mercredi, décembre 23, 2009

We've had two Christmas parties so for this week. The first was at our house. This one was with our family and the family of Lisa's sister. Lisa did a great job planning and getting everything ready. I provided wine and helped Lisa, who did most of the work.

Last night we were at my sister's house in Longville for my families Christmas party. We had a great time. The big event was my daughter getting her car stuck. She passed up the drive way and pulled in at the drive to to my bro-in-law's shop and tried to cut across the field. Not a good idea. Brian had to pull out the tractor and chains to pull her car our of the mud.

Lisa and I also took a little time to go kayaking in Prien Lake (pronounced (pre - an). It was windy and the water was a bit choppy but we had fun.


Ps. Pictures to follow.

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Unknown a dit…

the best wishes to you and yours!

Cajun Huguenot a dit…

You too Marc. The Lord bless you and yours. I hope y'all have a blessed celebration of our Lord's birth.