mardi, août 02, 2005

I had another good set of days off, after working off graveyard shift last Monday morning. Monday was a loss day. I slept until about two in the afternoon and then just vegetated around the house.

Wednesday the little boy’s and I went to Longville to fish. We visited with family for a little while, and then my brother Terry and I took the boys to Sandy’s to fish. The fish were not biting to good, but everyone caught a few fish (bluegill and small bass).

After a couple of hours of fishing we decided it was time to swim. So we swam the rest of the afternoon. We all had a great time including Oakley (Christian’s Labrador retriever) who had made the trip to Longville with us. Oakley and the kids had a great time in the pond. We even got Oakley to go off the diving board.

We were dog sitting this last weekend. Hammer, a 90 lbs American bulldog, was our houseguest from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. He’s massive but very good dog. He is also much bigger than any dog I would ever want to have.

Saturday we spent much of the day at the Seep’s. It was their son’s birthday and so we went over with the little boys. They had a great time playing videogames and then swimming in the pool. Mike and I visited outside while our wives visited on the inside. While we were there Josh P. and his son came over. The boy soon joined the other kids in the pool and Josh joined Mike and me. We watched the children swim, enjoyed a couple of drinks and discussed off shore fishing (which Mike and Josh did that morning), books and theology.

Sunday we worshipped at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Sulphur. They had a guest pastor preaching. I have heard some very good things about him and I wanted to hear preach. Lisa, the little boys and I ate dinner at the church and visited with friends, before heading home.

Later that evening the folks at Covenant had a fellowship at the Church. Just after our dog owning friends picked up hammer, Gary J. called to see if Lisa and I were going to the fellowship. Lisa had started watching a movie with the little boys (at their request), so she was unwilling leave. Tommy K. (a.k.a. A.R. Minian) told Gary that he had brought a bottle of Terrazas Malbec. I spoke with Lisa and then headed out to Covenant. There was a good group gathered when I got there. Most of the young men were throwing a football around. Everyone else was sitting around talking. I found a chair and pulled up next to T.K. (i.e. A.R. Minian) and pour a glass of Malbec. That is a good wine.

I have enjoyed the Sunday afternoon Covenant fellowships every time I have been able to make one.

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