samedi, juillet 26, 2008

I worked night shift on Wednesday evening. It was an uneventful shift. I spent much of my time reading and red lining (i.e. looking for needed changes) start-up and shutdown procedures for my unit. This is not very exciting work, especially at 2am. As I got sleepy I got up and went outside and walked briskly through my units.

When got off work Thursday morning, I went to S.P.A.R. for exercise. To loosen up, I played racquet ball for a while. I was by myself so I just hit the ball around and worked up a sweat. Next I did some weights. I have a bum shoulder I was careful to not do anything that would hurt it worse. After a short workout, I went to the pool. I swam a couple hundred meters in the olympic size pool.

After that I came home and went to bed. I slept until 12:30. I then got up ate, the boys and I went to Longville. We visited with my parents for a while and then my youngest son and I went fishing.

Friday, I had to work. I spent all day in meetings for the JH&S comittee (Joint Health and Safety). This committee is made up of Union and Company appointees that work together to make the refinery safer for everyone there.

Last night, Lisa and Yska went to eat at Pujo Street Café. I met them there. We then went to Yska's for a short visit and after that Lisa and I went dancing for a couple of hours. I was a good evening.


mardi, juillet 22, 2008

More Sunday Pics

Pa-paw, Me-maw and great grandson

Reaux Reaux and her two grandchildren

Four generations

LP and grand niece


lundi, juillet 21, 2008


Sean and his mom

Sean and his grandpaw

Kim, Elizabeth, Morgan

Me and my wife

Morgan and Danny

The above photos are from Sunday, when we had folks over for Sean's visit.

Today was a non-eventful day.

Coram Deo,

Sunday morning we woke and went to church at Bethel (PCA). We came home afterwards and got ready for company. Our nephew Sean (Lisa's brother's son) is in on leave from the Air Force, and we had him and other family members over to celebrate his home coming.

Sean has been in Okinawa for the last few years. He will be stationed in Shreveport when he heads back to the Air Force. We had a good visit. I grilled rib-eyes, sausage, hot links and dogs and we had cold beer, Guinness, Killians, Shiner Bock, Negra Modela, Corona, and Miller Light.

Eveyone ate until they were full, the steaks were soooo good, and and everyone who drank did so in moderation. It was a good family event.

I have to go but I will post some pictures next time I blog.

Coram Deo,

samedi, juillet 19, 2008

Thursday evening I joined Woody and his neighbour Bob for a beer. We sat in ice chests in Woody's driveway and talked. Bob is retired. He is originally from Tupelo, MS. It was a fun visit. He told stories about moving to Cajun Country from from dry (no alcohol), Baptist part of Mississippi to South Louisiana.

Yesterday, I the refinery rescue team had its monthly eight hour training day, so I did not work my regular job as top operator. I got home from work a little after 5PM. Morgan and Elizabeth were visiting with Lisa and the boys.

Later that evening, after every one had gone home, Lisa and I decided to go dancing. I had learned that Barry Badon & the Bayou Boys were playing at the Isle of Capri's Caribbean Cove Lounge. I had heard that Barry Badon would play music I liked, so we went there to check it out.

Barry Badon and his band were great. Lisa and I danced to almost every song they played. They played, Cajun, Swamp Pop, Zydeco, and some old time rock and roll. The only problem we had was the dance floor was so crowded that it was hard to jitter-bug without bumping into someone.

We passed a good time.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, juillet 16, 2008

Monday, the boys and I went to Longville to visit the folks. Mom and dad have one chickens that have just hatched bunch of chicks and another chicken that was hatching a brood of chicks while we were there.
Before going to my parents we did a little fishing at my sister's pond. We caught a few fish but we released them, mostly because I did not feel like cleaning fish that afternoon.

Yesterday, I returned to work. Shortly after I reached our control room the sky ripped open and let loose a torrent of rain. We got more than four inches in a few hours. Much of the refinery was soon under water.

The only good thing to come from it was all the maintanance hands were rained out and sent home.

Work today was very busy. We have to catch up for what we missed yesterday.

In the book department, I've finished the Aeneid by Virgil. I enjoyed it. It was very Homer like, which I expected. I also finished Nathaniel Philbrick's Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community and War. This a fascinating book about the English Pilgrims, Puritans and the Indians of New England. I highly recommend the work. My only critical point is I think he gives the native Americans a little to much "benefit of the doubt" on a few occasions. If you like American history this is a great book to read.

Coram Deo,

lundi, juillet 14, 2008

Yesterday, Lisa, the boys, and I woke, got ready and went to Bethel Presbyterian Church (PCA) for worship services. Pastor Steve is preaching through the Creed. Yesterday's sermon was on "He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried" and it was very good.

Bethel is fairly liturgical for a modern Presbyterian Church, which I like because I prefer a more liturgical form of worship. We also celebrate the Eucharist every Lord's Day.

After worship service, we went to Tequila's Restaurant for dinner, then we came home. Most Sunday's we avoid work around the house, but this Sunday we had an ox in the ditch and so we had work to do. Lisa and I spent much of the rest of the day painting in our future family room.

Christian recently informed us that he has been engaged since April. We already know his fiancée. She is a pretty young lady from NW Pennsylvania. Her name is Jessica. We should have known that she was special, when he brought her home for a visit earlier this year.

Last night my 12 year old asked that I cook my only specialty for supper, so I made pain perdu (known as French Toast in non-Cajun Americans) for supper. Our daughter, Morgan came to visit and my pain perdu is one her favourites as well, so she joined us for supper.

After supper MK came over to visit. We opened a bottle of wine and sat on the porch and visited. Lisa and Morgan joined us on the porch for a little while. After the bottle was gone, MK and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and spent that time in prayer.

It was a good Sunday.

Coram Deo,

samedi, juillet 12, 2008

I was taken off shift Monday morning, and spent the rest of the week working (long) days.

This morning, Saturday, I slept in a bit and then got up and did some work around the house. I woke the boys at 9. Then I brought them to a birthday party at 11, while they were at the party I went to see Morgan. She was at work at the library.

This afternoon I watched a good portion of Fox News' tribute Tony Snow, who died of Colon Cancer this morning. My own brother, Gerry, was diagnosed with colon cancer eight years ago. He died five years ago after a three year battle with cancer. Colon cancer is a terrible disease and it is hard to watch someone you dearly love wither away while they battle this horrific cancer.

Yet, it is amazing how our great God uses such evils to bring glory His amazing grace and salvation to those who turn to him. Cancer, horrible as it is, gives the one stricken time to turn to Christ and find salvation in the only Saviour between God and man.

Tony Snow wrote about God's grace, even with cancer, after his cancer returned last year. You can read about it here in Christianity Today.

Coram Deo,

samedi, juillet 05, 2008

Thursday, the boys and I went Longville for a visit. I filled the back of my truck with bags of leaves that we had racked up in the back yard. The leaves came from our Live Oak. I was not able to get all the leaves in the truck, but I got most of them. I will bring the rest of them. Dad and I dumped the leaves in his garden.

After a nice visit (and several cups of Community Coffee) with mom and pop the boys and I went to see Sandy and Brian's. We visited for a little while than the boys and I went for a swim in their pond. We did not bring our fishing gear, but we feed them. I took a fish of my son with the fish eating all around him. It was fun.

Lisa and I met Lynn and Morgan for supper at Casa Manana.Lisa and I decided to go dancing so we went to the Isle of Capri to see what band was playing. The band was Static, and Lisa and I danced almost non-stop for a couple of hours, before heading for home.

On Friday, Lisa and I slept in a bit, but we were up by 8AM and went for a walk and got soaked by a storm. Later Mark came over to build the new posts for the porch. I helped to get things started, but I had to take a nap so I could start the graveyard shift.

jeudi, juillet 03, 2008

Morgan posted some photos from her wedding on her Facebook sight. You can click on the Facebook link to see the rest of them. I copied them (stole?) some of them and posted them below.

Our great and Holy Lord has been good to us.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, juillet 02, 2008

Yesterday, Christian left San Diego headed for Whidbey Island, Washington, which is in Puget Sound a few miles a little north of Seattle. He had a finder bender just outside of Anaheim. Thank the Lord, it did not do serious damage to his truck, but it did take out his AC.

I spoke with him off and on as he was driving yesterday. He decided that he would drive straight through. It was a 1,350 mile long drive and I was concerned with his decision, but he did OK. I did wake before 5 this morning and I called him. He was just about to cross into Oregon when he answered the phone. It was 3 AM his time. He asked me to stay on the phone with him. He said he was doing well and was not tired but talking with someone would still help.

He finally arrived at his base in the early afternoon his time. I was very relieved when his 22 hour (+ or -) drive came to a save end.

I also cut the grass in my yard, which was too long, and Lisa and I took the boys to see a movie this evening.

Now I'm ready to go to bed. Ive been up since before 5 AM, and I'm tired.
Coram Deo,