lundi, janvier 05, 2004

LSU did it. We won the Sugar Bowl!!!

What a game! Lisa and I went to watch the game at the house of some of our friends. We ate, drank and watched the game. I also paced back and forth, chewed my nails, cheered, and moaned. Lisa said I was the most energetic and loud person there. The Tigers scared me a few times but the came through it victorious.

After last night Nick Saban could be elected dictator for life if there were plebiscite held in Louisiana today.

Now back to the daily grind I am at work again today, but tomorrow I am off and hope to do a couple of important things. I plan to visit with my grandfather in the morning and then tomorrow afternoon I hope to go to the Rok haus with my son, Izzy and perhaps Paul S. and do some indoor rock climbing. I will be the oldest and the plumpest person in the group, but I think I can still hang (somewhat) with the younger crowd.

I have to go so I so can finish up my work and head home.

Coram Deo,

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