dimanche, février 26, 2006

The last time I posted here I was suffering from a staph on my wrist that caused my whole left forearm and hand to swell and turn red. It was painful and then it spread to my nose, which also swelled way beyond its normal size and hurt like hell.

I am still taking antibiotics for the infections and they are much better. I still have some redness and a small sore on my wrist, but the rest of me is back to normal.

Last week, while well into my recovery I did get to an evening on the porch with Pastor Mark and MK. We enjoyed some fine wine and cigars, while we discussed what ails the PCA and the world. MK is my doctor, so this porch event was part of my healing process and part of a doctor’s house call.

Gary J. came over one afternoon, after I had recuperated enough to start working around the house again, this gave me an excuse to shut my work down and take a beer break on the porch. I did have to assure him the MK had given his "professional/medical" ok for such a break.

Last night we celebrated Lisa’s birthday. Lisa (the other Lisa) and MK, Donna and Duke and Lisa and me went to Mazen’s for Supper. The food, as always, was awesome, and MK brought a couple of very good wines (Midnight Cellars Syrah, 2002)) as well.

We had a great time. MK and Duke had not meet before, but they seemed to hit it off. It was lots of fun.

I also purchased a pistol since the last blog, but have not yet had the time to shoot it. I also tore out a wall in the kitchen (this is part of our hurricane repair/remodelling work combo). I will be tearing out another wall this coming set of days off, and (with Lisa’s permission) I hope to buy a 12 gauge Benelli shotgun from CC.

Gary is going on straight nights for the next 30 days or so, so I won’t have anyone to carpool with until after the turnaround in his unit is finished.

Coram Deo,

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