lundi, juin 07, 2010

Last Weekend

Thursday evening, after work, I broke down, went to Best Buy and bought a new computer. I then came home and assembled it.
Friday evening Lisa, the boys and I went to the movies to see Robin Hood, which was pretty good.
Lisa and I had a great weekend. We woke early and she and I went to her parents' house so that she could do her moms hair. Lisa has "done" her mom's hair every Tuesday and Saturday for more years than I can remember. After fixing her mom's hair and a short visit with her parents, she and I had breakfast and Waffle House.
After breakfast, and watched the movie Law Abiding Citizen. After the movie she and I went for a brisk three mile walk. We then packed to kayaks and a couple of skim boards into the truck, loaded up the boys, picked up some fried chicken and headed for the beach. We had several hours of fun at the beach, before heading home.
Saturday evening, after a knap, I splurged and LP and I dined at Mazens. The meal was wonderful and it was a great "date" for both of us. After our supper, she and I stopped at Starbucks to say hello to our daughter. We then came home.
Sunday, we attended worship services at St. Michael's Anglican Church. After worship we ate and once again piled into my truck and headed for the beach. I had not unloaded the truck Saturday. We had another fun, family day at the beach returned home after a few hours. Lisa and I then took another walk, hit some tennis balls.
Coram Deo,

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