mardi, avril 28, 2009

Lisa, Morgan and I drove Lafayette to pickup Christian and Jessica at the airport. On the way there the three of us had a sing-a-long with Marty Robbins' songs all the way from Lake Charles to Lafayette (I have marty Robbins on my iPod, which was plugged into my truck radio).

We picked up Jessica and Christian. They look great and it is awesome to have them both here. Lisa's gumbo is awesome tonight, a number of Christian's cousins and their spouses came to eat and visit.

We have the Jessica and Christian here for a more than a week.


2 commentaires:

GumboFilé a dit…

What? Not even a phone call?

Cajun Huguenot a dit…

Sorry my friend. We ran over there picked up our peeps and headed home. We had to get home cause we had family coming over for supper (gumbo).

We have them here until the May 9. If y'all come this way, pass by the house for a visit.