dimanche, mai 24, 2009

Lisa and I started the day by getting up early enough to spend a little morning time on the porch. I had my cup of coffee and Lisa had her diet Coke. It was a nice morning with plenty of doves, mocking birds and other types of birds serenading us. After Lisa headed inside I stayed on the porch with a book. After a little while we all headed to worship services at Bethel.

Worship was good. After church we came home and Lisa made chilli and hot dogs for lunch. I again returned to the porch. Birds were still singing, there was a lot of thunder and a soft rain. On the porch with me was Oakly (Christian's lab), a class of Pinot Noir and a book by Michael Behe. I read for a while, sipped my wine and then to a short nap while it rained. 

This evening, I helped Lisa in the kitchen and now I'm watching Future Weapons (my favourite TV show) and sipping another glass of wine.

Coram Deo,

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