dimanche, janvier 11, 2004

At work we are, as of tomorrow night, changing shifts, so my beloved shift from 2003 is no more. Friday most of us, along with our spouses (if you had one) got together an went out to eat and then went to OB’s and then Yesterdays to continue our “passing a good time.” Lisa was, of course, most beautiful. The other ladies looked nice as well, especially Dee.

Saturday my daughter, the little boy’s and I went to Longville to visit with family. We had some well seasoned, (Cajun style) boiled shrimp for dinner (the noon meal) and then my dad, brother, young sons and I went outside to do some shooting with our guns. This is always fun.

Tonight Lisa went to see the Elvis impersonation national championship (the prize was $50,000) and the local favorite won. I came home and got the little boys ready for bed and then put them to bed, after that my buddy MK came over with a couple of bottles of wine. We drank a nice bottle of Sangiovese and opened a Yellow tail Shiraz-Cabernet blend before he had to head back home.

I have to get up for church in the morning so I have to shut this down. Bonne nuit.

Coram Deo,

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