lundi, septembre 06, 2010

I've finished five chapters in Darwin’s Origin of Species (I only read this book when relaxing in the tube, so if I ever do finish it, it will not be any time soon). If have, for the second time, started reading The Sword of the Prophet: Islam History, Theology, Impact on the World by Serge Trifkovic. I'm also several chapters into Like Father, Like Son: The Trinity Imaged in Our Humanity by Tom Smail.

I’ve also read Emmanuel Kant’s prefaces (one and two) to his Critique of Pure Reason and have started reading the book. My buddy Seep has informed me that, even though I read some very obscure stuff, I will not be able to complete Kant. He says it is worse than Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling, which I did not like at all.

I’ve also been dabbling in Holiness by Bishop J.C. Ryle and I recently completed his The Thing As It Is: Being Questions and Answers about the Lords Supper. I also finished a short book, which I downloaded via Google Books, titled The Book of Common Prayer: Its Origin and Growth by J.H. Benton. I found this little book informative and I learned some interesting history as well.

Today, I started a little book that I picked up at a used bookstore in the Vieux Carré this summer. It’s titledC.S. Lewis Through the Shadowlands: The Story of His Life with Joy Davidman. I should finish it up quickly. I am reading the latest issue of Foreign Affairs magazine, which is the only magazine to which I currently subscribe.

I want to tackle something in the Church Fathers. I need to get back to St. Augustine’s City of God. I read the first book when I finished it I set the rest of it aside, even though I thought the first part was very good. I need to pick it back up.

I have books on the nightstand next to my bed and scattered here and there in the hose that I am always reading snippets from. It the moment my reading is way too scattered.

I’ve been listening to a lot of lectures that Seep and I downloaded from Reformed, Covenant and Westminster Seminaries. Right now I am listening to Dr. John Frame’s lecture series (from Reformed Seminary) History of Philosophy and the Church. I’ve completed 25 of the 35 lectures in the series. I am also listening to the audio version of David McCullough's biography John Adams.

Yes, I know most of these items sound REALLY boring, but I like this stuff. I find most of this stuff very interesting, but I still want to finish painting my house so I can go fishing in my kayak.

Coram Deo,

lundi, juillet 26, 2010

We worshiped at St. Michael's Anglican Church yesterday evening. After worship Seep the boys and I went to Starbucks to talk and visit with Morgan.

My father-in-law has been in the hospital since last week, he is doing much better and will be going home today. Lisa is with him at the hospital now and she will take him home.

I have been ignoring this blog, mostly because I have been posting on Facebook instead. I will be keeping up here again because I like this format.


mardi, juin 15, 2010

I had another busy set of days off. Thursday, LeLeaux and I went fishing in Lacassine. We caught enough fish for my family to feast on bass Thursday night.

Saturday was the birthday for our #2 son and he requested I make pain perdu for breakfast, which I did. To celebrate his birthday, we drove to Lafayette to visit the Rök Haus and do some in door rock climbing. I had not been there in several years and it was a blast. After we had exhausted ourselves and the Rök Haus we went to Incredible Pizza to eat and play games.

We got back in town just in time for Lisa and me to clean up, get dressed and go to the VFW for a Cajun dance. We danced hard for a couple of hours and had a blast.

Sunday, we worshiped at St. Michael and spent the day at home and had cake and ice cream for Saturday's birthday.

Monday, LP and I took our kayaks to Contraband Bayou for a scenic bit of exercise on the bayou.

lundi, juin 07, 2010

Last Weekend

Thursday evening, after work, I broke down, went to Best Buy and bought a new computer. I then came home and assembled it.
Friday evening Lisa, the boys and I went to the movies to see Robin Hood, which was pretty good.
Lisa and I had a great weekend. We woke early and she and I went to her parents' house so that she could do her moms hair. Lisa has "done" her mom's hair every Tuesday and Saturday for more years than I can remember. After fixing her mom's hair and a short visit with her parents, she and I had breakfast and Waffle House.
After breakfast, and watched the movie Law Abiding Citizen. After the movie she and I went for a brisk three mile walk. We then packed to kayaks and a couple of skim boards into the truck, loaded up the boys, picked up some fried chicken and headed for the beach. We had several hours of fun at the beach, before heading home.
Saturday evening, after a knap, I splurged and LP and I dined at Mazens. The meal was wonderful and it was a great "date" for both of us. After our supper, she and I stopped at Starbucks to say hello to our daughter. We then came home.
Sunday, we attended worship services at St. Michael's Anglican Church. After worship we ate and once again piled into my truck and headed for the beach. I had not unloaded the truck Saturday. We had another fun, family day at the beach returned home after a few hours. Lisa and I then took another walk, hit some tennis balls.
Coram Deo,

mercredi, mai 19, 2010

Information regarding "Gonorrhea Lectem"

Information regarding "Gonorrhea Lectem"

The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of this old disease. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectem. It's pronounced "Gonna re-elect 'em."

The disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior involving putting your cranium up your rectum. Many victims contracted it in 2008. but now most people, after having been infected for the past 1-2 years, are starting to realize how destructive this sickness is.

It's sad because Gonorrhea Lectem is easily cured with a new drug just coming on the market called Votemout. You take the first dose in 2010 and the second dose in 2012 and simply don't engage in such behavior again; otherwise, it could become permanent and eventually wipe out all life as we know it.

Several states are already on top of this, like Virginia and New Jersey, and apparently now Massachusetts, with many more seeing the writing on the wall.

jeudi, mai 13, 2010

dimanche, mai 02, 2010


I started my day when my alarm went off at 4:00 AM. I got up and got ready for work I read a bit in the Scriptures (Matthew's Gospel). I am at work today, so I was not able to worship with my family, but I was able to listen a lecture by Bishop N.T. Wright while at work. I can do that kind of thing while working in the refinery lab.
I am planning on leaving work and heading to St. Michael's for their evening service. MK said he might be worshipping at St. Michael's tonight as well.

jeudi, avril 22, 2010

My son Christian called at 1:30 this morning to inform us his Mom and me that he had arrived in Japan. When we spoke, he was on a train from the airport to the Tokyo train station to catch a fast train to Misawa. It was such a pleasure to have Jessica and Christian here with us last week. It was a fun visit, we ate some great food, visited, went crabbing, played games, kayaked, etc…
Lisa and I also got to attend my high school classes 50th birthday bash last Saturday. We had a good time and renewed some old acquaintances. I was not a popular person in high school and I was not in any particular group in our class of around 400 students, so there were lots of people I did not know and more that I knew by sight and not in person.

vendredi, avril 16, 2010

It is great to have Christian and Jessica home on leave from the Navy. Last night Morgan and Danny and we had steaks for supper. After supper, Mk and his son came over and we all went to the porch and front yard to visit play ball.

We had a good time enjoyed good friends, good food, good wine and beer.


lundi, avril 12, 2010

Retribution: The Battle for Japan, 1944-45

After a wonderful vacation in the Napa Valley, I returned to work at 5 pm Sunday night (4 April) and worked nights through Thursday morning. I was back at work Friday for this months Rescue Team training and I started my regular day shift on Saturday. The big event Saturday was the arrival of JB and Christian. They are home on leave the Navy.
Sunday, I had to work and so I was unable to attend worship services. Though I was unable to attend worship I did have time to read, so I the Epistle of St. James.
Last week I finished reading Max Hastings' book, Retribution: The Battle For Japan, 1944-1945. It is an excellent read.
Coram Deo,

jeudi, avril 08, 2010

I finished a set of graveyard shift this morning. I went to work Sunday evening, which was my first day back to work after Lisa and I returned from the Napa Valley. It was a quiet set of graveyards at the lab.

I finished reading Retribution: The Battle for Japan, 1944-45, by Max Hastings. This is the the third book I've read by Hastings. It is a great book.

samedi, avril 03, 2010

Lisa gave me a wonderful 50th birthday present, she and I took a trip to San Francisco and the Napa Valley. We had a great time. The day we spent in SF was but we spent most of our holiday in Wine Country.

We stayed at a wonderful place just north of Napa-La Residence Inn. This is the best place I've ever stayed at. We received a complementary gourmet breakfast every morning and complementary wine and cheese reception every evening. The staff at was also top notch.
I loved Napa and the surrounding full of vineyards and wineries. We did two winery tours. The first was the Robert Mondavi Winery. The tour there was excellent and very informative. The wines the provided for tasting were also top notch. The second winery we toured was Frog's Leap Winery. It was a low key tour, but also top notch and on this tour we were served wine as we toured the vineyards and winery.

We stopped at plenty of wineries and enjoyed many nice wines. We also did an olive oil tour at the Round Pond Winery, also very good.

For our last full day in California, Lisa and I visited Muir Woods National Monument to see the red woods. It is beautiful. We took a nice long hike in the woods ans were awed by the beauty of the place. After visiting Muir Woods we took a scenic drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and went to a beach so Lisa could touch the ocean.

It was a wonderful trip. Lisa and I loved every minute of our time in California.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, mars 21, 2010

Today was a good day. I fixed breakfast for Lisa and the boys, just eggs and sausage this morning. We then got dressed and attended worship services at Bethel (PCA). After worship we ate dinner at Piccadilly Cafeteria and then came home. The boys had friends come over and the played.

I had to work Friday night to Saturday morning, so I slept until noon Saturday. Most of the afternoon was spent with the boys. Saturday evening Lisa and I went to see Ann Savoy (pronounced Sahv wah) and Her Sleepless Knights. We enjoyed the music, food, beer and dancing.

The concert/dance was part of McNeese's Banner Series. Banner's is a great community event and I so enjoy attending their events.

It's time to read a bit.

Coram Deo,

vendredi, mars 19, 2010

I worked Rescue Standby at the refinery on the night of the 17th. It was a quiet evening. I started the shift by reviewing the confined space, which was the reason I was on standby. I spent a good portion of the evening at the turnaround observing the work being done.

I did take time to cook another batch of pain perdu for some of my co-workers. I worked 13 1/2 hours. After work, I came home and slept until 1:00 pm. When I got up, I ran a couple of errand and then picked up the boys at school.

When Lisa got home, we all went to the park at Center Circle to practice tennis and shoot some hoops. For supper we splurged and went Chili's.

That was how things went yesterday.

TODAY, Lisa and celebrate the 27th anniversary of our First (blind) Date. Best of all, after 27 years she still likes having me around!!!!!


mercredi, mars 10, 2010

Yesterday my day started at 6 AM, when I got up and got the boys up for school. After bring them to school, I returned home and got ready for my day.

I've been having some pain in on the right side of my lower back, so Lisa scheduled me for a massage at GiGi's. After my massage, which was great, I picked up a pepperoni pizza from Tony's Pizza and went to visit my grandparents and bring them lunch.

My grandfather (Pawpaw), is an old Cajun who first language is French. He turned 90 last week and one of his favourite foods is - you guessed it - pepperoni pizza. After lunch I went by the union hall discuss an issue with some of the local's leadership.

While I was at the hall, Morgan picked her brothers up at school. I met her at the house. She and I then loaded up a bookshelf and brought it to her house. I then returned home for a short while and returned to the union hall for our monthly meeting, which turned out to be a very long one.

I got home at the boys bed time, and said prayers with them. Lisa too was in bed. I picked up a book and read for a while, before going to bed myself.

Coram Deo

mercredi, mars 03, 2010

Today, I worked last night (rescue standby) came home and was in bed for 6:30 am. Woke at 9 am to attend Wednesday morning worship at St. Michael's (Anglican Ch) then I met Lisa for lunch at Olive Garden for lunch. After lunch I went to visit my grandparents. My grandfather will be 90 years old tomorrow.

PawPaw, as we call him is an old Cajun who learned English after his children started school, but French remains his first language and the language he is most fluent in. His father, Eduard Jeansonne lived to be at least 95. Pawpaw's grandfather, Auguste Jeansonne lived to be 113 years old. My Grandfather must have had a English educated priest because with him, and his siblings the spelling of their family name changed from Jeansonne to Johnson. I've told my Johnson cousins that I would change the spelling back to Jeansonne, because there are to many Johnsons in this country already.

My dad will turn 73 tomorrow. His family too has a good be of longevity in years so I hope and pray that it is passed on to him and my mom.

After my visit with Pawpaw I picked the boys up at school and shot some hoops before they started their homework.

It's been a good day and I will be very ready for bedtime when it comes tonight.

Coram Deo,

PS. The picture is GG grandfather Auguste and Pawpaw Adam (circa 1923)

lundi, mars 01, 2010

Last week was a fairly busy one. I worked 56 hours and I also qualified on the first (entry) job for the lab. I am now a lab technician and no longer an operator at the refinery. O did the operations thing for 19 years. and I've worked as top or lead operator more than a quarter of those years.

Saturday, was a busy day. First, I worked around the house, then I went to a diaper party in honour of Gus, who will enter the world next week. Us men, went and bought diapers and brought them to Woody (the dad) and then we talked drank a few beers and ate barbecued brisket prepared by Big Woody (Gus' pawpaw). I had to leave before the "washer toss" games began.

I got home in time to take the boys to see Avner the Eccentric at McNeese. We all enjoyed the show. Saturday evening, Lisa and I went dancing for a little while at the Isle of Capri's Caribbean Cove lounge.

We did not stay long and were home around 10:30, so that we could attend worship services at Bethel on Sunday.

Sunday morning we worshiped at Bethel Presbyterian Church (PCA). After worship services we ate at Piccadilly Cafeteria. The boys and I then went to a workshop with Avner the Eccentric and Lisa went to a wedding shower.

We were all together again by 4:30. Lisa and I then went to a benefit dance at the VFW in lake Charles. There were lots of fine Cajun and Zydeco bands playing. We were home by seven.

That is conclusion of our very busy week. Oh-- I forgot to add that LP and I made a run on Saturday to Academy, so that I could by a Saints Super Bowl cap.


dimanche, février 21, 2010

Friday morning I worked off graveyards and went to meet Woody and a couple of his friends, all of whom had also finished a stint on the hoot shift, at Waffle House. I got there after they had finished eating, so I got a coupe of coffee. We left WH and went to Bird's house to visit some more.

Bird opened a bottle of wine and we all had a glass and discussed the usual things, of course the Christian faith was a part of that discussion, since not all of us there were convinced of its veracity. We had a good discussion and Bird was a cordial host.

After that I came home and slept a few hours. I picked the boys up from school, spent the afternoon with the family and went to bed early. Saturday I about nine (after catching up on some needed sleep) and went to work in the yard, where i stayed most of the day. Saturday evening, I took Lisa out to the best restaurant in town (Mazen's) to celebrate her birthday, which is Monday (i.e. tomorrow).

This morning, I was up by 6:40. I promised the boys that I would cook my world famous Pain Perdu for breakfast. I informed Morgan the night before, so she and Danny came over to have breakfast with us.

After breakfast it was time to head to Bethel. MK is teaching a Sunday School Class. Todays class was on the Popes of the High Renaissance, a story I know pretty well. It was lots of fun.

After Worship services we returned home. This afternoon some of us took the kayaks to the lake for a fun.

It has been a good weekend.

Coram Deo,

lundi, février 15, 2010

Last Week

Last week, I continued training on my new job as a lab tech for the refinery. It is going well so far, the best part is I am not involved in the latest unscheduled shutdown and unplanned maintenance on one of my old units.
Last Friday, Lisa and I met a couple from church, Jason and Heather, at Luna's for Dinner. We had a very enjoyable evening. Saturday morning was spent working around the house, but that afternoon our youngest son and I drove to Lafayette to catch the Krewe of Bonaparte parade. We stopped at the Best Stop in Scott for boudin, boudin balls and homemade jerky before meeting up with David (Dah-veed) and Jon-Ella Hays. We attended the parade with them.
David's brother is part of the Krewe and we were with other members of the family. My son was very excited, because the folks on the floats knew the people we were with and when ever one of them recognised our group they showered us with beads and stuff. We had a great time in Lafayette and we were still able to make it home before 10 PM.
Sunday, we attended Sunday school and worshipped at Bethel Presbyterian Church.
Coram Deo,

jeudi, février 11, 2010

This is a WONDERFUL biographical movie that I watched a few days ago on HBO. It is about Temple Grandin, a successful women who has autism. I can not write a review that will do the movie justice, but I hope you will look for it on HBO and watch it.

I highly recommend it.


lundi, février 08, 2010

The New Orleans Saints have defeated Peyton Manning and the Colts to win the Super Bowl and become the National Champions. Hell froze over at that point in time.

Tens of thousands of Louisiana (and Mississippi) Saints fans have believed for decades that they would go to their graves without ever seeing the Saints reach the Super Bowl, much less win. Down here in Louisiana, the happiest state in the Union, are overjoyed by the Saints' victory.

Mardi Gras will be an even bigger celebration this year, than ever before.


dimanche, février 07, 2010

I am now training to be a lab tech. I have been at the refineries lab for two weeks. I know that this will be a stress free job, unlike the top operator position I just left.

I have invited the guys from my old units to come over after work to chill on the porch and have a few beers. It was nice.

Today, Lisa, the boys and I worshiped at Bethel. After worship we ate at Casa Manana and then came home. I took a VERY long nap and now I'm well rested to watch the Saints and Colts in the Super Bowl, which is starting right now!


jeudi, février 04, 2010

I pledge allegiance 2 da Saints
and 2 da great city of New Orleans
and 2 da Super Bowl,
4 which we will win,
1 city, B low C level,
under God,
with Mardi Gras and alcohol 4 all.

lundi, janvier 25, 2010


The Saints are going to the Super Bowl I never thought I would live to see this day. I worked yesterday until 5:30 pm. I left work and went to Josh and Melissa's to watch the game on their big screen. They had have Lake Charles there with tuns of good food, wine and beer. It was a great game and it was a blast to watch the game with Josh and company.

Yesterday, was my last day as a top operator in a refinery process unit. The guys cooked a wonderful "last meal"for me. Randy, our Ville Platte native, cooked a two stuffed ponce with lots of sausage, a Boston butt ham and lots more. Jody baked three cakes; It was great. I'm glad I will be working less than a hundred yards from my old control room, so I'm not going too far.

I have to get ready for my first day at the lab.


jeudi, janvier 21, 2010

21 Jan 2010

I worked off graveyard shift yesterday morning. Instead of going to sleep, I dosed while watching Fox News. I was in and out of consciousness catching bits and pieces of news on the Massachusetts senate race and the rescue efforts going on in Haiti. I did this for three or four hours, then I fixed myself peanut butter and honey for lunch. I was a grog all of early afternoon.
My afternoon was spent doing chores around the house, helping the boys with homework. At 9:30 we prayed and then the boys went to bed and I started a new book o my iPod and took Oakley Dog (a black lab) with me on a 40 minute walk. After the walk, I poured two fingers of Irish Whisky into a jigger and settled in hot bath with a book (Darwin’s Origin of Species). I then went to bed, because I had to get up at 4:30 AM to start working days.
Yesterday was a normal day.
Coram deo,

vendredi, janvier 15, 2010

Woke at 3 AM, got to work at 4:00 AM. I had Rescue Team training today. but I had to put in 12 hours. Training is over at 4:00 PM so I went in to work early so that I could leave early.

After work I went to Morgan and Danny's to get the boys. Morgan picked them up from school for us. Gary J. came over after he finished his work day.We visited on the porch, in the cold, sipping on a Tullamore Dew (an Irish whiskey). It is one of my favourite whiskeys, and Gary had not tried it. He was impressed.

Coram Deo,

mercredi, janvier 13, 2010

This morning, after breakfast, I did my two mile walk, got cleaned up, worshiped at St Michael's Anglican Church, then I errands for my in-laws, and other family members. I then came home and did a little repair work at my home, and picked the boys up from school. I also helped math homework. I also spoke on the phone with my son Christian, who is in the Navy, serving in Japan.

That's a pretty normal day, nothing special.

Coram Deo,

dimanche, janvier 10, 2010

I listened to a lecture from the Von Mises Institute this evening while doing a chores. I found it to be VERY interesting. It is titled, Lincoln's Tariff War.

Listen and enjoy.

samedi, janvier 09, 2010

I don't know anything about Brit Hume's faith, he has it right in this clip.


vendredi, janvier 08, 2010

I'm up late again. I so much enjoyed the lovely "Global Warming"/"Climate Change" cold weather he are having by wearing a heavy coat while I played fetch with our dog today. I have been enjoying the cold (Louisiana Cold). I always enjoy it when it cools off down here, because we have such long periods of hot, humid weather.

Tonight, I am in the living room reading, Retribution: The Battle for Japan 1944-45 by Max Hastings. Since I'm reading about Japan, I decided to heat up a little Japanese Sake to sip on while I read. I've liked Sake ever since I was stationed there (Atzugi) in the early 1980's.

Now, I have to get back to my book.

It is 26 degrees outside and the high temperature today will not reach 40 degrees. Tonight we are supposed to drop into the teens. That is EXTREME cold for this part of the world, in fact all the schools in Calcasieu Parish are closed today because of the cold.

This is a good week to be off from work, and I just happened to be on vacation. The refinery does not function very well in this type of cold, which we have not seen for a couple of decades.

My daughter, Morgan is coming to get me, we are going to my in-laws. Morgan takes her grandmother to the grocery store every week and I have a "honey-do" job at their house this morning.

I watched the BCS Championship game last night. Christian called from Japan to discuss the game. I had to pull for Bama because they are an SEC team, but I felt bad for McCoy when he got injured.


dimanche, janvier 03, 2010

After LSU's terrible showing against Penn State the weekend did improve. Saturday Lisa and Sheree went to Lafayette on a shopping trip and after lunch the boys and I packed up the kayaks and went to Longville.

When we arrived at my parents they made a pot of coffee and we visited over a couple of cups, then my youngest son and I took the Kayaks to my sister's pond. Gary, my nephew met us with his daughter to try out the kayaks. After they left, my son and I raced and played with the boats in the pond for a couple of hours.

After leaving the pond, we returned to Bud and Dot's for supper (Spaghetti). After a nice meal we went out into the cold so that the boys could pop their fire works. They were not able to pop them New Year's Eve, because I was working. We had fun.

Sunday morning I woke up with a headache, so I slept in and we missed Sunday school. Mark Duncan was the guest preacher and the sermon was very good from I John chapter 3.

I am now watching Iron Chef. I really enjoy this show.

Coram Deo,

vendredi, janvier 01, 2010

I worked the last four nights so I spent most of New Years Eve in the control room at the refinery. We had to finish the start up on our clean fuels unit, but the end of the start up was mostly covered on the unit console, so it was an easy evening for me as top.

When I got home this morning I noticed my mailbox was gone. My neighbour informed me that my mailbox was blown up by someone last night. I assume it was teenage mischief and fireworks.

This morning I made sure to wake up in time to catch the beginning of the LSU, New Years Day, football. It is now half time of the Capitol One Bowl between LSU and Penn State. The field is a mud fest. Les Miles' Tigers are playing sloppily football, which has been there normal way to play all season. The LSU offense has done nothing in the first half. Jefferson has thrown only one descent pass, and it was intercepted, all his other throws were terrible.

I started vacation when I left work this morning, so the New Year, despite LSU's poor showing thus far, is starting on on a good note.

Coram Deo,