mardi, juillet 05, 2005

I’ve had one day off since my work on the turnaround ended on June 26. I was off this last Sunday and was able to attend Church with my family. Sunday school was taught by my friend Chester. He did a great job on an overview of the Abraham to Christ.

Lisa pointed out to me how good Chester did. She said he did not get bogged down in attempts to get into too much detail. This was a hint to me I do like to get into the minutia of a subject. I am supposed to be teaching this Sunday on the Old Testament Canon, and will try to follow Chester example, but I can make no promises.

After Church Sunday, the little boys and I drove up to Longville to spend the day. My folks were barbequing and so we spent the afternoon there. My brother, Terry’s children are down for the summer (they live in Oregon) and we had seen them since last summer. It was good to meet with them again.

With the turnaround over I have had more time at home. I’ve been able to get home between thee and four in the afternoon (instead of 7:30 at night). This gives me more time with the family. Last week I began reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe to the little boys.

I read this book, and the rest of The Chronicles of Narnia, to my older children when they were young, and I’m excited about reading it again to the little boys. The Chronicles of Narnia is such a great series of books. CS Lewis did a brilliant job writing them.

Yesterday, after working until 2 pm on the 4th of July, Lisa, the little boys and I went to Woody’s house for another barbeque (it too was very good). We spent the afternoon there and had a good time. There was plenty of good food and cold beer (always a winning combination). There were also several high dollar Bourbons that were that three of us brought for a taste test. The bourbons were Basil Hayden, Van Winkle Special Reserve, and Jefferson’s Reserve. All three of them are great bourbons. The Jefferson’s Reserve seems to have been the favourite, but I was most fond of the Van Winkle.

When we got home, Lisa found that the ceiling in the boy’s room was leaking. Our upstairs air-conditioner was leaking condensate and it messed up a small section of the boy’s ceiling, I will have to buy a sheet of sheetrock when I get off work today so I can fix the ceiling.

Coram Deo,

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