jeudi, janvier 27, 2005

Wednesday was my last day off. It was a very good day. Christian and I went to Longville to visit family. We took his Labrador retriever with us. We visited with my parents and brother for a little while. Then Christian and the dog went to my sisters place, so he could work the dog in her pond.

Terry and I planted trees in the front of my dads land. We planted a few hundred pines. Terry and my dad had already planted a hundred or more previous to my visit. After planting trees we went to the back of his property and cleared a spot in the woods for me, the little boys and MK and his son to camp.

I cut down scrub trees with a chainsaw while Terry or dad used the tractor and box blade to clear the brush. After we finished there I took up an axe and chopped firewood for a while. They had a Black Gum tree cut up and so I split it into firewood. I was whipped when it came time to head home.

After we left my parents (Christian had returned to pick me up) we went to Sandy and Brian’s place so I could see my new great nephew. He is a fine, handsome young man (so I think he has his great uncles good looks).

Christian and I went to Outback Steakhouse and picked up supper (to go) on the way home. He gets half off when there is only one other person, so we ate real good for half the price.

When I got home I ate, bathed, did spelling and reading with both of the little boys, said prayers with them and went to sleep.

Coram Deo,

mardi, janvier 25, 2005

I worked off of graveyard shift last Friday morning. I went to bed late that morning and had to get up early, after only two hours of sleep, to go pick up our truck, which Christian has been driving. The truck died on him and his friend Paul on their way back from Lafayette Thursday evening. Gary J. picked Christian and me up and we found the truck on the side of I-10 just past Jennings.

It was stuck in 5th gear so we were fearful that we would not be able to tow it home which was our plan. I decided to try and drive it back to town. I got it going and was able to get it to Lenny Sangers Auto Repair shop, which is co-owned by my bro-in-law; he confirmed what I had already decided. We need to cut our losses and get rid of the truck. (What am I gonna do without a truck? I need a truck. ah

So now we are down to three vehicle (two of which are semi-heaps), and we are looking for a fourth. There are four of us employed and logistically it is hard to get on with just three vehicles.

Saturday I spent the day at home with the little boys . We had a good day. We wrestled around on the bed for a couple of hours. I would tickle them until they fell off. It was great fun. We also spent a few hours at the park, where my chief job is to spin them, and what ever playmates they have there, on the merry-go-round. We then walked home. One then read to me while the other bathed and then vice verse.

I also read a bit for myself, while at the park, between my turns at the merry-go-round. I have to finish up a couple of books. I am reading four and that is just to many, not counting the Bible. That is too much. I am, BTW, now over 360 pages in Calvin. I know; that is slow even for me, but it is worth going slow ans savouring it.

Sunday we went to Covenant Presbyterian Church in Sulphur. I found out that Bill Smith and his family will be departing for Louisville, Ky after next Sunday, and this would be my last Sunday to here Bill preach. The man is gifted, and I hate to see him leave, but it is as it is. After the service we stayed and ate with the congregation and said our farewells to Bill, Susan and the kids.

I’m not yet sure what Lisa and I are going to do for a home church. We are still members at Bethel, and I’m officially still a deacon there (I need to resign). We may return to Bethel or join Covenant. I don’t see us joining the Lutheran Church, though I have enjoyed worshipping there.

Sunday night, after Lisa and the little boys were in bed, MK came over with a Merlot (2002) that he got from the California Wine Club which he belongs to. This Merlot is a from the Fallbrook Winery and was a most excellent wine.

While Mike and I were sitting at the diningroom table enjoying the wine, Christian came home from work and he sat down and joined in the conversation for a little wine. Not long after that Morgan came home as well.

When the bottle was empty MK and I went for our walk and prayer time. Some of the guys at work seem to think this is a bazaar ritual that we have, but it is an old practice and it is almost always a good time of prayer and fellowship before the Lord.

Monday was spent to doing odd jobs around the house. It is 4:50 AM Tuesday morning and we shall soon find out what today has in store as well.

Coram Deo,
Ps. My good friend David H., who lives in Grand Coteau has just got his own blog site up and running. It is called Gumbo Filé .

dimanche, janvier 16, 2005

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I worked around the house with Lisa and the children. But yesterday evening we went to a formal Mardi Gras Ball. I know Mardi Gras is several weeks away, but in South Louisiana there are Balls an celebrations for many weeks before Mardi Gras arrives.

We had a very good time, even though I started to feel bad as the night went on.. I started feeling bad on Friday, but felt better during the day on Saturday. Saturday afternoon my throat became sore and I started getting hoarse.

Lisa looked beautiful (as usual) in a baby blue dress that she had made for the occasion, and I wore a tux (rented of course). We had a great time. Donna and Duke Benoit (pronounced Ben-wah) came and dressed here and we all road together to Lisa’s niece, Elisabeth’s home, were we had a drink before heading to the ball.

Though I my throat was a bit sore, we danced and had a great time. No one in our little group had too much to drink, but I can’t say that for everyone there. I had a little bourbon at the house and a Scotch ant Elisabeth’s. Lisa had, maybe a half a glass of wine. Duke was driving and had coke, Donna may have had a few glasses of wine.

Our friend Debbie and her beau, Bob, meet us there. It was a good time. We visited a little and danced a lot. But by the end of the evening I could hardly talk and I was feeling quite poorly. After the party Duke, Donna, Lisa and I went and ate breakfast (Waffle House) before the Benoit’s dropped us off at home.

About four this morning I woke up all sweaty and clammy. I think I must have had a fever. I felt bad and stayed in bed all day. I did not get up until about 7 o’clock this evening. I still don’t feel very good, but I slept all day and am not tired right now. Everyone in the house is asleep, so I thought I would write a short blog.

The thing I most regret is that I missed worship services today. I work two out of every four weekends and I hate to miss worship when I have a day off.

I think I will retire with a book and see if I feel better tomorrow.

Coram Deo,

vendredi, janvier 14, 2005

Its good to be off the turnaround. Wednesday I woke up at about 1:30 . I stayed awake so I would be able to sleep that night. I didn’t accomplish any thing during the day; I just sat around and vegetated and read some.

That evening I did the little boys’ homework with them and then they took turns reading to me. The youngest is reading a Dr. Seuss book and the 8 year old is reading a biography of Columbus. I love to sit on the couch with them while they read. It is a wonderful pleasure for me.

Yesterday, I had to go pick up a tux. Lisa and I are supposed to be going to a Mardi Gras ball tomorrow night, and it’s a formal occasion. I meet Jo-el Sonnier while picking up the tuxedo. I like Jo-el’s music and have had a link to his website ever since I started this blog.. I own a few of his CD’s. He has some good stuff.

After picking up the tux, I got the little boys and took them to a birthday party.

Today I am at work.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, janvier 12, 2005

I have been on graveyard shift working 12/13 hours a day for 14 days straight and I finish them at 6 AM. Hurray!!!

I am ready to get back to my family. I see some of them when I get home in the morning and some in the afternoon, before I come to work. I am ready to spend some time with Lisa and the children.

Yesterday morning when I got home, after a busy, sweaty (it’s warm here in SW Louisiana right now) night. I crawled into the tube and just soaked while I read from a new biography of George Washington. After my bath I got a cold Killians out of the refrigerator and took the beer and a book (the Iliad) with me to bed.

I read until my beer was gone, then I found a good spot to close the book. I closed the book, turned of the light and drifted into a day long sleep. That is about it. Later I got up said a few words to Morgan and Christian before they went to work, then left for work myself.

I have started posting on a new site called Christian Forums. I am mostly at the History site or the Reformed site. I have spent time in others, especially the Baptist site, but what I can do at this site is limited by the rules.

Coram Deo,

jeudi, janvier 06, 2005

I’m working nights still. We shutdown one of our units to make some repairs on a compressor and I am working the shutdown on nights. This is my seventh night in a row and I have about five or six more to go before we finish.

I’ve finished reading The Forgotten People: Cane River’s Creoles of Color by Dr. Gary B. Mills. It is a wonderful book about an amazing Louisiana family. I’ve had the privilage to call a number of the descendents of the Metoyer gens de couleur libre of Cane River friends.

Long before I ever met Ron, I knew Ron’s brother Russell. I remember the first time I met Ron it was at Russels wedding. I didn't see him again for years, then we met again when he came to work here at the refinery.

I am going to have to buy this book for my personal library. I have wanted to read it for years. I was not disapointed when I finally did get to read it. I recommend it to everyone. I am so thankful to Ron for loaning it to me.

I’ve already started a biography of George Washington and I am still working my way through Calvin (I will likely make this statement for at least another year).

I have a sweet potato in the oven that is almost ready to take out and eat, so I will stop here.

Dominus Vobiscum,