lundi, mars 15, 2004

I had a good weekend. The little boys, a nephew (my late brother's son), Mk’s son, Mk and I all camped out on my parents land Friday night. While the boys played, Mk and I went to my mom’s house and ate some great pork jambalaya that my mom had made. They smoked the pork steaks, used in the jambalaya, in my dad’s smoke house. They were wonderful.

After eating we went back to the “campsite” and started the wennie roast and marshmallow roast for the boys. After they had eaten their full we lit the bonfire. It was huge and burned nicely. The boys had a blast.

We had lots of company my family) around the fire and had good conversation. Mk and I both brought a bottle of wine. His was a nice California “mutt” red and I brought a Chianti.

So it was a night of food, wine conversation out of doors. We visited and watched the boys play. Then as they slowed down we listened as they sat around the fire and told jokes and “scary stories.”

We finally crawled into the tents at midnight. The weather was perfect. The low for the night was 49 degrees. I slept like a baby. I got up at 6:30, and restarted the fire, drank a cup of Community Coffee and then cooked some eggs and bacon over the campfire. The others began to stir about an hour after I got moving. I cooked the all the same bacon and egg breakfast that I had made for myself.

Everyone had a good time. I spent the day in Longville with my boys but Mk had to come back to town.

Sunday was a normal day. We had a guest pastor at church because our pastor is on vacation. Rev. Mark Duncan filled the pulpit in Jim’s place. Worship was good.

Coram Deo,

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