mardi, janvier 10, 2006

I’m at work and hope to be heading home soon. It’s been a very quiet evening. I just came inside after making and round through my units. I had to get up and go outside because I was getting very sleepy.

After walking around, looking things over and picking up a little trash, I’ve gotten a second wind and should be fine for the rest of my 12 hour shift. I only have another hour to go.

I rode to work alone last night. My carpool buddy, Gary had to go the hospital to spend with his second grandbaby. I think I will go straight home and to sleep. Usually when I drive I stop at Gary’s for a drink and conversation (if he drives we do the same thing at my house). Yesterday morning we had a little bourbon and a some high dollar (smooth) tequila that he picked up in Texas.

I come back tonight for what should be my last shift for a couple of weeks. I’m taking time off to work on the house.

Coram Deo,

Ps. The picture is of the two ladies in my life. My wife and daughter.

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