jeudi, janvier 21, 2010

21 Jan 2010

I worked off graveyard shift yesterday morning. Instead of going to sleep, I dosed while watching Fox News. I was in and out of consciousness catching bits and pieces of news on the Massachusetts senate race and the rescue efforts going on in Haiti. I did this for three or four hours, then I fixed myself peanut butter and honey for lunch. I was a grog all of early afternoon.
My afternoon was spent doing chores around the house, helping the boys with homework. At 9:30 we prayed and then the boys went to bed and I started a new book o my iPod and took Oakley Dog (a black lab) with me on a 40 minute walk. After the walk, I poured two fingers of Irish Whisky into a jigger and settled in hot bath with a book (Darwin’s Origin of Species). I then went to bed, because I had to get up at 4:30 AM to start working days.
Yesterday was a normal day.
Coram deo,

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