mardi, janvier 27, 2004

Today was a good day. I got up with Lisa and helped with the kids this morning. Later I went to visit my Pawpaw Adam. We had a great visit. I heard a few new stories and laughed hysterically a couple of times. Mrs. Esther (my step grandmother) invited me to dinner (diner is the true name for what is these day called lunch). Mrs. Esther is an elderly Cajun lady and today she had made chicken gumbo, potato salad and baked sweet potatoes. It was all very good and I left full.

Pawpaw and I did not tour his garden today (this is very rare) because it was cold outside and I did not want him out in the weather.

My mom and sister showed up at Pawpaw and Esther's while I was there. That too made it a good visit.

After leaving there, I ran some errands and then took the little boys grocery shopping. Lisa thinks that I must be crazy to take those two little boys shopping, but I find it to be great fun. They get excited about everything. I remember them getting all excited about some Sponge Bob frozen waffles. (No I did not buy those, I bought the generic [cheap] brand)

Lisa and I have two teenagers and a six and seven year old. Things can be, and usually are, very hectic around the house, but I love the life I have with my wife and children. I would not trade this life for all the boy's toys in the world.

I believe true joy is in the seemingly mundane life of family. It is found in loving and serving your wife and children. Scripturally I am the head of this house, but we learn also from the Word of God that headship and rule means service. The head is the servant of all those whom he rules over.

I fall far short of being the perfect husband and father and I pray constantly that the Lord will make me to be far better than I am and that my children will learn from my mistakes and do better than I have done.

I am a man most blessed by the Lord God.

Dominus vobiscum,

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