lundi, juin 22, 2009

Friday, was the day for our monthly Rescue Team training. I've been on the team for about 15 years. I enjoy doing this sort of thing. As a young man I was a Navy helicopter aircrewman and rescue rescue swimmer. Then I jumped out of helicopters in a wetsuit with fins and goggles to rescue downed pilots ( trained but never had to do an actual pilot rescue), now train rescue injured industrial works. by I repelling on ropes and enter vessels with an fresh air equipment.

Saturday, Mark came over and Lisa, Mark and I worked on our new deck in the backyard. It's nice. Now I can drink coffee, beer, etc... on the front porch or the back deck. Life is good.

After we finished the deck I grilled some dogs, burgers and steaks for supper.

Sunday, was Father's Day. I got up and fixed pain perdu (i.e. French toast) for breakfast. We worshipped at Bethel. Pastor Mark Duncan and his family were in from Texarkana. He preached a good sermon. After church we had potato soup for lunch, relaxed for a while and then the boys, Lisa and I went for a bike ride.


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