dimanche, mai 10, 2009

Friday was JB and Christian's last day in Louisianan, so Lisa and I checked the boys out of school a little early, and we all went to Sam Houston Jones State Park for the day. We hung out, fed the ducks, played chase and just enjoyed nature.

Friday evening Sean and his girlfriend, Sarah, came over to see Christian and Jessica. Sean, who is in the Air Force, has not seen Christian in a couple of years, and it was good that he could come here from Shreveport to see his cousin. After the visit with Sean and Sarah, JB and Christian went out to eat.

Saturday morning Lisa and I were up a little after 3 AM. Christian and Jessica had to be at the airport at Lafayette for 5, so that they could catch their flights. Christian flew to JFK airport. He spent the night in New York and caught a flight to Tokyo this morning.

JB flew to San Diego. She is stationed on the Nimitz which is home ported at North Island Naval Air Station (which is were I was stationed long ago when I was in the Navy).

Lisa and I were home from the airport a little after 6 AM and went back to bed. Last night we took the boys to see the Star Trek movie.

This morning we worshipped at Bethel. Pastor Steve preached on wine, as a follow up on his sermon on the Lord's Supper last week. It is a sermon that all evangelicals that believe in abstinence needs to hear.

Happy Mother's Day,

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