dimanche, janvier 04, 2004

Today is the last day in our work week here at the refinery, and at days end I will have put in 76 hours this week. I can’t complain because they are paying me nicely for working all the overtime.

Today has been a pretty typical Sunday. Things are going well and it is quiet out here. Yesterday was a busy Saturday so a slow day to day is welcomed.

We had and awesome dinner (lunch for those addicted to modernity). It was a gumbo with wild duck and deer sausage. The deer sausage was very good and the duck too was very tasty. We also had the requisite potato salad to go with (in) the gumbo. It was a true South Louisiana Cajun feast. Walter D. and Mitch T. provided the ducks, the sausage and then cooked everything. Those fellas can cook!!!

I finally got around to reading Fear and Trembling by Søren Kierkegaard. It was certainly different. Kierkegaard is arguing against Hegelian concepts that are not at issue today, so much of the book is (IMHO) no relevant to our day. At the same time I did find some of the discussion and insights in the book to be very interesting and wonderful.

Lisa and I are going to some friends house to watch the Sugar Bowl this evening. I hope LSU can pull off a victory tonight. Geaux Tigers.

Coram Deo,

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