vendredi, juillet 22, 2005

This was a good week. I worked off Monday afternoon and only returned to work this evening. Tuesday I stayed home with the little boys. I cutgrass and spent time with the boys and our dog (a Labrador retriever). That evening Lisa and I went out to eat with Gary and Liz Johnson.

We went to the special wine dinner at Johnny Carino’s. It was awesome. The food was great. Three of the four wines were good, but one of the wines was very good. That wine was from Argentina and it is the first Argentine wine that I have ever had. It was wonderful. The wine was a Terrazas Malbec. I will be looking to buy several bottles of this wine. (BTW: You can drink all the wine you like at these dinners at Johnny Carino’s.) This was the fourth one of these events that Lisa and I have attended and each one has been excellent.

Wednesday I spent the day at home with the boys again. That evening I grilled some Ribs, pork steaks, steaks and dogs. It was Mike’s birthday and so Lisa invited the Seeps over. We enjoyed some good food and good wine. We also gave Mike a nice bottle of wine as a gift.

After eating supper Mike, our wives and I all went and sat on the front porch to talk. Mike brought a Scotch that he had heard was a fine whisky. It was a 16 year old Lagavulin (of course we only had two fingers each). Wow-- That is a fine Scotch whisky. It was like sipping on silk. We had a very nice evening sitting on the porch in our rockers (the men sipping whisky) and talking.

On Thursday Morgan, the little boy’s and I went to Longville. We visited with my folks for a while. I bought food for the kids on the way up there (I was not planning to eat). When we got there Mom had been frying pork chops, so I had to eat. It was so good.

It was good to visit. I spent time with Mom, Dad and Anne (my brother’s girlfriend). The boys played with their cousins. After a good vist and several cups of coffee, I loaded my crew, and Bailey my niece, in the Jeep and we went to my sister Sandy's place to swim in her pond. All the kids had a great time. I swam with them for a while, but then I got out and found a place to watch them from the shade. I don’t get much sun and it was a good thing I got out when I did.

I hope to repeat this trip when I am off next week, except next week I hope to do some fishing too.

Coram Deo,

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