lundi, août 28, 2006

Things are plodding along at our household. Our two oldest children are in college and the little boys are in grammar school. Our evenings at home are spent doing homework with the boys and then their reading to me from one of their books.

Our work on the house is once again come to a near standstill, because we have to have a plumber to run and certify a gas line to the kitchen. This has got everything else held-up. I guess I will start back on the garage and try to make a little progress on it.

Friday night was “Judyfest.” Judy E. is a friend and it was her birthday. Several years ago a group of us went to DI’s Restaurant (near Basile) for this occasion and Tommy K. coin the event with the name “Judyfest” and so it has remained.

Lisa, me, the little boys, our niece Elisabeth (who has moved in with us) and her fiancée all went, as did many of the folks from Covenant Presbyterian Church (including Pastor Mark and his wife Peggy), and a number of friends from the refinery (most of whom also attend Covenant Church). I think we all “passed a good time.” Lisa and I danced for a number of songs. I had to request that the band play my favourite Cajun song to jitterbug to -- La Porte d'en Arrière by D.L Menard.

Good food, cold beer, good friends and good music at DI’s on a Friday night now that is a good way to “Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler.”

Today we went to church at Covenant. It was a very good service; Pastor Mark is a gifted preacher.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, août 20, 2006

Last Wednesday evening I went to go to Baton Rouge on Union business. Some time back I met a Pastor of The Chapel on Campus (at LSU) on Christian Forums. I called him (Dr. Steve) and told him I when I was coming. He invited me to meet him at the church. I did and he gave me a tour of their facilities then we went to Chimes Restaurant for a leisurely supper. We ate (I had crawfish etouffee) and talked theology etc… for a couple of hours.

It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Steve and talking with him. He had gone to seminary with many of the theologians I’ve read over the years.

The next day our union business finished up early and so I called David H. in Lafayette to see if we could get together for dinner (lunch in modern lingo). I meet him and his daughter Sarah at a local restaurant. This too was a good time. Sarah will be leaving soon for State College, PA. She hill be working with Reformed University Fellowship at Penn State.

The rest of my time, since the last blog has been spent working of the house, cutting grass, and sending time with my family.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, août 13, 2006

It is Sunday and I am at work. Last Sunday my family was out of town and I was by my lonesome. My friend Craig (CC) has been inviting me to worship at First Baptist in Moss Bluff, as has Lisa's brother (OB) and his wife, Jamie. I took this opportunity to worship with them. I attended both Sunday school and Worship services, and I enjoyed the experiance of worshipping the Lord there with family and friends.

Things have been going well lately. Our house is slowly coming back together. We now have unstained cabinets and they do not yet have countertops, but the cabinets are in and we are making headway. We also got our new appliances in, except for the refrigerator, they are all still in boxes, but they are at the house.

I hope to finish my part in the house work this evening after work. We have someone coming to tape and float the sheetrock and he will also be staining the cabinets when he finishes with the sheetrock.

For fun, I wrote a response to one of A.R. Minian’s replies to my As I see It Blog. Dr. Minian is a fictional character invented by my close friend T.K. A.R. is a hyper-liberal, politically correct, theologian who critiques my writings (all for fun with tongue-in-cheek). He can be scathing, but he is never to be taken seriously.

Dr. Minian now has his own blogsite that he uses to deliver his broadsides. I never respond to Minian’s letters, except to laugh and past them along to others. Still, I have been desirous to meet and do battle with him in like manner. I don’t think I can compete with A.R. for very long, because I don’t have T.K.’s ability, but here is my first attempt at verbal swordplay with the great Dr. Minian:

A Response to the Minian

This letter is a response to the many barbs and missiles cast my way by the hideous and high heretic – Dr. A.R. Minian. I have, at long last, decided that it is past time that should I respond to his pedantic, perversities of pedagogic literations, which he has aimed at Reformation theology, my friends and me. He has written a litany of less than lucid letters for no other purpose but to besmirch and demean Christian orthodoxy in general and my own good name in particular.

A. R. is the self-proclaimed gendarme of doctrinal distortion and denigration. He is the perpetrator and promoter of perverse and putrid punditry, and while he is not lacking in eloquence, he is lacking in veracity. His profundity of peevishness is beyond all measure.

My good friend TK, who knows A.R. personally, has tried, unsuccessfully, to restrain and correct the many maledictions of the meandering monk of mediocrity, but he has had no success. Mr. Minian is on the “highway to hell” and is not content to get there alone, but wishes to recruit as many weak-minded men, who are made into his minions of theological midgetry, when they embrace his malevolent, malcontented, maelstrom of obtuse irrationality that he calls "clear thinking."

The words written by Martin Luther in response to Erasmus of Rotterdam’s Diatribe are much more fitting when they are used to describe the many epistles of the Minian. A.R. should be ashamed “for having defiled your most beautiful and ingenious language with such vile trash; and I feel an indignation against the matter also, that such unworthy stuff should be borne about in ornaments of eloquence so rare; which is as if rubbish, or dung [the polite translation], should he carried in vessels of gold and silver.”

I remain ever ready to defend the sacred truth and do battle with purveyors of perversity such as A.R. Minian.

Deo Vindice,

There, you have my meagre attempt to meet A.R. and do battle with him on his own terms. I’ve already heard from Tommy and he says that A.R. is eager to reply.

Coram Deo,