lundi, février 26, 2007

This is my last night of graveyards. Our entire shift has to work an extra hour so we can cover the on coming shift which has an hour of ergonomics training first thing in the morning. It won’t be too bad since we won’t have to come back tomorrow night.

When I got home Sunday morning, I let the dog out, got a Killians out of the refrigerator and enjoyed a cold beer and watched the news. When I finished the beer went and got comfortable on the couch. Sunday morning is the only morning that Lisa gets to sleep in and I did not want to disturb her.

Lisa woke me, so I could go to bed, when she and the children were leaving for church. I slept until 12:30 and when I woke Lisa was about finished making dinner. It was her sister Rhonda’s birthday and she fixed a special meal. For starters she made crab cakes on baby spinach leaves covered with a lemon butter sauce and for the main meal she had made a shrimp fettuccine.

I ate the wonderful food and drank a glass Chardonnay with my meal. I then went back to bed, snuggled up to the fan that I have to drown out all noise and slept until 3:30. I then found that the rest of Lisa’s family had arrived. I visited with everyone until it was time to get ready for work. I then came to the refinery and that is where I am now.

I just got in from making a round in my unit.


samedi, février 24, 2007

I am on the graveyard shift. Last night was one of those rare occasions, after making our first round, we sat in the kitchen for a while telling “war stories” about events experienced out here at the refinery. The guys who have been here over twenty years have stories hair raising stories about explosions and other such experiences.

Thankfully the explosion of one of our units happened before I came to work here, which was 16 years ago. I had some stories of my own, but thankfully it, all my “events were near misses. Our safety record in this industry is really pretty good, but there have been three people killed since I’ve been here.

I worked at one refinery for four years, and in those four years twelve people were killed. It was a terrible place to work. Thankfully I was never hired into operations at that refinery.

Last night we had a good quite night. I hope we have a similar night tonight.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, février 21, 2007

Much has happened since my last post here. I've read a few good books and things at home are going ok. Morgan and Danny are engaged to be married in April of 08. We bought our tickets for Ireland and have applied for our passports.

Lisa and I took the little boys to the Mardi Gras parade on Tuesday night. The boys had great fun and I came home with way too many plastic necklaces around my neck as did Lisa. Lisa and I did make it to one Mardi Gras ball this year. It to was fun, but the band was not as good as it has been in past years.

I will try to start keeping this blog up better than I have been of late. We shall see.

Coram Deo,