jeudi, janvier 27, 2005

Wednesday was my last day off. It was a very good day. Christian and I went to Longville to visit family. We took his Labrador retriever with us. We visited with my parents and brother for a little while. Then Christian and the dog went to my sisters place, so he could work the dog in her pond.

Terry and I planted trees in the front of my dads land. We planted a few hundred pines. Terry and my dad had already planted a hundred or more previous to my visit. After planting trees we went to the back of his property and cleared a spot in the woods for me, the little boys and MK and his son to camp.

I cut down scrub trees with a chainsaw while Terry or dad used the tractor and box blade to clear the brush. After we finished there I took up an axe and chopped firewood for a while. They had a Black Gum tree cut up and so I split it into firewood. I was whipped when it came time to head home.

After we left my parents (Christian had returned to pick me up) we went to Sandy and Brian’s place so I could see my new great nephew. He is a fine, handsome young man (so I think he has his great uncles good looks).

Christian and I went to Outback Steakhouse and picked up supper (to go) on the way home. He gets half off when there is only one other person, so we ate real good for half the price.

When I got home I ate, bathed, did spelling and reading with both of the little boys, said prayers with them and went to sleep.

Coram Deo,

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