mercredi, mars 15, 2006

Saturday night Lisa and I joined our niece Elisabeth, her fiancée Woody and their friends at Mazen’s Restaurant to celebrate Woody’s birthday. We had a great time and the food, as always, was great. I had two small filet mignons in a triple wine reduction sauce, topped with crabmeat and another awesome sauce on top of that.

Sunday we worshiped at Bethel PCA and then I took the little boys to hear BeauSoleil. They were great. Sunday evening MK came over and we sat on the porch and both waxed eloquently about theology and every other subject. We were far more brilliant after we had consumed a couple of glasses of wine each.

Monday evening my mom called me and informed me that my nonc (uncle) Allen LaFleur had died that morning. Nonc Allen was 81 and had lived a long life. I was able to get funeral leave and so Tuesday I chauffeured my Pawpaw and Mrs. Esther (my step grandmother) to Basile to pay their respects. I saw many family members that I had not seen for years, and I heard lots of Cajun French. It is the first language of Pawpaw, Nonc Allen and all my older Cajun kinfolk.

I always turn introspective when I am around the old Cajuns. I think of the language and culture that will soon disappear when they pass from the scene for good. I would do anything to save the language that is the Cajun culture.

Today, I once again made a pilgrimage to Basile to attend Nonc Allen’s funeral. Before the funeral, my cousin (Cuzan) Chris and I went to the cemetery and visited the graves of our grandmother, his dad, our great grand parents and other kinsmen.

I saw more cousins at the funeral home and visited with them, and then we attended the funeral mass at the Catholic Church. After mass we went to the gravesite and said our goodbyes and shed our tears. Our hope is in Christ.

After the funeral I drove to Eunice and bought a couple of small accordions for the little boys. Pawpaw plays the accordion and the fiddle. He is the last musician in the family. I would like to give the little boys the chance to learn music. We will see what happens.

Coram Deo,Kenith

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