samedi, décembre 13, 2003

This was a pretty good Saturday. The low point is our 7-year-old is under the weather. He was fine this morning, but did not feel good this afternoon. The good news is he is feeling better now, but because he feels better he has made a good size mess.

Today I went to meet a friend at his duck camp. I had not seen him in a few years and we meet at a wedding last week. He invited me over for duck gumbo and to listen to a couple of CD's he has. It is easy to tell when my friend is at his camp because when he is there the Confederate Battle Flag (actually the Confederate Navy Jack) is waving over it. My friend's son and a couple of buddies finished hunting just after I arrived and they came in from the marsh with a load of ducks.

We then all sat down to eat. The gumbo was great (I only found one bb in mine), plus we had potato salad and mustard greens to go along with the gumbo. I brought a bottle of my blueberry wine, and it did not survive the meal. It was a feast!

After the young folks left my friend and listened to White Mansions and The Legend of Jesse James. The music was really good and the view of the marsh was awesome. There were plenty of blue wing teal flying and feeding right near the camp.

These are two great CD's that should be made into movies.

When I arrived home I found that the Seven-year-old was sick, but Lisa was mothering him, and he was feeling better. Lisa sent me to the get medicine and some groceries, so while I was out I stopped at Lake Street Liqueur Store. My duck camp buddy recommended I try some Rebel Yell Bourbon so I stopped and picked up a fifth. I'm sipping on it as I write. It's not bad for the price, but Knob Creek is still my favourite bourbon followed by Old Rip Van Winkle Hand Made Bourbon with Jim Beam Black a little further back. Rebel Yell is cheaper than the others and so I will keep it around.

As I write, Lisa is off to the mall for some Christmas shopping. Our daughter is there as well (working). Our oldest son is at a friends house So I am home with the little boys, one of whom is sick, so I have to go.

Coram Deo,

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