samedi, février 11, 2006

Today has been slow for me. I have a staph infection on my left wrist. It hurt like the dickens yesterday and is still sore today, but is getting better. I’m taking some heavy antibiotics to knock these things out.

Yesterday CC, Gary J. and I went to Beaumont, Tx. We made a trip to Gander Mountain and Spec’s Liquor Store. I picked up a new real and some tackle at Gander Mountain and some beer and a fifth of Knob Creek Bourbon.

Today I went to the bought a new pistol (CZ-52) from a friend’s pawnshop. Now I need to head to Longville so I can shoot it.

The boy’s and I went to the Seeps for a few minutes this morning and cane home to say good-bye to Lisa she and the Lisa Seep have gone to Houston for a class. They will be back sometime tomorrow.

MK and I hope to get together and sip on some wine this evening, if I feel better. It would be nice to sit on the porch, with a nice fire going in the fire pot, to visit and enjoy a good read wine.

My parents are in Arizona this week. They are “shopping” in southern Arizona and Mexico.

Coram Deo,

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