mercredi, août 10, 2005

Things around the house have been ok, but not great. Lisa has been sick for more than a week. Last week she came down with strep throat and an ear ache. She was very sick for several days and was on the starting to feel better by Sunday, has relapsed some since then. Today she is going to see MK. He is going to give her a shot to get her over this stuff.

At work, I’m training on our new unit at work this week. We will be commissioning it soon and I have lots yet to learn on it.

TK has transferred to the docks and since we are both training this week, he was able to come over after work on Monday. We sat on the front porch, drank a couple of Killians and visited. It was nice, because we have been on different shifts and have not been able to get together much in the last few years.

Yesterday, Gary J. came by with some New Castle Brown Ale’s on ice so we sat on the porch, drank a few beers and watched a beautiful downpour and lightening storm.

Gotta get to work.

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