jeudi, décembre 18, 2003

I have been a Tolkien fan ever since I read The Hobbit and the Lord of Rings as sophomore in high school. I have been anxiously awaiting Return of the King , which is the last movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy ever since I saw Two Towers , which came out December of last year. Monday I purchased 5 tickets to for the movie Return of the King which opened on Wednesday.

I purchased a ticket for my older two children (ages 19 and 17), my niece and nephew and for me. During the night (early morning) our youngest son, who is six, got sick so instead of going to see the Return of the King I spent the day with my sick son and my daughter returned my ticket. I was undaunted.

Wednesday evening I called Izzy (a good friend from work) and asked him if he wanted to catch the last feature (11:20 PM) with me. He said yes, so I went to pickup the tickets. There was one person ahead of me in line. I got to the ticket window and asked if the still had tickets for the last feature and he said sure. I asked for two tickets; he looked at his computer screen and said, “Oh; I’m sorry the guy in front of you bought the last two tickets.” I was heart broken.

Izzy and I did go to the 10:20 AM feature this morning. We meet two more guys from work Bryan J. and Mike Ph, at the show. There was a power failure about half way through it, so we had a short artificial intermission that worked out well. The Movie is great.

Frodo Lives,

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