make herself taller than me. She was going on a date that she did not want, with a guy she did not know, so why make it easy on him.

The four of us went out to eat. The service was terrible and we were all served the wrong food. After a bad meal we went dancing. Lisa and I spent much of the evening sitting, talking over the music. Terry and his girlfriend broke up as Lisa and I hit it off.

That was the beginning of our light speed relationship. We married 5 1/2 months later. Lisa is my favourite person in the whole world. She is a great wife and an awesome mother to our four children.

I am most blessed by God,

mercredi, mars 18, 2009

I'm tired. I've worked 12 hours each day for the past 14 days (actually the first 4 were nights) straight. I've been getting up a 4:40 each morning, getting to work a 5:30 and leaving for home 12+ hours later.

I'm sipping on a beer. I plan to tell Lisa and the boys good night and then go to bed. I will not set an alarm.

Coram Deo,

samedi, mars 14, 2009

I worked yesterday, got home around 6 pm. Lisa had made chili, which was good since it was both cold and wet. Lisa and I went to the Isle for 9, which is when the band starts, we danced for a couple of hours and came home, because I had to go to work this morning.

My alarm went off a 4:30 this morning. I got ready for work, went to Walmart, where I picked up four 16" pizzas for work, because it was my turn to provide lunch for the guys.

After a twelve hour day I came home. I will rest a couple of hours, then Lisa and I are going to go dancing for a little while again tonight. I have to get up for work early again tomorrow, so it will be an early evening.

So far this week I've worked 72 hours. Tomorrow will give me 84 hours for this week's pay period. I work off Wednesday evening.


dimanche, mars 01, 2009

I finished my 14 days of work. They were all 12 hour days/nights, except for one issed church6 (uugghh). Of course I missed church for a couple of Sundays, but I was able to make Wednesday worship at St. Michael's. For Ash Wednesday I got off work just in time to make their 6PM services.

I worked for Mardi Gras, so I was unable to bring the boy's to the parades. I finished my 14 straight on Friday afternoon. Lisa left for Dallas earlier in afternoon for training, so the boys and I were on our own.

MK and his son came over to visit. He and I opened a bottle of and visited on the porch, while the boys played. On Satuturday, the boys and I went Longville to visit my family. We did a little fishing (they weren't biting very well) and we did broke out some pistles and shot a couple hundred rounds of target shooting.

We arrived home before 8 PM and Lisa drove in from Dallas and hour latter. She and I then went dancing for a couple of hours at the Isle of Capri's Caribbean Cove Lounge. The band last night was LA Express. We passed a good time for a couple of hours, and managed to be home and ready for bed before midnight.

I woke this morning went out and picked up donuts for the family. Now I need to finish up and start getting ready worship at Bethel PCA.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, février 22, 2009

Work, work work. This last week I worked 88 hours and I'm scheduled for 60 hours for the up coming week. Lisa and I went out to eat last night and then dancing at a Mardi Gras dance at the Isle of Capri. Barry Badon and the Bayou Boys were playing, they are one of our favourite bands in the area. Lisa and I danced for a couple of hours and "passed a good time" but we had to head home early, because I had to get up before five so I could go to work this morning.

I'm not doing much with this amount of work, but I have been doing a little reading. I finished To Kill a Mocking Bird. I had never read it before and it is a GREAT novel about the old segregated South, just awesome. I'm still reading St. Clement of Alexandria. I loved reading his Exhortation to the Heathen and I'm now on the second book of his The Instructor. The first volume of The Instructor was very interesting and this second is also proving to be very good.

My favourite of the Church Fathers has, for some time, been St. Cyprian, the Bishop of Carthage. Cyprian will keep his first place slot, but I really like St. Clement too.

I've also been reading Max Hastings' book OVERLORD: D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. I've finished the first couple of chapters. Hastings is a great writer of history.

My daughter, Morgan, insists that I consume more fiction and she has loaded my iPod with a number of audiobooks. I've recently finished a couple of books by Neil Gaiman and I'm now on a third. I've finished Mirrormask and Coraline and I'm now listening to Stardust. I've been enjoying Gaiman's books. The're a lot of fun.

Gotta go.

mercredi, février 18, 2009

I am trying to stay awake until nightfall. I've been awake for 24 hours, worked a 16 hour shift last night. I got to work at 5:30 last night and worked until 10:30 AM. I have to be at work again at 5:30 tomorrow morning. I do not want to sleep today, so that I will be able to sleep tonight.

After leaving work, I went to Starbucks to see my daughter and get a coffee, I then went to St. Michael's for their 10:15 worship service. I then came home did some work around the house and bathed. Now I am just trying to stay awake, so I gotta keep moving.

It's going to be a VERRRRY long afternoon.

Coram Deo,

jeudi, février 12, 2009

Last week I was the sick one. Starting last weekend one of the boys got sick and ran fever from Saturday evening until Tuesday. He missed church and two days of school. When he was on the mind, our youngest son became ill. Today is his second day at home from school with a fever.

My day yesterday was spent waiting on my son, running errands, and cooking spaghetti. I did take time out to attend Eucharistic services at St. Michael's Episcopal Church.


lundi, février 02, 2009

Health wise, I am not well at the moment. After work yesterday evening, I went to the emergency room. I've had a swollen spot on my upper thigh for about a week, which I have been taken antibiotics for. The antibiotics have not helped and this weekend I began running fever, over 101 degrees, and yesterday my body began to ache as though I had the flue.

Because of all that, I went to the emergency room after I got out of work last night. They ran a bunch of tests and said that I should see my od Dr. this morning. I nsaw my Dr. and he is sending me to gat some more tests run this afternoon.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, janvier 25, 2009

Last night LP and I planned to go dancing, but our daughter came over and brought the first season of Heroes with here. Instead of dancing, we watched Heroes. The shows were good. I had never seen it before last night.

This morning I woke, went to the kitchen and worked on breakfast. I cooked pain predu (lost bread-French toast) which is my signature cooking event. I cooked pain perdu because Morgan requested it; she slept here last night because her husband was out of town. Breakfast was a big hit. Pain perdu has always been a special treat for our kids.

After breakfast, we got ready and went to worship service. Pastor Steve preached through Psalm 50 this morning. It was a good sermon on worship.

After worship services we came home and put a pizza in the oven for dinner. I had pizza and a beer for lunch. I think I will go for a walk, Lisa is going to work out and the boys are playing in their room.


mercredi, janvier 21, 2009

Yesterday, after Tommy K. and Gary G. came over to the house after work. Tommy's favourite beer is a Belgian beer (no not Budweisers). It is Chimay, a truly great beer, and Lisa went by Kroger and picked up some Chimay (Rouge) for us.

Tommy and I have been on different shifts for a number of years and have not had a chance to visit much over the years. This year we are both on both on the same shift. He arrived at the house a few minutes before I did, and Lisa and the boys showed him the changes that we've made to the house since the last time he and his wife, Kelly, have been over here.

Lisa poured two frozen mugs with Chimay and gave them to us. A couple of minutes later Gary joined us. We had a talk; it was like old times.

Today I got off work early for a doctor's appointment. I went to see Dr. Cohen for my shoulder. He has prescribed physical therapy. I hope that fixs my problem.

Christian called us from the Persian Gulf on Monday. It was so good to here from him. Yesterday, Lisa also spoke with Jessica, our daughter-in-law. She is doing well.


lundi, janvier 19, 2009

I had a very quiet days this weekend at work this weekend. I am reading a couple of items these days. I'm reading To Kill a Mocking Bird and I've started reading Clement of Alexandria.

After I finished Theophilus of Antioch, I returned to Athenagorus and read his book on the Resurrection. I found both authors to be very interesting.

I love reading the Early Church Fathers and my good friend MK has great fun, at my expense, making jokes about my reading habits. It is all in fun and we love to laugh about this. The truth be truth, MK has no room to make fun of my reading, because his reading is just as strange as mine are.