dimanche, juin 05, 2005

Today is Sunday and I am now in the thick of a unit shutdown/turnaround. Today is also my 14th day without a day off. I’m therefore tired. I’ve been working mostly 13 hour days. Yesterday I left the plant after only 12.5 hours. Wow!

When I get home I bath, eat visit with the family for a little while and go to bed. Last night I was a sleep by 9:30 and one night earlier this week I was asleep before 8:00. There was no one home that night when I arrived at home, so I bathed and laid down and fell fast asleep.

Today, Sunday, has been good. There is only a skeleton maintenance crew working, so my job has been much more relaxed. One of the ways I’m taking advantage of this day is to write this blog and catch up on email I’ve not had time to look at this week.

Coram Deo,

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