mardi, mai 30, 2006

Lisa called me and said that the couch see ordered for our bay window was delivered today. She was very excited.

I spent most of the Memorial Day weekend at work ( Here is information on Confederate Memorial Days). It was a mostly quite this weekend, but we did have a few gremlins to rundown and fix. Some of the fellows cooked this weekend. Mitch and Chuck cooked red beans and sausage on Sunday and then Big-dog (Marlon) cooked shepherd pie for us on Memorial Day.

I took down my Acadian Flag when I got home Sunday Evening, and hung the American flag for Memorial Day.

When I got home Memorial Day evening, I found Lisha and George, along with Woody and Elisabeth already sitting on the porch. Woody had the pit going and there was cold beer in the ice chest. We ate good food, with some good cold beer and sat of the porch and visited until about 10:30.

George provided some Fat Tire Amber Ale. It was a, but you can’t get it here in Louisiana; you have to go to Texas to get it. I think I will pick some up next time I go to Specks in Beaumont.

I finished reading A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes, by Stephen Hawkins. I am a Christian theist and have a radically different worldview than Dr. Hawkins has, but I very much enjoyed the book and found it very interesting.

Coram Deo,

samedi, mai 20, 2006

Last week I started back working on the house. I finished pulling up the old wood flooring in the new, expanded kitchen area and I then began laying the ceramic tiles, that Lisa had picked out. These are 18” tiles and they're going down fairly quickly. I started working my nights shift before I could get them finished, but do I plan to get finished with this section of floor after I work off early next week.

One evening last week TK, Kevin C. and Pastor Mark came over. We sat on the porch, chatted and had a good evening of conversation (mostly theological). TK and Kevin brought a couple of choice beers for us to enjoy. They brought a blue label Chimay and a La Fin Du Monde. Chimay is one of my favourite beers and I enjoyed the La Fin Du Monde as well.

Temple Sinai had its annual book sale last weekend, and I had to go to that. I only bought six books this year. Last year I mopped up, but this year I was a bit more frugal (besides I have purchased a lot of books in the last year or so and many of them remain un-read).

I did pick up a copy of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories. We already have a copy of this wonderful book (which I read to Morgan and Christian when they were small), but I could not pass this book up. I started reading it to the little boys. I’ve read three of the stories to them this week. They are really fun stories.

Mk and I took the boys to see Mission Impossible III last weekend and he took the boys to see Over the Hedge this weekend.

Our niece Elisabeth graduated from Mc Neese last weekend, so we spent all Saturday afternoon at Woody’s house celebrating (Woody and Elisabeth are engaged to be married). I was the designated cook (Bar-BQ). There was plenty of food, and refreshments. Sa far as I could tell everyonel had a good time .


vendredi, mai 19, 2006

The refinery sent me and half of the Rescue team for our annual 40 hour training to Philadelphia, PA. Our hotel and the training were both just south of the airport. It was a great trip.

We left the refinery at 2 AM Saturday morning (April 29). We drove to Houston to catch our flight. There was a front coming through at the exact time we were to take off and so we spent an hour and a half setting on the plane out on the tarmac.

After we arrived in Philly and settled into the hotel, we piled into our two vans and headed for downtown. We walked around to get the feel of the city. The next morning Frank, Debra (Frank’s wife) Ben and I went to 10th Presbyterian Church for morning services. The Rev. Eric Alexander , of Scotland, was the guest pastor and he was finishing up their annual Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. It was a beautiful service, and a very good sermon on the Perseverance of the Saints.

After worship services we walked around for a while before returning to the hotel to pick up Bob. We got Bob on board and we headed back to town for lunch. We ate Philly Cheese Steaks at Geno’s Steaks. The food was good.

We then started looking around. We were able to tour Independence Hall. These was, for me, sacred grown. To know that I was standing where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written was an awesome experience for me.

Monday morning one group of the team headed for New York City and one group headed for Valley Forge and Gettysburg. Of course I was with the latter group. We took our time driving. Valley Forge was a beautiful. After touring it we headed west toward Gettysburg. We took the scenic route through Amish country, which was beautiful country and very picturesque.

At Gettysburg we took a three hour CD guided tour through the park. This too was an awesome experience. The Louisiana memorial in the park is beautiful and very moving. I looked out over the field of Pickett’s Charge. I could see it in my mind’s eye. WOW, so sad.

Tuesday we started our training. It was very good. The folks at S.T.A.R.T. Rescue did a fine job and I thoroughly enjoyed the training, even though we worked hard from Tuesday thru Friday.

Friday after noon I was sick and just hung around the hotel after training. Saturday morning I felt a little better and again our group divided up and one group headed for New York and the other (Frank, Debra, Bob, Ben and me) headed to some local wineries, Brandywine Battlefield and another tour of Amish country.

Sunday we headed for the airport and boarded our flight to Houston. We ate supper at the SaltGrass Steak House. Yummm.

Even though I had had a good time, I was so glad to get home to Lisa and the children.