samedi, mai 07, 2005

Today was a day that I did not accomplish very much work at the house. I had planned to work on the fence i'm building, but for lots of reasons that just did not happen. I woke up at about 7:30, did a little bit of work in the house. Then I fixed myself some breakfast, a cup of coffee and went out on the porch with my food, coffee and a couple of books.

I read for a little while and drank my coffee. While on the porch I received a call from the union hall. Leon wanted to talk to me at the hall. I picked everything off the porch and went to the hall, which is just around the corner from the house. I spoke with some fellows at the hall for a little while, then I stopped in at Lined Products and spoke with my friend Chester (Chester is a great guy, we go to church together. He is a former atheist/hippie and all around good dude.) Jimmy S. came in (he owns the business) and I visited with him too and headed for home.

Christian was working on his truck when I got there. Shortly after I arrived Brian (my niece Shannon's husband). We visited for a little while and then he had to get back to work. I then went with Christian. We took his dog for a walk on some trails in a small set of woods by the house. Then we went to get gas for his truck while doing about thirty miles and hour, his dog ( a black lab) jumped out of the bed of the truck, breaking her collar. Christian slammed on the breaks. He loves that dog and was scared she was dead, but after her tumble she came bounding to the truck. After that she rode with me in the passenger's seat.

When we got back to the house he and Morgan both took off and I was alone. I then remembered that the Wesley Center (United Methodist Campus outreach) was having a fund raiser crawfish boil and I had agreed to purchase 10 pounds. I meet my sister-in-law Lynn and niece, Lauren, at the center. We sat, ate crawfish and talked. I then took the second five bounds of crawfish home. I grabbbed a cold beer (Killian's), went on the porch and started on the second five pounds of crawfish. Christian came home and ate a few of them, but I dispossed of most of them, and a couple of beers, on my own.

After the crawfish I had to cleanup. After cleaning up I read a bit more and then headed to the local Synagog. I had mentioned to our friend Karen that I would like to visit and she invited me to meet her for Sabbath worship services. It was very interesting, and quite liturgical. Everyone was very nice; I enjoyed the service and would like to go again.

After all that I picked up the little boys from Rhonda, and we went to Mike and Lisa's to visit for a little. Mike was on call so we drank Diet Pepsie instead of wine, and he gloated about some books that he had just ordered. I told him it was no big deal, because I already had all those books. He knows every book I have so he didn't buy it. But it was fun telling him anyway.

After that I came home and I will soon go to bed. I got almost no work done, but it was an enjoyable day.

Coram Deo,

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