dimanche, mars 19, 2006

Friday after work, my youngest son and I went to the Duncan’s for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Lisa stayed home with our other minor son who was running a fever. There were a number of people from both Bethel and Covenant Churches. There was also good food and drink, Irish beer, Irish whiskey, grog and other refreshments.

Pastor Mark gave a talk on the life of Patrick, that was very good. I read Patrick’s Confessions a number of years ago and have loved this wonderful godly man ever since then.

Yesterday Lisa gave me a surprise for my birthday. We got up about eight and got ready and drove to south Lake Charles. I was trying to figure out what she had planned, but was not able to do so until we had past everything in town that I could think of. I said “the only thing left is the airport; are we going flying?”

That is what we did. Lisa had booked us a flight on a small Cessna plane. We went for a nice flight over Lake Charles and Sulphur. We flew over and around the house and could see some of the residual hurricane damage from the air. In some of the woods, it looked like more than half the trees were down. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yesterday evening Lisa and I meet Duke and Donna at the L'Auberge du Lac Casino. We had a dinner date at the Jack Daniel’s Grill. I was very disappointed in the food and the atmosphere. My steak was overdone and the waitresses’ outfits were trashy (I had heard this already) and a number of them were a bit hefty for the outfits to be attractive. We had wanted to check out the food, we have. It was way too pricey for the quality (or lack there of), so we will be going back to Mazen’s when we want an extra-special meal.

This morning I had planned to attend mass with my grandfather and St. Margaret’s Catholic Church (this is the church that I was baptised in) before going to Covenant with the family, but I did not get up in time. We did make it to Covenant in Sulphur and then came home for the continued ox in the ditch scenario. I did a little sheetrock work in the kitchen. I shut this down to visit with MK we he and his son came to visit. After that Elisabeth and Woody came over and we visited for a while.

Aas I write this blog Lisa is asleep in bed, one of the little boys is asleep as well and the other has not yet fallen asleep, Morgan and Christian are at work. I have been sitting here typing and sipping on some Irish whiskey. I will finish my drink and go to bed also.

It was a good day.
Coram Deo,

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