mercredi, mars 01, 2006

I worked off of daylight shift on Monday evening. I came home and got the porch ready. Tk, Pastor Mark and MK all came over and we spent a few hours on the porch talking next by the fire. We again discussed all the world’s problems, and especially those in the PCA. My little boys joined us the porch for a little while, but soon became bored and left us for more exciting adventures elsewhere.

Our youngest son woke me at about 3:30 in the morning complaining of and earache. I gave him medicine and got him back to bed. We got up a little after 7 on Mardi Gras morning and he still complained his ear hurting.

He did feel well enough by late morning to go to the first parade in Lake Charles. So the two little boys and I headed to town for the parade. We met up with CC and his two little ones and also with Lisa S. and her youngest son and a friend.

The children had a good time at the parade, but they weren’t overwhelmed with beads and trinkets. Some of the floats threw a fair amount of stuff and others seemed to just be there for the ride. Still, the kids had fun and that is what counts.

After the parade, the boys and I joined Lisa (my wife) and went to eat. I’ve ripped out the stove, oven and one wall (so far) in our kitchen, so we are not cooking a lot right now.

We came home, worked on the house for a while and then I got the BBQ grill ready to grill our supper. This is when our youngest son relapsed a bit and we found him to have a low fever.

The Seeps were going to come over for supper, but they cancelled because of illness there also.

That was our Mardi Gras.

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