samedi, novembre 29, 2008

Yesterday, Mark brought the cabinets that are going in our (will be) living/TV room. It will have two built in desks, for home work, bills and computer and a place for our wide screen television, which is presently in our bed room.

I worked with Mark installing things. Morgan came over for a little while. While I helped Mark, Morgan helped her mother with her new laptop. Lisa has been anti-computer for years, but now she is needing one for her job, plus she will use it to keep in touch the boy's teachers and it is a must to communicate with Christian. Because of these things, she bought a the laptop and is determined to learn how to use it.

After Morgan left here she went to get things ready at her place. She and Danny and Recie and Paul are going to the Texas Renaissance Festival for the weekend.

After Mark left, Lisa started working on Christmas decorations and I assisted her in that. We got a good bit done but we have more work to do.

The big news from yesterday has to do with Christian. He left Japan yesterday and is headed to an undisclosed (to us) some place in the Middle East. He will be there for some time so his safety is high on our prayer list.

Coram Deo,

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